Pompeii's Unluckiest Man Brings New Meaning To "Dead Meme"


A man who was trying to escape the fiery inferno of the volcanic eruption of Mount Vesuvius nearly 2,000 years ago was found in Pompeii, Italy. The photographs of the uncovered skeletal remains have been given a new life online in the form of a meme. The internet showed once again that it isn't afraid to turn even the most macabre photos into a new meme.

According to archaeologists who have pieced together the story surrounding the discovery, the man was fleeing to safety after managing to escape the first eruption but was crushed by a large stone in the process. The stone is believed to have been a door jamb that came tumbling down on the unlucky man.

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i love this meme

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Its likely the Romans themselves probably would've seen the irony as well if they had realized what happened. Western comedy in general owes a lot to the Romans

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Of course
This idea that people nowadays are smarter than people back then is laughable
Maybe more knowledgeable of meaningless trivia bullshit, but dumber when it comes to shit that matters

false tbh. find whatever data you want on the cranial capacity of the roman or greek populations when they were the centres of the western hemisphere and compare that to the neoteric european

If people didn't do this retarded shit then more actually entertaining memes would probably pop up.

The problem this is actually a decent meme, but since it has a skelly the internet police will probably try to stop it on social media and most non-chan meme sites.

Well decent as for as captionability goes.

At least his grave got a headstone.

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Could you possibly copy and paste an even LESS BORING story ?

this is not newsworthy

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this is not clever

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I'm starting to get the hang of this 'meme' thing

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Where is the irony?

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This is rather cruel, laughing at the death of a soul.

To be fair if my death was like that I would laugh about it laterassuming i am not in hell

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