Louisiana - Snapchat Post: Just Drove Over ‘Some N****R’ On Highway

A young man named Sherell L. Lewis Jr. was picking up debris from a Louisiana highway this week when he got run over and later died of his wounds.

The incident involved an 18-year-old pickup driver who bragged about the hit and run on Snapchat afterwards, as can be seen in screenshots obtained from the social media site.

Young Mr M. Martin, of Hineston stated: “Y’all i just hit a whole guy on the highway.”

When a friend of his asked about the identity of the victim, Mr Martin wrote back: “some n—r.”

Friend: “How did the chevy take it.”

Mr Martin: “F–ked it up pretty good lol.”

Friend: “It’ll buff out.”

Mr Martin “Yes sir,” adding a laughing emoji.


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spotted the "18" year old


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Yeah right. I never heard of black people picking up trash out of basic decency.
What's more likely: he was inspired to protect the environment, or he was doing community service.

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That's what criminals do…

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Even if he was doing community service work that was his assigned duty by a court of law. A private citizen is not entitled to up the ante of court decreed justice in our system. That nigger probably did do something, and he was undertaking the correctional measures society demanded of him.

White trash (white niggers) don't seem to understand that is where it ends. The issue is over and laid to rest after that. Any follow up is not "revenge" or in anyway justified, it's simply another crime to be punished. Probably more harshly as you've now effectively declared you think the law is too lenient and so its advocates will take this into account and basically pull all the stops on you at that point.


The Goldwater Steals Johnny Neptune's Trademarked 'Spacing' Style

more details as they become available

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During the election campaigning, I couldn't help but notice how Trump seemed to be intentionally creating a campaign that fed off people's hated.

I found it disconcerting, to say the least. Since he was elected, I have seen this trend of venomous hatred become a total wave. It seems as if the lowest common denominator of primal instinctual distrust and fear has taken over, and an idiotic animalistic collective mindset of non-specific, blind anger and rage has surfaced, and society seems to be drowning in hatred of anything and anybody.

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During the election campaigning, I couldn't help but notice how Trump seemed to be intentionally creating a campaign that fed off people's HATRED*


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