Washington - Girl, 12, Dies After Accidentally Being Shot In The Head During Target Practice


A day of target practice ended in a tragedy after a 12-year-old girl was accidentally shot in the head. Sydney Darnell was practicing shooting targets with a lever action .22 rifle with her mother Kiara Darnell's boyfriend. Kittitas County Sheriff's deputies say Sydney had just shot the rifle and wanted to check the target.

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So she walked on to a live range? Classic.

jesus christ
this is why my asshole quivers everytime we go to check our targets, that there's this one stupid fuck that doesn't understand how to use a fucking gun
I hope they throw that stupid piece of shit in prison for manslaughter

females shouldnt touch firearms. they dont understand safety rules at all. my ex gf flagged tge shit out of me a dozen times, right after i stressed not to point the damn rifle at me
someone post the webm of the nigress headshotting the nigger in the car

"oh hey, I'm going to drop the hammer while this loaded gun is pointed at my girlfriend's daughter"
what a fucking idiot

why doesnt your range personnell call cease fire and enforce elevated muzzles?

Sounds like it was the mother's boyfriend who took her to the range was the one who killed her.

all it takes is one really stupid fuck to not pay attention and then someone dies.

The most basic rule of firearms: only point the barrel at something you are willing or wanting to kill.

all the ranges ive been to, the range people would whoop your ass if they see you fucking around during ceasefire

maybe the guy just didnt want to be a stepdad? lol

I wonder if her pussy was hairy yet or if she shaved it.

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Not all ranges are staffed with personnel. Some are set up by people that just set things up and no one is there to control shooters with commands.

This is just a case of people not having been on a controlled range first, then applying the same rules - such as muzzles always pointed downrange, then clearing all the firearms, someone checking them, then setting them down (hands off) before walking downrange.

It's just naive people being naive.

That's an antiquated rule that fails scrutiny. Anytime you hold onto it, you're pointing it at things you don't want to destroy.

The rule is this: Always keep it pointed in a safe direction (never muzzling or sweeping anyone with the barrel accidentally)

This rule works all the time, 100% without fail, and withstands scrutiny.

The safest direction to point the firearm if you're attacked: in the face of the attacker.

He should not have allowed her to go downrange, until the firearm was cleared, and the action was open.

360 No scope blaze it faggots.
Seriously though, child walks into firing line and nobody goes fucking apeshit?

Took several retarded people's retardation converging to make this happen.
That explains things.

Serious question, are you stupid? the guy was in charge, if that shit was an accident then Obama deserved the Nobel, he probably molested her, cheated on her mom or something like that, fucking tards.

sounds like she was threatening to contact the police about his sexual abuse of her
or maybe im just crazy and somehow anyone is actually able to unintentionally shoot somebody

I've seen females handle firearms better than that. You're with a dumbass and the woman in the article is a retard. Anybody could tell you not to walk into gunfire. Also holy shit, you sure your gf wasn't just trying to kill you to make it look like an accident?

You would think safety there would've stopped someone from walking onto a live range.

females are notoriously inept at handling firearms. you have to be especially careful when teaching them because a lot of them will just not follow the safety rules that youve drilled into their heads for thirty minutes the first time you hand them a firearm

someone getting shot on a firing range is so rare because of all the safety protocls and provisions i really dont believe she was negligently fired upon

Someone give this bitch a Darwin award

I gotchu. I don't really know if this was an accident or not. Sounds like he didn't know her well and you need to be a special type of stupid to cock a gun then pull the trigger while aimed at someone's head without wanting them dead. Could've been done intentionally

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If you got a better video showing what happens on accident when a gun is pointed at someones head I'd love to see

my point is that such fuckups generally are not made because you have to have nigger-tier intelligence to do something so retarded
do you own firearms? how many times have you found yourself pointing a firearm in condition 0 at somebody's head with your finger resting on the trigger where you didnt intend to shoot them? you never will; it just isnt done. there has to be intent to shoot somebody for you to actually shoot somebody except for the rarest of cases because of how many serious fuckups you have to be making simultaneously for that to happen

I don't believe for a second that this girl pulled the hammer back, and then laid the gun down.

