New Robot Hybrid Grows It's Own Living Muscles

The latest development in robotics has introduced living cells into the robot's limbs which allow it to work like a human's joints. The living muscles were developed in Tokyo and were achieved using a new method which uses living rat muscle tissue attached to the robotics. The design is being called a "biohybrid" in a new form of robots which incorporates biological matter and mechanical parts. The latest design displayed in the journal Science Robotics simulates the look and movements of a human finger.

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new finger joints would be invaluable for the epidemic of carpal tunnel that is going to be in the near future

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I am more interested in whether this technique is applicable to human tissue in humans as well. Imagine being able to regrow your own heart instead of having to rely on a donor heart and having to give yourself artificial AIDS via immune suppressants so your body does not reject the foreign organ (and it will reject the foreign organ eventually anyway). Regrowing organs would have so much potential. Liver cancer? Grow a new liver in the lab, throw the old one out and put the new one in!

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'sue' is the terminology used by people who have no intention of actually filing civil litigation.


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