Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey Announces Plan to Allow School Officials to Access Firearms in Schools

Alabama is becoming the next state in line to make a drastic and educated decision in regards to keeping students safe, with Republican Governor Kay Ivey announcing a plan to allow both principals and administrators at Alabama schools to have access to firearms which are in storage on school grounds.

The change comes after Texas Governor Greg Abbott introduced a 40-point school safety plan for his state, and many other districts across the nation began to take the necessary steps to ensure all students in their schools are properly guarded and parents are guaranteed their safety.

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I just cannot wait to hear the first story brake about a teacher who shoots a student because he felt threatened and the delicious mental gymnastics the press and politics will go through to justify the act…it will be a glorious piece of entertainment.

Yeah, in a locker in the admin back office that multiple people can see you walk in, get gun, and walk out and you won't be questioned.
That's going to totally happen.
Nice mental gymnastics you have done that you're trying to push onto shit that hasn't happened.
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How many human beings have to die until you accept the fact that the worst possible outcome will always come true. You can put up time as your defense but in the end humans are just predestined to put themselves into situations that will turn to shit. I mean we put a gun into the hand of a human, told him to protect and serve and a short while later he shoots some civilian…does it really matter in the long run what kind of stupid excuse we come up with when we gave him the means and continue to do so?

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shit we probably shouldn't have these government mandated violent murderers teaching our kids.
thanks for making me see

No. We allow blacks, mud shits, kikes and the like to possess guns. Humans don't have a problem.

The Jews were right.

The Jews are always right. That's why they have more power and money than you. They're smarter and more clever, and know how to control you.

This is good.
Now idiot incels loaded to the gills with SSRIs will think twice about going to shoot up a school where they know that well-trained and armed individuals are waiting just to stop motherfuckers like them.

When it was initially proposed that teachers be armed so they could neutralize a school shooter, all I could think about was all the times my classmates (and myself) drove our teachers to nervous breakdowns. Crying in the hallways, starting to take psyche meds, quitting the job altogether…
Teachers snap just like students do. Probably not a great idea to let them carry weapons around on the day-to-day.

With what this article is suggesting in particular, I have a couple issues as well.
First of all, it sounds like they intend to keep the weapons locked up pretty tight, and access would be strictly supervised. If your firearms are kept in one location in the building, and behind more than one lock, it takes an awful long time to get to them when you need them and seconds count when you have an active shooter.
Secondly, to be proficient enough to do good rather than bad, these administrators would need heavy, dedicated, regular, ongoing training and practice. Just like some people are shit at driving, but they manage to get their drivers license anyways, some people are just shitty gun operators, but manage to get certification anyways. It's not enough to just run them through training, give them a license, and turn them loose from there. To avoid just making the situation worse by creating a crossfire with students in the middle, they'd need to be highly skilled AND have the right personal temperament. Some people regardless of training will just shake and piss themselves when it's time to act for real.

I love the 2nd amendment but it doesn't seem like a solution to me to arm school teachers and office administrators. Having school resource officers who are armed seems O.K, but as we've seen with the latest shootings, they're useless more often than not too.

Any sperg can kill 15 people becore that gun comes into play

Methinks you have forgotten about the real reason why more guns solve muh gun violins.
The reason isn't that anyone can reasonably shoot another guy with a gun, the reason is that anyone could possibly shoot another guy. There aren't many people willing to go in and shoot up a school if people there might be able to shoot right back and kill him with a lucky shot. Why do you think nukes are still stockpiled but never used?
The point isn't allowing some dumb nigger of a teacher to carry around a gun. The point is allowing the school to have access to guns and letting any potential shooters know that their targets might be able to fight back.

Since so many school shooters either kill themselves before capture or commit suicide by cop to avoid being captured, I can't agree with this. Most school shooters go in intending not to come out again. Doesn't matter to them then, whether they end it themselves or someone else does. Even this recent shooter who was captured and arrested said he intended to kill himself when he was done trying for the high score, but just lost his nerve at the last minute.

They intend, though, to shoot people before death. That, then, is what we must prevent.
I still say that nobody wants to go in and get shot too fast to do anything.

Well looking at it that way,

If teachers in the classrooms were armed, it would deter people from trying to shoot up the school because their attempt would almost certainly be a failure. One of the teachers, even if ill trained, would likely kill him (maybe a couple fleeing students by accident too). That, I agree with. However that might introduce a new problem (teachers snapping and murdering their shithead students every once in a while).

If only the principal and admin had access to heavily secured firearms on the school premises, a shooter would likely still be able to do some good damage before being stopped and *might* not be all that deterred.

But if I can put my tinfoil hat on for a minute, I think the whole premise of arming faculty in schools in any capacity is really designed to introduce and acclimate the next generation to being surrounded by heavily armed authority everywhere, even after they leave school, while simultaneously propagating a deep fear and repugnance of non-authority persons carrying or having access to weapons.

tl;dr, it's all a sham to coerce people into giving up the 2nd amendment and letting the state militarize on its own soil "for the protection of the people" like some dystopian 2nd world country, like North Korea or Mexico.

Could also be true.
However, I think Americans trust authority way too much anyway for this, or they don't trust it at all and go innawoods.


Only a fucking retard cuck sends his children to a public school anyway tbh

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School officials don't need guns. Instead, schools need more police officers and ROTC. That's what's missing from schools today. You never had armed teachers back in the day. What you had was lots of actual cops and military personnel at school, and juniors and seniors participating in ROTC drills.

wtf is ROTC going to do against a gun?

If you argument is that the worst possible outcome will always happen you have literally made the best argument against disarming the public and accepted it yourself. As the people will inevitably need arms against a tyrannical state.

Back in the 1960s, honor guard duty involved live ammo, functional rifles.

But the larger point is that a militarized school would deter both a lone wolf shooter, and the culture of bullying that breeds armed reprisal.

Nidal Malik Hasan would't like to point out that you're wrong.

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make that would

Don't worry, Pennsylvania school districts are going to arm students with rocks to defend against school shooters.

The people who did ROTC at my school were either midgets or autistic. I wouldn't trust them to not shit their pants if there was a shooter.

Were any of them manlets?


Or you could go for the comedy option:

Are you talking about the students or the military personnel who run it?

This guy is a psychiatrist. He just worked for the military. He neither went though basic nor officers' school.

Your argument actually means we should get rid of school counselors.

Damn right. They fill students' heads with more crap than the teachers.

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Why don't we arm politicians, because they're going to need it soon.


Or her.
Lets not be sexist.