The boyfriend's whole story hinges on this one detail, whether or not the hammer was pulled back before he picked up the gun. It potentially takes the story from "whoops" to premeditated murder. And he's the only witness who supposedly saw the gun laying there cocked with the safety off. He just had to point the gun at her skull in order to defuse the ticking gun bomb? wtf man

The sad thing is, if he was molesting this girl, nobody will ever know. He just killed the only witness. He also killed the only witness who can testify whether the gun was cocked.

even if she cocked the hammer, his story is still bullshit. you can see from 10 feet whether an exposed hammer is cocked or not–theres no way someone picks up the rifle and fails to notice whether the hammer is cocked or not. the firearm, B.T.W., was apparantly a .22 lever action

Mother got jealous of daughter cause her boyfriend always looked at her daughter. Then she sent her to hell for being a slut.

It seems most everyone ITT is a stupid incel nigger who just wants to spout out opinions about things they have no first-hand knowledge about; so let me clear a few things up.
Women can handle guns just as well as men if properly trained – maybe even better – certainly better than most of you fucking retards ITT. I am a single father who has been raising my two daughters all on my own for more than 14 years. I have a 17 and 14 yr old, and both of them have been shooting since they were nine. We live in Eastern Washington State (so, not the gay-ass coastal part). We're country folk out here. We hunt, fish, garden, raise livestock – and guns are part of our way of life out here. My daughters and I are very safety conscious; which is one reason we do not go to shooting ranges, with Goddess knows who laying their shit downrange. We go out in the country where no one else is. Since we all three hunt, we know some damn good places way out in the middle of nowhere. My daughters are proficient with a wide variety of weapons. The worst 'accident' that has ever happened while shooting was when my oldest was 12 and had a still hot cartridge fly up in the air and go down her shirt. It just went out the bottom of the shirt, because I anticipated this due to the firearm she was shooting, and I don't believe in having your shirt tucked in while shooting an SKS 7.62 mm. They are notorious for spraying cartridges everywhere. My oldest is an incredible shot and can hit a 12" target at 1,000 yards every single time with the SKS. She can hit a 6" target at 1,000 yards every time with my .300 WinMag. She could hit you in the eyesocket, even if you were moving, at 30 feet with my 9 mm handgun. Both girls are masters of the Ruger 10/22, which is probably what this girl was being introduced to. Paying attention to what is going on around you is essential when one is either shooting a firearm, or when one is around others who are. While this is a tragedy that could have been avoided, this has nothing to do with muh stupid females hurr durr, or duh, Washington State – even though Kittitas County is mostly cancer. As for niggers, most of them should never touch a gun, and neither should most of the niggers ITT.
Gotta go start up home schooling this morning. That's right. I've been home schooling all the way through too. My daughters have been all around the world with me. They know martial arts and can handle themselves in many scary situations that I have witnessed them handle myself. The most that most of you can handle is your tiny penors, and that ain't saying much.
Since you all want the nigger bitch vid, I'll post it, along with a couple pics, as payment for you having to deal with me posting this long personal blog.
tl;dr y'all don't know what you're talking about.

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In case you guys don't understand the joke in the picture, allow me to explain, as I am something of an expert when it comes to firearms. You see, what she refers to when she says "AK-47" is actually one of many firearms of the AK-type, or, as I've taken to calling them, AK variants. The reason for the common misidentification of AK variants as AK-47s is that, while they are different firearms (as the AK variants are all patterened after the AK-47, being that it is the first firearm of the family) they all share visual similiarities with the originator of the firearm family. This is one level of the joke being made in the image, because, like so many parties, she is identifying a firearm as an AK-47 when the firearm being referenced is not an AK-47; this is irony for the purpose of humour. Beyond this, the firearm in the image is very dissimilar to an AK-47, or, even, any of the many rifles belonging to the AK-type family. The AK variants are all rifles that are designed to be held and fired with both hands, and it is very difficult to fire any of them with one hand. This is largely divorced from the classification of firearm as is in the image–the handgun. While the handgun is generally considered not to be designed for use with one hand, as indeed you allow the firearm a much more stable and accurate firing platform when using both hands to control the firearm, you can easily manipulate the controls of the firearm and even accurately and expediently fire a handgun with one hand. This huge dissonance between the firearm in the image and the AK-47 referenced in the image is another layer of irony intended to potentiate the humour conveyed. Furthermore, there is one final level of irony within the image that only the most avid student of history and assiduous inspector of online images would be able to recognize without reading a dissertation on the image from one such gentleman as that, yours truly. The firearm actually pictured is a 1911, or, more specifically (as well I should be considering I'd already presented the confusion engendered by a lack of specificity when describing firearms that is commonly found around the AK family of firearms) the 1911a1, as you can identify most easily from the verticle slide serrations and caliber .45 bore. This firearm was the main small-arm issued to front-line troops fighting against the Taliban in the various wars and peace-keeping operations in the Middle East, who are uniformly issued AK-type rifles for combat operations against NATO forces. This knowledge betrays the last layer of irony used to convey humour in the image–the firearm she identifies as an AK-47 is actually the main firearm used against the AK-47 in battle. The meta-irony of this perfects the ironic humour otherwise presented in the image and instantly rendered this image a classic among firearms enthusiasts such as myself.

