President Donald J. Trump Wants YOU to Take This Survey on the Mainstream Media

The 45th President of the United States of America has released a new campaign effort in which he's asking the American people to tell him directly their opinions on the accountability of the mainstream media.

If you're one of the 63 million Americans who voted for President Donald J. Trump during the 2016 elections or one of the countless millions of other people who have no switched from the Democratic Party or being an independent to the “America First” party of Trump; then you likely know that the mainstream media is a propagandist platform of lies and deception.

There's very little “news” which comes from the mainstream media anymore, and outside of the daily attacks on the Trump Administration and the efforts to both subvert and delegitimize his Presidency there isn't a grain of actually journalism remaining; that is in the mainstream media at least.

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I did my part to Make America Great Again by filling out this survey!

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Just completed the survey. All they ask for is name, email, zip code.

Going against the media means going against the Jews…I don't think Donald thought this one through.

don't forget the donation

daily criticism of every move the president makes has been going on for decades. trump is just being a crybaby when he complains about "fake news" running stories about him (which is really just truthful news that he doesn't like). he's not special in this regard EXCEPT for the fact that he's such an idiot and does so many STUPID things, he rightly gets criticized more times per week.

protip: stop doing idiotic things and the news will have to cover other stupid distracting shit like celebrity "news" more often.

why do we have to tell him ?

He knows the MSM is fake (the CIA reports to him btw) but only talks about it superficially and only when it's in regards to him, pretty narcissistic.Is he gonna tell us why there was a coverup in Las Vegas ? IS he gona explain what the fuck was really going on with Charlottesville ? The Parkland shooting ? Yeah didn't think so.

Except for that small break between 2008 and 2016. Where they were paralyzed by political correctness.
They even let the president get nominated for a nobel peace prize and the president himself had to come out and say he'd done nothing to deserve it.

Did Obongo said that? Regardless, he still got it.

The media is a weapon for anyone with money to wield so long as they're not promoting antisemitism.

i dont see him calling for the release of profit destroying withheld technologies. theyre all guilty of perpetuating the disease

You could destroy your profits by burning all your money in a fire.
That is pretty low tech.

that's what trump want to turn it into. no conservative or liberal slant from having free media. just pure government propaganda from one source. the pravda

Its not very free at the moment when you consider there is only one mainstream conservative news source (Faux news) and even they were over 60% negative in their coverage of Trump.

All those questions are loaded like hell, that survey is useless.
Perhaps it's not meant for gathering information, but to spread it?

CNN is going to hang itself with its own belt.

All I know is that fucking leaves like myself are allowed to vote, and I voted like the red state bastard I wish I was.

Reminder that capitalist media is even more biased than state media.

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>(((capitalist media)))

subtle, jim

They just have different owners and not even necessarily. There's no great distinction between the two, really.

Yes, I'm sure the state propaganda channel in North Korea is so much better, you filthy commie.

OP should be banned just for that.


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congratulations on coming out of your coma after 8years. either that, or you simply weren't watching the news during those years. or any years. like i said, criticism of the president was a daily thing for every president. ALL of the media had programs arguing why he shouldn't get the nobel prize. unless you were only watching fox "news" who probably claimed otherwise.

the term "the liberal media" is not a literal thing. it's only something conservatives like to trot out. CNN for example, has very even coverage. even before trump took it to an extreme, conservatives were using "the liberal media" to complain whenever there were negative stories about them.

You must've bumped your fuckin' head, boy!

no, you read that right. trump is an ignorant fool who leaves the media no choice but to report on his daily ineptitude. should they just ignore every other idiotic tweet or the next ally he insults to "balance" things out?

Except Trump turns out to be factually correct on most things, the media just says he's full of shit and immediately move on to the next smear.

Fuck that shit

trump factually correct? fuck off with your nonsense. show me one trump truth and I'll show you a hundred lies.

Trump said that traps are gay.