Netflix Oops: Kate Middleton "Makeover" Has Royal Family Outraged

Netflix is under fire and is the subject of the royal family's rage after the always picture-perfect Duchess of Cambridge was featured in a rather unflattering way. Kate Middleton is the epitome of beauty and class, that is until her TV show The Royals was featured in the Netflix Documentary section above a documentary called Escorts.

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Truth hurts.

who cares.

Oh thank God, something new to complain about. I was almost worried I would run out for a minute there.

women rip into each other for their appearance all the time and then whine and cry about how the patriarchy judges them based on body image.

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"Kate Middleton is the epitome of beauty and class"

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would be sad if she had tattoos irl

This is petty tbh.


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No… I mean the type of middle-aged woman who thinks Kate Middleton is relevant

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So, pretty much the same woman then.

this kind of middle aged woman

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She's a woman but she's not a whore, yeah and ice isn't water.

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Now the kikes have their mongrel operator on the inside, they will attack and subvert any pure elements, like they always do it.
Kate Middleton will either have her character and life picked apart by the juden media vultures and end up overdosing or suiciding, or they'll diana her.
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They are puppeteered by the juden, Rothschilds, and hate it. There is a "the same will happen to you as happened to the tsar" threat over their head.
Watch their expressions of disgust.

This is nothing. But do expect Kate Middleton to be savagely attacked going forward. There will efforts to smear her husband and make him decline taking the crown. There's a nigger in the family and they want her queen.

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Yes. See
With juden controlling 99% of media, it is a certainty.