Microsoft to buy GitHub, a platform for software developers, for $7.5 billion in stock

Microsoft on Monday announced plans to acquire software developer platform GitHub in a deal valued at $7.5 billion.

GitHub was valued at $2 billion in its last funding round in 2015, though it has yet to turn a profit.

Microsoft has seen its once-dominant Windows unit slip in market share in recent years, spurring a cloud-first reorganization and sending Microsoft looking for alternatives to court developers.

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Microsoft turned into a piece of shit nobody wants but everyone is lumbered with. I bet they claim anything on git is now thier ip to use as they please.
Stay far away from git if you don't already.
Didn't google already steal people's code and delete thier data on googledocs before? Why yes they did.

Just to make sure there are no misunderstandings:
Git ≠ GitHub

GitHub is just a project hosting site that uses Git under the hood. Git itself is decentralized, you can use Git by moving stuff around on floppy drives if you want to.

On topic, fuck GitHub, I hope Satan Nutella poops all over their streets.


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Maybe MSFT will boot all the rainbow hairs out and refocus the company to do something useful. There's no way github needs 650+ employees.

I know I will get shit for this but I love Microsoft and think they will be great owners for GitHub.

I'm unable to receive a confirmation email from GitLab. Not good for GitLab. This is a critical time to gain more users in light of the recent Microsoft acquisition of GayHub.

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ok then

Relax, nigger. Be glad I didn't respond with caps lock.

and now everyone will stop using github forever

An I not allowed to like Microsoft?

Good sir, fifty cents has been transferred from Microsoft's ether address to your account.

Enjoy your day ahead!

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Darnel Bakmuh

I don't want Micorsoft's money, I just think they make good products and could manage GitHub well.

Name one. A non-pozzed one.

I use Microsoft Azure regularly

Also I understand Windows is aids. I use Ubuntu


I, too, love case-sensitive filename conflicts in my repos.