definitely not the first time she was shot with something. Single mothers with young daughters are like magnets for pedos.

Nice pasta.

What kind of heathen faggotry is this?


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This is a female.

Is this the equivalent of "wtf did you just say…" ?

The kind that pisses off Christfags like you; which is why I said it – to make sure you didn't confuse me as one of those Christtard kind of home school parents. We don't worship any outside entities or agencies of any kind, but it sure is fun to get up under the skin of those who do! Glad I was able to so easily get up under yours.

don't have no clip bud
no, it has a magazine. a magazine of death

Everything I don't like is hurr durr
You are proof of everything I said in my post about the incel faggotry displayed ITT, and no females will ever show you the time of day. I am more man than you will ever be, and that is just a fact. No one but you would confuse me with a female; especially since I have a beard down to my waist and ride a Harley that ypu could not even pull upright off the kickstand. Go whine about women somewhere else. I hate feminists as much as every other imtelligent human, but I do NOT hate females, like you do. Sorry you were raised by a single mother who refuses to keep making chicken tendies for you and deliver them to your 30 year old ass down in her basement; but you need to get over your hatred of women. Jews and women are not hiding behind everything you don't like. It is YOU you don't like, girly man; so stop projecting.

new pasta?


No, but you can use it if you want.

If you carry a rifle upright, you're willing to kill some stupid bird. It's still the right protocol, because it's about what you're willing to kill, but not maybe wanting.

There is no "safe direction" relative to the hollow end of a gun barrel.

now thats some autism
theres no safe method to move your finger because youre going to kill some microbes tier autism
fucking cool

Go back to your safe space.
Here's a kitten and some crayons.
Do not get a clean piece of paper up near the tips of those crayons though, unless you seriously want to get that clean piece of paper 'dirty'.
Pointing a gun in any direction, including at the dirt, is perfectly acceptable. Pointing it at something or someone you would prefer not to kill is less than ideal. Shit happens though. I wish I could 'accidently' kill a bird. With the steel shot they make us use nowadays it's hard af to even kill geese and ducks when I'm aiming right at 'em!

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Stop being so afraid of guns and educate yourself. In many situations pointing your gun barrel upwards is not only impractical, but downright dangerous.
In this case the girl should have been introduced to every safety protocol long before she should have been handed a loaded gun, let alone entered a shooting range. The direction the barrel is pointing in is, yes, important; especially since it freaks out people like me when it is pointed at me or anyone I care about – but there are MANY back-up safety measures that should be taught.
Educate Yourselves.
Knowledge Is Power.
Being afraid of muh guns only makes you dangerous and expendable. Fear and idiocy are the killers. Guns don't kill.
Of course, justifiable killings need neither employ fear nor idiocy; so, there ya go.
The shooter must live with this death on his hands, as we all do. Do you pay taxes? Do you agree with the killing of women and children with drone strikes? Even if you do, YOU Are a Killer. YOU pointed the 'gun' of the military industrial complex directly at their heads. It could soon be pointed at yours. Whatcha gonna do when they come for you?

It was a dude who shot her in the head. And I suspect it wasn't an accident. "the mother's boyfriend"

Can't believe it took so many posts before someone asked this most important question.

