YouTuber Livestreams Text-To-Speech Bomb Threat At University Of Washington (Video)

A YouTuber named Arab Andy isn't the brightest person at University of Washington and he proved as much Thursday when he walked into the college with a recording that said, "Attention, attention, attention," then there was a long gap and it said, "C4 device activated, the countdown has begun." Not even a second later the crowd of people near the YouTuber began fleeing for the doorways and screaming all the way down the halls as air raid sirens went off.

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He sure deserves some credit for a decent troll. Shame that offensive humor is lost on humanity these days.


He is part of the "IRL streaming" community that has been growing of lately. They stream in public places and viewers pay money to play audio clips and text-to-speech messages, which was the cause of the bomb clip. I think ICE Poseidon started the craze and then Asian Andy improved it, thus the numerous "ethnicity Andy" imitators. They are all complete degenerates, but the mischief they create is some of the funniest content I have seen.

Wow, that's some hardcore stuff. And all backed by capitalism in full swing. Really puts a mirror in front of mankind's degeneracy.

that person in the pink said "boy"

"remember hebron bitch." why would he have chosen to say that?


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That is some serious suicidal prank….I love it!

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suck my pussy, bitch. i'll send you to the afterlife.


I doubt even 10% of Zig Forumsacks have the balls to do what he did.

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>disgusting, (((diverse))) normalfags screaming in fear and running for their lives

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You're easily amused, huh?….

That's not 'funny'…
(I'm not saying that I don't think it's funny because it's inappropriate or illegal or immoral or unethical or anything like that)

I love a good laugh

But there's just nothing funny about this bullshit… ITS SIMPLY NOT FUNNY


If you think this stuff is hilarious, you and I would disagree on just about everything. I would hate to watch some of the movies that you consider to be 'knee slappers'….

In fact, you and I would disagree on every fucking movie no matter what genre the movie may be…

You're a boring person

It was boring and stupid

Watching this stupid bullshit makes me realize you guys really need to get out more often…

Johnny nigturd is a total failure.

Call johnny at (478) 324-4637.

I wonder if shooting an asshole like this could be considered self defense. Free speech has limitations. It's not free either. I would love to beat his ass.

Why do you keep posting his phone number, telling others to call it, but you have never even called it yourself?
Post a vocaroo of you calling him or STFU. Bonus points for making it maximim lulz. More likely you would be the one BTFO by Johnny, but that could be lulzy too.
Just Do It, Faggot.


I wonder if the females there said anything about equality.

and all it takes for it to be believable is for the dipshit to look semitic, i see the university people seem to be caught in a hypocritical web when advocating for middle east tolerance and quickly judging them once they come into real contact.

Holy shit Americans behave like IRL cartoons.

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Against who? Himself?

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Holy fucking shit, that was awesome.

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Toppest of keks

the funniest part is how he's too embarrassed to admit that I'M THE ONE WHO POSTED MY OWN NUMBER, and believe it or not, I'M NOT AFRAID TO ANSWER MY PHONE….

why the fuck would I be afraid to answer my phone?

he's a fucking idiot who thinks he's 'sabotaging' me somehow, when I'm the one who posts my own number all the time, actually challenging people to call me if they have the balls….

and my number is much easier to remember this way: 478-324-4NEP

If I heard that I would have stayed and accepted it was my time to go. People rushing out is just disgraceful in terms of manners. I would have tried to find the bomb and punch it.

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Ban incoming.

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Everyone who ran is a racist.




In the back of your mind, you know it. We're not the same, and the reason isn't "institutional racism". Finding a leftist who will admit this is like finding a black physicist. Asian football champion. Female mathematician. Ashkenazi basketball player.

The only other people I've seen blow up are asians driving airplanes. Remember: if it's brown, leave town!