Russian Journalist Who Criticized Kremlin Shot To Death Outside His Home

In another blow to free speech in Russia, a journalist was assassinated who was highly critical of the Russian government and its campaign in Syria. Russian journalist Arkady Babchenko was found with multiple gunshots outside his home in the Ukrainian capital Tuesday. Ukrainian police said Babchenko's wife discovered him bleeding out at their apartment building in Kiev.

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I jewgled it and he is a jew.

No fucks given.


Judaism is one of the four official religions of Russia besides Orthodox, Islam, and Buddhism. Putin decreed it.

And how is that relevant? He got shot for being a subversive jew.

As you can see the jews wasted no time expunging his jewishness from the internet.

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He was shot for being a subversive, not a jew. Putin only shot the jew because he was working against the other jews' agenda. Jews backstab eachother all the time.

bullshit. russia is christian.


Russia is also an observer state of the organization of Islamic cooperation

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Every fucking time.

Donald Trump wasn't born in America. He was born in Krasnoyarsk, Russia and moved to Moscow in 1966, where he got involved in organized crime. This picture shows him at age 21, just two months before he immigrated to The United States.

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ukrain seems like a shit place to be

so if any journalist in russia dies, its an assassination? is there any evidence other than the content he writes about for thinking that?

He got better

you can't be this fucking stupid, can you?

Interesting. It was staged and we all believed it. What else is being staged around the world?

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There is no such thing as an independent press with honest journalists….for a jew he should have gotten the memo. Sad that it cost him his life.

so you have evidence he was assassinated? or are you just a retard that believes everything youre told.
youre not even being told that. theyre just implicating russia, but you believe it anyway because youre a mindless receptive homosexual


That's Gahoole, /tv/ mod.

I guess you're the one that turned out to be fucking stupid,huh.

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So sick of the (((media)))

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When poltards and antiruskies clash. What will win, the hatred of jews or the hatred of russians? Have either of these lonely faggots sourced their claims for or against his judaism? Who will die of obesity induced cardiac arrest first? See in the next episode of when neets clash.

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why does Putin do everyone of these murders himself?
"I can keep getting away with it."-Vladimer "the hairless" Putin

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I think you mean penii.

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looks like you ARE a mindless sheep that cant think for himself.
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As a non-Jew, I can speak for the rest of us when I say that the Holocaust is the funniest thing that never happened (but it will soon).

It's amusing to see this kike whine and bitch about the goyim whining and bitching. As if Jews don't whine and bitch obsessively over every little thing that fucking happens. The lack of Jewish self-awareness is astounding. Never fails to blow my mind, every time.

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I'm not jewish and I have human rights isues with Israel, though of course they are our greatest ally, largest aircraft carrier, and best active weapons testing ranges. no more bomb on diego Garcia? boo hoo we have fresh data from gaza and the west back and the jewish marches every year. Israel can engage Russian aa shystems and we get the data.

you only need the jewish woman to make jews. the male is irrelevant to passing on the mitochondria. the mitochondria is jewish.

here is my dodge of the holocaust question: what excuse then does hitler have for losing if he wasn't spending manpower on the final solution? where did all the jews collected go then?
but again assume the holocaust didn't happen. then what Hitler still lost. he failed on his campaign promises. Germany became smaller not larger. millions of germans were raped. Hitler was a failure.

this is false. only gentiles believe this myth. for a fact i know of a mutt with a kike father and nigger mother. you know where they moved? israel. he wears that stupid little hat.

the rest of your argument is irrelevent to what im saying and not even a point im trying to argue.

**hitler lost a war because he was attacked by the entire world. before the war he was time magazine man of the year due to the "german miracle" economic recovery.
youre basically criticizing a man for curing cancer, because the pharmaceutical companies had him and his patients killed and his research destroyed. then blaming him for the death of his patients.

doing what's right and just isnt always a success, but its still the right thing to do.**

churchhill was a failure as well considering the current state of the UK. they sided with jews to attack germany and theyre arguably worse off than germans.

but again, i wasnt even attempting this argument. just talking about how the "hitler is a jew" doesnt have any evidence and is just hearsay from a jew.

if hitler was Ashkenazi that would fit some pol poster's theory.
I just was pulling your leg. but since I'm not jewish I don't really care about most of your post content, or rather it does not trigger me.
I just dropped in to talk shit about the herpes thing. I do think all boards should have ids, just for gold users.

but no, hitler a shit. went to war too soon and the extermination of his own people instead of merely militarizing them all and invading the soviet union with those men in say 48 the war could have differntlyly, I'm not nat soc bjust always play the german side in games usually.

tldr hitler y u no tech more?

russia, britain, and US attacked him at the same time as well as other armies. hitler didnt initiate the war. and wasnt read/did not want one.
the ones that didnt die of typhus or starvation due to destroyed supply lines (germans were also the victim of this) were freed when the troops liberated them, and depending on which army they were either deemed death camps or labor camps. US only saw labor, Russia (after their tsar was killed and country conquored by bolsheviks and jews) only saw death camps. many jews left for russia and many went to the US. the population of jews in europe barely changed. some sources even show it increasing after the war.

