What? Miss America Will No Longer "Judge Women On Physical Appearance"


2018 is the year of virtue signaling, and if you aren't waving your righteousness around like a flag, you aren't doing modern progressivism right. The social justice warriors won't stop until they've ruined every last bastion of American greatness including Star Wars. Now, it seems the seething SJW's have reached the Miss America pageant which has announced it will be removing the swimsuit competition and no longer judging contestants on their physical appearance.

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From now on they'll only judge contestants on their dicks.

Or on their nose.
The more hooked the better.


bad idea. trannies beat women in everything from sports to beauty even woman of the year. I have no idea how trannies can beat women at being women.


Why shouldn't a straight white cis man have the opportunity to win Miss America?

Here's the story from a real publication
Here's discussion of the story on a real board that isn't a boomer hugbox
Jim is out of touch

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Well they already started letting trannys in, right? Might as well just go full throttle with their attempts to appease the unappeasable.

Do you know any straight white cis man that'll want to be called Miss America?

here you go faggot: pinknews.co.uk/2016/01/06/beauty-pageant-finalist-says-she-was-disqualified-for-being-transgender/
tranny made it to the finals knocking out lots of normal ugly sluts.

I think he's referring to some guy in a dress who won a beauty compeition, and how he thinks men do everyrhing netter than women, including being women.

Only way to win is to out crazy them. Have a guy say he's transgender and completely destroy women in their own competition. Once men win enough they'll go back to normal.


The judges were probably trannies too

feminism coming back to bite itself in the ass.


Now it's going to be a land whale contest.

Competition itself is too meritocratic for the diversity police. All participants must be winners.

Because trannies are trying to be women, but women are trying to be men.

Fuck you shitlord! My nose is beautiful AND healthy at any size! BBNs are THE hot new trend of the silverscreen.

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Might as well just can the whole thing. Another gutted "competition" kept alive as a skinwalker for propaganda. It's a fucking invasion of the bodysnatchers.

All these contests are now useless due to the internet and widespread porn,only boomers watch them now and they are responsible for all of the feminist bullshit we are getting.

Yeah, who needs to watch these when you could just ogle young teens parading their asses on YouTube.

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Literally this: enroll a rabbit and everyone will go "d'awwwww it's so cute, winner."

Fine with me, Miss USA is best pagent anyways.
marxists and jews are just jealous she is 100% Nordic qt3.14 and not low iq nigger like last year.

they kinda did that with that bald headed african female


just cut to the fucking chase and put pic related as the winner

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So why would they kick him out?

Actually, how will they judge people now?

They're just going to pick the ugliest shit in the toilet now.
No beauty for you goyim, my hooknosed pig daughter wins!

Wasn't Miss America a huge ratings pull?

Because like with everything else, women can't evaluate anyone's beauty for shit

why underage girls cannot start in miss competition? because they would destroy any 20 lvl roastie