NASA Finds Concentrated Batch Of Organic Molecules On Mars

If Mars were a fruit in the produce aisle (and, let’s be honest, it would make a decent-looking nectarine), NASA could slap an organic sticker on it. Kind of.

Researchers at the space agency announced Thursday that the Curiosity rover has discovered strong concentrations of organic molecules in 3-billion-year-old sedimentary rocks on the red planet’s surface. Those molecules are familiar building blocks for life here on Earth, including carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen.

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Fake news. Mars is a just a Hollywood set used for government psyops.
The Earth is flat.

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There is no bigger cock tease for a gov't agency than NASA

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Don't worry Earth-chan, we like flat-chested girls.

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Who took that photo?

pic related, its the full photo from the article. It's described as a "self-portrait", even though you can clearly see that no part of the rover is holding the camera. Also what's with the weird-ass long shadow extending from the rover that's cast by nothing?

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NASA shooped out its selfie stick.

yeah, whatever. $50 million a day for CGI.

And it's clearly a 360 degree camera

earth is flat, space is a giant ocean. planets are fake. nasa lies.

even if this is wrong, it proves that the earth is not the way we are told that it is.
the very fact that nasa can not and will not disprove this is absolute proof that we are being lied to- even if the world isn't flat
all of you snowball theory assholes can go to hell, you're all globalist shills just taking the flat earth and pasting it back on another bigger sphere again like the cucks you are
TL;DR - humanity is waking up and questioning our reality. They are trying to make sense of the world around them, and not just trust what a mainstream source says, and for that, I commend them. So whether you believe if the Earth is round or not, or whether the Earth is alive or not, it does not really matter. By ridiculing people who believe that the Earth is flat, we control and pressure people to conform. When our society ridicules ideas that challenge the status quo, we feel uncomfortable, and we become less of a free thinking society. It's always important to consider or challenge what we all currently percieve as possible or impossible.

>the earth is flat and hollow

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hilarious thread full of shills, but with some good posters. the shills arguments get destroyed and they fail miserably so it's extra fun.

think about why the ocean looks blue when the sun shines through it. think about how the sky is also blue, and how very ancient antarctic ice is also a strange blue color. makes sense? and troll science bro's with big fancy pieces of paper from the establishment claim "its rayleigh scattering, and the sky isn't actually blue it just looks blue but it isn't because it's just reyliegh scattering just trust us"

every single image of earth from space release by nasa has always been a composite image. they will never release a true non-edited picture of earth from space.

if there are as many infinite stars and galaxies as they say there are, the entire sky wouldn't have any visible individual stars because in terms of pixels on a tv screen the stars in the sky would take up every pixel of space that there is in the sky. the entire sky would always glow white and there wouldn't be a place in the sky to look at that was empty. at any distance you would eventually run in to another star so no matter how far away from the perspective of earth there wouldn't be any black sky at night.

go back and watch any video of a rocket takeoff. why do ALL the rockets always go upwards for a moment and then start to veer off course and curve off the side? they can't keep going straight up because they will hit the water and if they go much deeper they will crash right into the firmament. they always curve to avoid it. ALWAYS. the rockets always land somewhere else out of sight or people are told it's just a retrieval of parts, but you know what the truth is.

they only thing that every country on earth ever agreed on and never broke their promise, as they all promised together, was to leave antarctica alone. the north pole is the center of the landmass and the south pole (antarctica) is actually a giant ring around the outer edges of the earth. it's illegal to fly there without permission (almost nobody ever gets that permission) and so it is conveniently incredibly difficult to prove or disprove this once and for all. what a coincidence.

