Japan slaughters more than 120 pregnant whales for 'research'

More than 120 pregnant whales were slaughtered in the latest Japanese whale hunt in Antarctica’s Southern Ocean, new documents show, reigniting calls for Australia to step up efforts to stop the annual killing spree.
A further 114 immature whales were killed as part of the so-called “scientific” whaling program, according to meeting papers from the International Whaling Commission’s scientific committee meeting this month.


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Minke whales aren't even endangered. So who really gives a fuck?

More anti-Japanese propaganda by (((them))).

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Are they going to eat them afterwards?

Yes. They dont eat whale in thick slices like Americans and their steaks. 120 whales will feed a lot of nips.

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Based Japan doesn't listen to (((environmentalism)))

It won't last for long anymore, Nips will soon be extinct.

not yet

No one gives a fuck.
No one cares.

Before jewgle started censoring the internet you could google one fact about the IWC. It has never been recognized as a legal authority. Its an NGO pretending to be a legal authority over nations. Their power comes from conning nations and people into thinking they actually have authority to bully nations into submission.



Green War should just sink the whole fleet and blame it on China. Or even better, China sinks it and blames Green War.

>Someone points out (((media))) kikery


Killing shitskin mudslimes is a humanitarian reason

Not when it uses my tax dollars.

maybe human abortion is problem as well

Small Problem, they keep backing "moderates" aka shitskins who only turn the weapons against us at the slightest provocation.

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Exactly. Japan did nothing wrong; their whaling is designed to be sustainable. Apparently whale makes for a good cheap school lunch meat over there.

Their resistance to (((cultural enrichment))) is impressive, isn't it? No wonder your kind fears them.

There's also the fact that they medically could not afford to do that as the mercury content would fucking kill them. The japs need to figure out a solution for feeding their people that doesn't involved damaging the shit out of themselves.

kek ok

How about how the filthy fifty-six percenters are brutally massacring America's wild dogs. These are the same faggots that cry and whine about Japan killing whales. They upload videos of themselves sadistically hooting and hollering as they give the wild dogs a slow torturous death rather than putting them out of their misery quickly.


So sick of having yo repeat this.

Mercury combines with selenium to form an inert form of mercury that does not harm people.

Guess which type of food is high in selenium?

Com'on think about it? Why aren't the whales dead?

FYI the answer is seafood.

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I like how they dont even tell us what they killed them for so we feel like it was for nothing

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You can never portray Japan poorly to these weebs.


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