Bill Clinton says impeachment hearings would have begun already if a Democrat were president

Former President Bill Clinton argued Sunday that impeachment hearings would already be in full swing if a Democrat were in the Oval Office and if the special counsel’s investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 election were as deep as it is now.

“I think if the roles were reversed — now, this is me just talking, but it’s based on my experience — if it were a Democratic president, and these facts were present, most people I know in Washington believe impeachment hearings would have begun already,” Clinton told “CBS Sunday Morning.”

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Because he's the leading authority on presidential impeachments.

"You better put some ice on that" - Bill Clinton after raping Juanita Broaddrick

Trump has not verifiably done anything to dishonor the office of the president at any point in his career as a sworn in politician
Bill fucked some chicks while in office, Trump kept it out of office

He's right. If Hillary was elected she'd already be in the middle of impeachment hearing by now.

Imagine your own husband saying that you would have been impeached faster than he was.

a democrat president would have already made his (or her) guilt so apparent they would be out on their ass by now, true.

so you're saying if bill payed lewinsky 130K it would have been okay?

now we dont care right goy? :^)

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Reminder that Clinton participated in quid pro quo bribery in the pardon of (((Marc Rich))).

I dont give a shit

Damage control much?
Your wife is going to prison soon, and will die there. Have another cheeseburger. Your days are numbered too.

Impeach for what? You need a legitimate reason for that and not fake news stories.

Whew, news… Not.

stopped reading

oh you're one of those who believes fox when they say russia collusion is "fake news" aren't you?

Bill Clinton is a rapist

Oh, you're one of those that blindly believes CNN when they say there actually was collusion, with no evidence at all?

not op, but you do no there have been zero charges related to any Russia collusion

how ever operatives planted in his campighn

how ever like the Anti trump (even atended anti trump rallies) Russian lawyer that that was brought in BY and met with the Obama administration, even pictures next to Obama officials…

this was the back up plan, you would know that if you bother to read the Wikileaks Hillary cooked this up 6 months pre election all because trump an Putin dare agree on against NATO. Funny thing is NATO changed is stance, and so did trump who then supports NATO…..

but my narrative BTFO

Hillary and Obama finger pints all over this
and the fake dossier they funded, all the illegal shit they did to try to keep this president from doing what he was voted in to do.

unfuck america
fuck you commies

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True, a democrat president would have broken the law though.


And not lied about it under oath.
And not had others lie about it under oath.
And not done it in the oval office and other sacred rooms in the white house.
And not been a verified detriment to the position of POTUS.


yea typical fake news

Anonymous unnamed sources
usually REMOVED from the situation completely but some how familiar with it
or someones thinking or some bullshit like that.

usually debunked or proven wrong with in hours or days,, tiny one line corrections posted somewhere obscure and on to the next fake news story.

100% fake news stories , this is what trump haters call news

never mind that and whopping 73% of america no longer trust the media

way up from the 50s when he took office
also sad that it overwhelmingly Democrats who blindly trust the media… fucking sheeple

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Indeed, fake news all around, yet they have the audacity to call shit on Hillary or other shady democucks for fake news as well, when the evidence is almost always substantial.

bill was impeached for dishonesty about the affair not the affair

both bill and Hillary should be in prison
for the rest of their lives with no possibility for parole

If they were no the connected Clinton crime family that they are they would be

the FAA flight logs alone show they both together and separately few on Epstein's flying child sex brothel, Dubbed The Lolita express, equipped with beds , and children kept on board fox sex…. also they also visited his private child sex island…

The Clinton's personal number on his speed dial, when he was busted he got a sweetheart deal pretty much a walk compared to what he should of got.

Yea but when you or you operatives destroy the evidence, and kill the witnesses, who left to accuse you?

Bill and Hillary would be in prison without doubt without such things happening, whats the an invesgaton? records lost, records fire, witnesses suicide, What investigation? Walks

say that is a conspiracy, but repeat that 40 of so times and you would have to be a gullible kind of retard to not sell something rotten…

as part of immunity deals FBI destroyed evidence , laptops… not to mention if nothing wrong was done why was her entire staff grated immunity?

If he didn't do it with taxpayer funds, sure. What's illegal about fucking women, soyboy?

What is wrong with consensual sex?

so nice to see Bill not looking like a corpse as usual

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Sex is illegal in the eyes of the Left unless you have AIDS or are a fag or you're getting cucked.

What fucking evidence is there even?
I never see anything solid, it's always "drumpy doodle doo or one of his family said a thing one time in the presence of a rushyin like three decades ago".
Now if they went after his zionist connections they'd have loads of dirt, but we all know they won't, and that this is all a distraction from actual shady shit.

Normally they would provided the impreachers would not commit mass seppuku by 14 bullets on the back of their skull followed by a backflip from the 30th flour.

nice to see shit-tier unfunny photoshops as usual

Enjoy your AIDS.

Like Teflon Don or I give one thin shit what a rapist thinks.