President Trump to Likely Sign Bill Ending the Federal Ban on Marijuana

There are ongoing efforts amongst Republicans in the Senate to end the federal ban of marijuana, a long-debated and controversial plant, and now it appears President Trump is open to supporting Senator Cory Gardner (R-CO) as he pushes bipartisan legislation for ending the federal ban.

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At last he'll get the Bernie vote.

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What third-world ass country do you live in where corporations and businesses, large and small don't already test for it? Its been a requirement for 95% of jobs worth having for decades. Have you ever applied for a job in the US?

The real question is if once its made legal, will people STOP testing for it, and denying jobs since it is no longer a controlled substance.

MFW I work for myself and don't have to worry about that.










I'll believe it when I see it

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Are you seriously implying that most of the non-mom and pop organizations don't already drug test. Both the companies my mother and father work for test for even NICOTINE. They will not hire you if you smoke cigarettes. I don't see mj being legal changing that you idiot.

any tech corp.

It is federally mandated that I go through regular security checks for my job since I deal with sensitive information and I've never been tested for drugs. Yes, if I were arrested with drugs, I would be out of a job, but the idea that companies constantly test for them is ridiculous.

thats straight up retarded , where do your parents work that they would give any amount of care to nicotine use, a drug that doesnt even intoxicate you.

They clearly work at Fucking Liar, Inc.

I'd rather have a nicotine user than a degenerate pothead in my company. Nicotine actually helps the brain concentrate. Pot turns you into a fucking retard.

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Its an insurance thing. Health insurance rates are lower for the company if none of their people use nicotine in any shape or form.


And here I am laughing at king turd up here for stalling to make weed legal for even longer than trump has been in office, then again, anyone who trusted him to get meaningful shit done when he reinstated tpp is an idiot.

But the best thing about legalization is that we can stop giving billions to the cops and feds for enforcement

Depends on what you do. If you work with animals or heavy machinery you are getting tested.

do it

Anything unimportant that appeases the voters.

Compared with other way more important issues, that is.


How much of a lazy nigger do you have to be to not know that every company ever already tests you for drugs?

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i'm my own man laughing at all you corporate wageslave cucks who have to take drug tests for nicotine lawl. are you even allowed to drink after your 16 hour jobs?

In some places they won't hire, but the amount of stoners will force some areas to raise their minimum allowed thc levels in testing. Others will see dollar signs and allow it, and some places will by sympathetic to people. Eventually, it'll be allowed but regulated more, like alcohol, e.g. no coming onto work blazed just like no coming into work drunk. Not getting wasted or high has a kite if you have work the next day. Limited alcohol or weed is ok if the person is in working condition when they go to work and, if showing signs of intoxication, pass a sobriety test with a moderate tolerance for thc. Don't drive/operate heavy machinery and be stoned or drunk. That's if it's legalized and the outcry is big enough against corporations and businesses prohibiting it.

If you work with heavy machinery you're gonna be replaced by a robot in 20 years anyways so smoke up. Or smarter idea, save up money for when you do lose your job and then you'll have a bunch of weed money

All you had to do, Jeff, was shut down the Russia investigation.
Now you'll never get to imprison all the blacks!