It's Official: Trump Reinstates Singapore Summit With North Korea

We are only 11 days away from one of the biggest political talks in recent world history, the summit between the United States and North Korea. The summit was confirmed to be taking place June 12 in Singapore by President Trump Friday after newly appointed Secretary of State Mike Pompeo conducted a series of talks between the senior North Korean official Kim Yong Chol and Kim Jong Un, North Korea's leader.

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by god, if this orange fuck ruins this again…

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He is the only one that is actually making this happen you retard.

The only outcome is that nothing will really be achieved in those talks, but nothing bad will happen either. Best case is Fatboy Kim tones down on the missile firing and nuke testing, keeping the region quiet for a few more years.

Why? Why shouldn't a national socialist independent country be able to build a nuke to defend themselves from countries like israel who have hundreds? Why should they consign themselves to a slow death.
It's obvious there is no peace here, he agrees to this and 5 years down the road they are roasting him over oy vey duh prison camps, you give an inch to a kike like trump he will take a mile, this is just a part of choking the country out and placing zogmocracy in it

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What right does North Korea have to exist? Why the fuck do you even care about its sovereignty? Not your country, not your problem.

Because I care about any country that exists outside the federal banking system you double yid, I know how much their existence causes you nonstop asshurt.
What right do you jews have to exist?

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Tell that to the jews
the US gives $10 million a day

And yet you've got nothing to show for it


my name is Johnny Neptune and i have a confession…

I have always lusted after Trump's cock…

That's why I always cry in threads about him…

because i will never get the cock i love so much and it makes me mad to still be a virgin at my age…

Who's "me"? The north koreans have lots to show for it, a homogeneous population, free from all western capitalist kike degeneracy. Funny how you claim "communists" are "corrupting" korea while north korea has outlawed pornography while your country is the #1 international distributor and consumer of interracial cuckold porn

This is what a leftycuck brain spasm looks like.

this guy has a point, america's lust for big black cock is on par with that of sweden.

says the neocuck faggot
You know your hero neocons worship trotsky right? You're literally a leftist calling others leftists.

More like Kim's personal playground.

It's about seventy years too late to prevent the Norks from doing that.

What do I care? If a foreign country threatens my country, you'll excuse me if I don't give a shit when it gets demolished.

No, best case is Trump teams up with best Koreans to help Iran develop nukes and then glass israhell. That is the very best case.

They're fucking lemmings
Also free from pretty much everything else especially their own fucking willpower
If this is the kind of mental gymnastics you engage in to make up excuses to cuck the United States for North Korea then congratulations, you easily deserve a gold medal
Either that or you're just beyond superlatively naive

what if your country is a shithole that produces nothing but interracial porn?

From all the porn faggots post on here, I'd say Japan loves a hefty helping of smelly brown pee pees just as much as everyone else.

Their nukes says they do. Without nukes, the ZOG can just waltz right in and regime change your ass and fuck up your country. The risk is even greater when you don't have a central bank and/or are trading oil in currency other than USD.

It's unironic 4D chess. The summit was always going to happen, the gooks just needed an orange dick slap.