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anyone who has ever gone to a tall skyscraper that allows an all around window view with protective railing (so people dont just fall off) and looked 360 degrees all around the horizon will notice that it is always flat and never curved even at that hight, when it should be. almost all the weather balloons and homemade gopros they ever use that make it to the higher atmosphere use an added fisheye lense to add a fake curve to the horizion.

since you are very little, one of the first things you are expected to learn is that you live on the earth and the earth is a globe, and you are repeatedly shown this big spinning toy and you have a few childish thoughts like "how does everyone on the bottom not fall off?" and everyone tells you its because "gravity" holds everyone on the sphere, but remember centrifugal force is very powerful and can keep water in a bucket even though its spinning around a certain point, but it makes the bucket of water feel much more heavy, like it wants to fly off it's handle with tremendous force. now imagine that all the things on the surface of the earth including its gigantic oceans are all that "bucket of water". what do you think would or rather should have already happened to us all and our cats and dogs and houses and cars if the earth was really spinning around as fast as they want us to believe that it is?

the earth presumably being as massive as we think it is (even though it's flat) is so heavy and so big that spinning at that speed would tear it apart. forces created by the spin would be greater than the force of gravity, but that's another deeper rabbit hole.

going by the rules of globalist approved science, if you actually do the proper calculations you discover that the force of gravity is not enough to overcome the spinning force of the planet (the globe spinning on its own, not the "spin around the sun") and that we should have been catastrophically flung off of the earth in a cataclysm along with the earth spinning itself apart to pieces by now.

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go back and watch any video of a rocket takeoff. why do ALL the rockets always go upwards for a moment and then start to veer off course and curve off the side? they can't keep going straight up because they will hit the water and if they go much deeper they will crash right into the sky water. they always curve to avoid it. ALWAYS. the rockets always land somewhere else out of sight or people are told it's just a retrieval of parts, but you know what the truth is.
it's literally something they made up and popularized in movies, books, video games, and t.v. to brainwash you and create cognitive dissonance should you ever hear anything but their kosher version of the truth.

all rockets do this. except for this one. you can even hear the splash.

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Ancient pyramids and stone structures are found all over the world with similar architechture and impossible standards of perfection and all of these structures all over the entire world come from the same group of people. The globalist satanic cult was responsible for all the ancient ruins and pyramids we find all over the world because when they ruled at their peak they had succeeded in conquering the whole earth. They were in the process of making the tower of babel when God sent the great flood (noted as a factual event in all ancient texts and religions) to wipe the world clean from sinful corrupt people and start everyone over. The whole world had become the tower of babel, and the whole world became atlantis. A one world government. A globalist satanic empire that controlled the whole world. The resulting very similar looking abandoned ruins that are found all over the world are the remnants of the lost empire of atlantis, because the whole earth is literally atlantis. we can't find any one place that all on it's own matches atlantis because we are standing on it.

remember the globalists want to mix everyone because they want to kill the diversity that they claim to be supporting by making everyone look the same by interbreeding. supposedly they succeeded before and when the flood came God split up all their languages and races back into their original groups, (not specifically mentioned but hinted at in the bible)
neanderthal thread archive

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Making fun of everyone who's a flat earth theorist just because their ideas do not line up with your own is just plane ignorance if you catch my drift. It seems that whenever anyone even just mentions anything like flat earth, a bunch of angry trolls and shills just spew out of the woodwork like a fountain of diarrhea to scream "MUH FLAT EARTHERS" and just try their hardest to insult and discredit people just for having an idea that's different. You said it yourself.
If you anti-flat earthers care so little, then why do you care so much about the fact that we care about it? Very clearly, you all do care very much.
But WHY do we care? Why should anyone care? The reason is that if all of us human beings are willing to believe one BIG lie, then how easy is it for all of us to fall down a slippery slope and believe any other lies as well? Flat earth theory isn't about proving flat earth, but It does uncover the dirty hidden truth that NASA is completely unwilling and unable to disprove flat earth theory.
They show us composite images of earth. You're telling me they can send satellites out flying past jupiter (from more than 30 years ago easily) but they can't put a cheaper and smaller satellite in to non-geosynchronous orbit and show us unmodified pictures and real time video of the earth and the moon from all sides and angles? I'm not sorry and I call BULLSHIT. All this does is prove the fact that NASA is absolutely lying to us in one or more ways about the very existance of our reality and that's not okay.

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Flat Earthers, and protestants, annoying as shit.

And yet we still haven't discovered the existence of intelligent life in Africa

what about the USAF and Area 51?


NASA really shouldn't retouch any of their photographs, however innocently. It just fuels the flat earthers who already claim every image ever released by them is fake and CGI'd.