Brigitte Nielsen pregnant at 54

Soon after the bombshell posted a second photo, this time with the caption, 'Happy time. Positive vibes.' She wore sunglasses and a scarf with a tight T-shirt dress.

This is the fifth child for the movie star who is best known for 1985's Rocky IV, 1986's Cobra and 1987's Beverly Hills Cop II. She already has sons Julian, 34, Killian, 28, Douglas, 25, and Raoul, 23.

Nielsen was previously married to Raoul Meyer from 1993 to 2003, Sebastian Copeland from 1990 until 1992, Sylvester Stallone from 1985 until 1987 and Kasper Winding from 1983 until 1984.

Mattia is her fifth husband.

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Just another Hollyweird tranny.
Don't believe the press lies about their pregnancies. "Stars" have children supplied to order, because most of them cannot conceive naturally, or even with the help of IVF, because they don't have wombs.
The baby-fixers have been caught before, here is one:
The Hollywood Baby Snatcher: The sinister story of the woman who stole children and sold them to the stars

Nope. What you should try to understand about Hollywood "stars" is that the public narrative of how they get to be famous, is a lie. Only people born into the correct bloodlines are allowed to become "stars", and they're groomed for the role from birth. Same deal with politics. The religion of the bloodline families is a form of Satanism, and they transgender their children at a young age just as routinely as jews or moslems circumcise theirs.
tl;dr every Hollywood "lady" is a man, none of them can have children.
This also explains the very high prevalence of twins in celebrity pregnancies, they are using IVF mothers (sometimes the 'husband' carries the child), embryos which might have been on liquid nitrogen for decades (this is why so many of the current generation of 'stars' look virtually identical).
Sometimes the pregnancy of the "husband" becomes so obvious that the press will provide cover, calling his fat pregnant belly "sympathy weight".
Google "Moonbump".

Her womb is a potato farm. Get ready kid, you'll be on psyche meds all your life as you stumble through life as a socially-inept outcast, growing more bitter and hateful of the "normies" around you and blaming roasties for all your problems.
Thanks Grandma Mom!

Statistically you're less likely to have a retard baby with your biological sister then if you get a woman who's over 40 pregnant.

how is this being posted not a bannable offense?

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Now I'm worried, my GF is about that age.

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Can you pls elaborate. How does the mothers womb have consequences for the child's psyche.

Double dubs confirm this kid is coming out retarded. Those eggs are way past their expiration date.

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Two main reasons:
Firstly, by age 30 the typical woman has already lost 90% of her eggs and what remains is of severely degraded genetic quality. The risk of many mental and physical problems such as autism and down's syndrome increases dramatically with the age of the mother. In fact the only reason you don't see down's people everywhere in society because of the increasing age of mothers, is because of improvements in prenatal screening and termination of the down's kids. The true level (prior to abortion) is reaching epidemic levels.
(note, graphs are LOGARITHMIC)

Secondly (and less admitted by medicine), is "refrigerator mother" effect. There's a reason that a woman delays having children until she is in late middle-age and old enough to be a grandmother. Simply, children aren't the most important thing in her life. Women who strongly desire children and feel them to be of prime importance don't wait that long. Consequently, children born to old mothers are statistically less likely to receive the care and attention which children born to younger, eager mothers lavish on their little treasures. Lack of maternal warmth, specifically appropriately responding to eye contact, is a serious risk factor in a host of mental conditions such as autism. Of course (((modern))) medicine dismisses this idea despite the evidence, and hunts ever more desperately for the "autism gene" - anything to avoid women having to take some responsibility for harming their child through neglect and indifference - in fact even the mere suggestion that the way a baby is treated can affect its mental development is vigorously attacked as "misogyny", and an "attack on women".

Even when the condition is able to be attributed to the age of the mother per se (i.e degraded eggs), attempts are now being made to lay some of the blame on the father for having "old sperm", like the mother's "old eggs". But a man's sperm are replaced every few weeks, a woman's eggs are with her from since before birth and are never refreshed, accumulating genetic damage as the years go by.
Older men tend to have older partners, so it's obvious that a correlation would arise between autistic children born and older fathers: because the wives of those older fathers are themselves old.

good info but kind of scary. is thirty old in genetic terms for the father?

Yes. Sperm acquires genetic defects as men age, just as women's eggs do. Do some googling, friend.

Basically, for a genetically healthy society, children should be betrothed by age 5.
Our ancestors knew best.

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