You have to go back…
to halfchan.


dude, you just made me laugh so hard I almost started, and I'm NOT joking. I almost squirted out a lil shit


that's a weird way to spell wizchan tbh


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Yeah, that guy was more than a little autistic in his delivery, if not in his content. Nonethess, his wordiness cannot even compare to the shit WE can spew forth, Johnny! Lay down on this thread with some fantastic depictions of gun-safety idiocy and the aftermaths! I'll be back after noon my time, after 3:00 yours.
I also lol'd at that amazing wall of text describing a mere meme I had posted. Why explain it? It is self-explanatory! Only a military freakazoid would go to those lengths. Oh well. I also almost spilled my coffee while reading that this morning! How anal-retentive! Maybe we can draw him back in here to sperg out some more, for more lulz. Anyway, I've got to roll off to take my daughters to singing and acting groups, one at a time, on my motorcycle. Also have to help my oldest daughter open her first bank account. Dis gun b gud! You should see how I am inside a bank! Remember? I am tall as shit, and I have a bad attitude toward central banking.
Gotta go; but suffice it to say, there will be some target practice with my daughters this weekend. Probably do some fishing too. First culling of the meat chickens next weekend.
Shooting guns is love. Shooting guns is life. Even BB guns.
the bbq squirrel was delicious this last weekend. They had eaten nothing but cherries.

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sure is Zig Forums in here

lol @ two bullets that hit her house

1: since when is a mud hut considered a house?

2: they've never been fired

3: if anybody had a loaded weapon, they would've targeted her hideous face

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Not with me, trips!

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And now for a moment of serious reflection……

This is Sydney Darnell, the 12 year old girl who was accidentally killed……

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It's unfortunate that such a large percentage of you guys will never be charismatic enough to attract a woman, or to ever have kids….

If so, you'd have a much less creepy homoerotic needlessly angry outlook on life, and understand the gravity of things like this tragic event…

I'd personally love to slam your faces through the monitors of your computers….

*is left by his wife and his child is killed by the replacement chad*


they say 'chad'


if you were able to exercise any self control, you'd be able to refrain from making it so patently obvious that you've never had any pussy in your life

ive had a lifetime's worth of pussy from reading your post you pansy

t. Mr. Darnell
much tears many sad very sorry for your loss

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I'll type slowly, because I realize you're a stupid fucking idiot….

pay attention:

When girls realize that you're an adult male who hasn't ever gotten any pussy, it's a red flag for them, and they're not going to give you any of their pussy…

So it's detrimental for you to let everybody realize that you can't get laid

so maybe parroting trendy catchphrases like 'chad' and 'roastie' is a bad idea, because those trendy catchphrases are a dead give away that you're a sexual failure…


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'lifetime's worth of pussy' was an ironic statement coming from 'YOU….


lonely little guy

my little guy ain't so lonely with my unlimited ona works so i guess you're wrong

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Did I say 'lonely little guy' ?…..

my bad…..

I meant to say 'lonely little creepy pathetic guy'

*cries the roastie after her only use is made redundant by 2d+tenga cups*

….says the sexually failed social reject who will continue having women laugh behind his back until he eventually commits suicide….

….says the sexually fulfilled social slave who will continue supporting a woman who is laughing behind his back as she offers up his daughter to multiple chads for sexual abuse until eventually one suicides her to silence the witness….

"Scheduled maintenance on June 2 and June 9 between 5am pst and 6pm pst. Expect downtimes of up to 5 hours while data center power feeds are upgraded."

lol I triggered you into demonstrating your personal delusional State of paranoia and weird hypothetical scenarios that run rampant in that tiny little skull of yours

Like you are any different. Strap-on dykes don't count as getting pussy so your count is actually zero.

Inquiring minds want to know:

what was it like to be so butthurt by Big Meanie Neptune?

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Congratulation on your subliminal antigun bias


Someone said what I wanted to say.

OP, if English is your first language, then you really ought to be ashamed of this headline you wrote.

You really are a creepy old-man weirdo degenerate sexual deviant, Johnny.


His name is Kelly Tanasiychuk

Did I not mention DEGENERATE?
I know these are all labels you will happily apply to yourself, but even your own daughter would like you to lighten up a bit, as would Wendy. Put your dick bsck in your pants and be a man.
'This is your weapon -- This is your gun.'

She's dead, faggot.

It's not like kike magic takes over. Someone aimed outside of their lane to hit her. I'd be investigating any present niggers, mexicans, and kikes if I were the police.

underrated post