not one of the 12 tribes of israel. theyre actually of turkish descent and adopted talmudism. but either way theres no evidence that the story of hitlers birth to be true.

he was forced into war. they started killing german civilians while he was pleading for peace and eventually was forced into combat. he didnt initiate the war, britain did.
invading the german part of poland in response to a genocide of germans was not an act of war and wasnt even violent. they provided protection to german citizens living in poland (due to the land annexation, they were still german civilians)

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why would they advertise support of trump in israel? its not like the average citizens have any say in who gets elected.
that'd be like running a campaign for trump in britain. makes 0 sense.

hitler didn't start Barbarossa or the invasion or Poland or the invasion of france? Halder just came up with those plans in his head the moment the war started? 1800comeonnow

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I know, unless there a bunch of dual citizens of Israel and the us who vote in both places. really makes you think.

I alwayus like to remember the hitler stalin pact created the holocaust. I mean no holocaust in Poland without that treaty. So the soviets are cofounders of the holocaust. Based Soviets some natsoc might say, not me.

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check a timeline. hitler "invaded" poland (specifically the residential areas) first. this, as stated was due to internal pressure because german civlians living in the area unfairly annexed after WW1 were being killed then britain started firebombing german civilians. he pleaded for peace and it took 2-3 days before hitler mobilized his army for total war. infact i have a recording of his speech about the incident if youre interested.

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i've heard accusations of jews hanging posters like that, taking pictures of it, then removing the pictures and publicizing it to the anti-semetic-trump-supporting-right-wing in the united states.

in america, have you ever seen "vote for latino martinez for mexican president" ads? plenty of people here are mexican citizens…. but you never see campaign stuff like that for them here.

Case White mean anything to you?

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ergdodan did try to do that in Europe so the day is mine

what if this had be the front line fighter? if they had 1000 of these?

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yes but i dont see how thats relevent since im talking about the war being initiated. any specific reason to bring it up?

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youre saying that that Germany was attacked instead of attacking? that is false as germans had the intiative every conflict you mentioned. you can't do a highly complicated blitzkrieg with thousands of moving parts in response to a attack. you jhave top set a date and get supplies laid up. sept 1 39 was the date chosen by the germans, not the polish.

since we settled that lets get back to Putin killing another man with his bare hands while naked.

im talking about the initiating of a war.
the first attack on germans was the polish killing civilians in the old german land that was no longer germany as the world ignored it and hitler pleaded for a solution.
he eventually dispatched troops to poland (used to be germany) and had a presence to protect german civlians. britain instantly started flying planes over germany and dropping bombs.

hitler again pleaded for peace until he "decided" to enter a war with them. keep in mind, britain gave no reason, or demands for this bombing.

Fuck fascist russia and nazi putin.

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any "attack" after he was forced to enter the war was already initiated.

imagine if we got in a war with canada, and at the end canada was awarded the state of maine as reparations. years later canadians start killing the people still living in maine. then US sends troops from new hampshire to stop the bloodshed. then france starts bombing NY until US decides to mobilize for war. once we get to europe in an effort to attack france, italy, spain, portugal, uk, etc start shooting at our army. are we initiating the attack if we fight them as well?

what if mexico delcared war on us as a result and we immediately started bombing their capital?

germans were the victims of that war. and they valiantly fought against evil. they may have lost but what they attempted was no less noble.

the ones who fought against the germans are in no better state today than germany. both general patton as well as churchill before death regretted their actions against germany.

and patton was arguably killed because of this change.

internet age will reveal the truth. (((they))) cant suppress it forever. start asking questions about the jews by looking up the november revolution. most people dont even know what bound the axis powers together. do you know why the allies were the allies and why the axis was the axis?

it becomes very obvious once you start looking at the big picture.

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what youre referring to was after the war already had begun
the bombing targeting german civilians already started.
can you keep your narrative straight? germanys first act of aggression was the "invasion" of poland. where they tried to conquer poland by invading a residential neighborhood in the part of poland that used to be germany. remember? then britain in defense of poland being conquered in a non-aggressive fashion started firebombing german civilians?

That is correct.

That is not correct.
Until 1940 Britains parliament had only allowed bombing German ships at sea. They werent allowd to target anything on land or ships in port.
After the bombing of Rotterdam the following year, the British parliament authorised bombing of German land east of the rhine. Some say that they were targetting civilians. Other say they were just really innacurate flying at night without radar. But the key point is that this was not in response to the invasion of poland it was in response to the bombing of Rotterdam much later.

You are the only jew itt. Admit it, Olga.

(((Putin))) not nazi. (((Rotenberg))) & (((Abramovich))) can attest to this.

the initiation of the war was in the 30s, not the 40s.