California - Autopilot Tesla Slams Into Police Cruiser

Laguna Police Sgt. Jim Cota said the officer was not in the cruiser at the time of the crash but the driver of the Tesla received minor injuries. The owner of the Tesla refused to be transported to the hospital. Sgt. Cota said, "Thankfully there was not an officer at the time in the police car. The police car is totaled."

Sgt. Cota recalled a similar collision involving a Tesla running into a semi-truck last year in the same area. "Why do these vehicles keep doing that?" Cota said. "We're just lucky that people aren’t getting injured." The Autopilot driver-assist feature has been under intense scrutiny after recent collisions, some of them even fatal. Earlier this month, a Tesla driver in Utah crashed while on Autopilot as she looked for her phone.

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I mean everyone who buys the car is given a long spheel about how the autopilot does not replace the driver and the driver should still keep their full attention on the road. The documentation I read for the autopilot feature says that drivers should never even take their hands off the wheel when using autopilot which makes me lmao because you're basically acknowledging your product is shit and doesn't do what its supposed to

But honestly, I think this autopilot is still a better driver than a lot of people I've seen behind the wheel.
Pic unrelated.

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This was obviously an attack by the neocohen globalists on Musk after he called them out as the corrupt pigs they are. Israel has a backdoor for every electronic.

completely pic related

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i bet the human driver was controlling the tesla manually, and blamed the autonomous mode for his own accident

The technology is flawed from the word go, and it is guaranteed to continue to experience system failure, causing countless deaths…..

that being said

The human race is a cancer on the face of this planet, and must be eliminated for the world to get back to its natural state of Harmony….

Meaning they should make it mandatory for every man woman and child on planet Earth to be forced to drive in these vehicles at top speeds, and who needs an autopilot?…

Who needs a steering wheel?

Just strap them into one of these cars and Let It Slam into a brick wall, one by one by one… Fuck the human race

So why not start by offing yourself?

I was thinking the same thing. They should really have "black boxes" in any car capable of self-driving so it can be determined for sure if it was the fault of the driver or the auto-pilot.

Self driving cars will surpass human drivers. They are based on machine learning, so they adapt over time but unlike humans they can save what they learn to other cars as well. They learn slower than humans, which has to be overcome by amassing more experience. Right now they are not safe because they are new to driving, which is why they require human drivers, but after a couple thousand of them have been driving for a few years they will be dramatically safer than human drivers.

disclaimer: I do not work in the autonomous car industry so I don't actually know the limitations of the current learning algoriths

What a compelling argument. But are you an edgy enough dude to kill yourself?

No they won't because you can't store all the information in such a car that has learned from generations of drivers without seriously large hardrives like in excess of a few petabytes.
No because then it is insecure and can be hacked or modified in transit via MITM or plain old malicious actors controlling the A.I that proccessed the video feed and sent commands to the car.

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The only surprising thing is that it took this long to happen.

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this isnt going to happen. maybe in a decade or two but only after elon cuck dies of gaids and a white company takes up the development of self-driving vehicles

you are retarded this has been happening a fucking lot and there exists a much higher rate of ai-driving vehicular collisions that collisions of human-driven vehicles

they are still running a jimmy kimmel add for google driverless cars on youtube. lovely now.,


Fuck Tesla


also this

how many collisions happen in day that arent Teslas

Tesla is self driving, but their shit sucks so they tell people to drive anyway, which kind of defeats their purpose. This technology really is too new to be stable, and it came out a decade before it should have for public use.

That's in part because humans are fucked and in another part that teslas aren't the main vehicle on the road. Bump those numbers up and the accident rate will go up with it.