Australia – Tired of “Boring” Look, Tattoo-Addict Woman Had Her Eyeballs Inked Blue

A young woman is so addicted to tattoos and other transformations that she spent a whopping $8,000 on body modifications including a split tongue and blue inkings on her eyeballs.

23-year-old Amber Luke from Australia, called “Blue Eyes White Dragon” by her friends, has been obsessed with tattoos since she was 16. It first started with plain curiosity to know what the feeling was like to have tattoos. She got three inkings by the time she was 18.

She now counts an incredible 50 designs all over her body.

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Pretty sad what women have to do to compete with 2D these days.

Stupid ass white boy! Get a fucking life! Its a big fucking world out there LOSER!!

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She's definitely going to die of ink poisoning and her own stupidity

Can't tell if ironic or not

feminine stupidity*

Those titties tho

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Mental illness

Hiding your insecurities one self destructive move at a time, all to appease the not caring masses while loosing connecting with your own self.

Absent father, absolutely no self esteem, no inner value, no aspirations of motherhood, no morals instilled, no suitable peer pressure to regulate her aberrant behaviours.
The lost female.

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femin virus?

Headed down the same path as this guy, Dennis Avner. Suicided alone in a garage at 49. Sad.

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Sorry, age 54, misread.

Advise from an old man: the number of tattoos a person has is often an indicator of the mental issues they have.
Healthy people have no great desire to change themselves to look shocking or unique. (this also explains why traps suicide so much)
All the ink & surgery still didn't change him.

Attention whore

Yeah I'm sure she won't regret that in a few years.

women are repulsive.


I saw this guy almost every day at the mall I worked at.

I can't stand nu/pol/ but he's right.
Its lack of self esteem, daddy issues and probably an enabling mother.

Christ, that must have absolute fucking hell for you

must have been*

enjoy your incurable STDs and ruined life with an empowered slut.


White Australian women are well aware of how boring their vanilla looks are.
This is why an increasing number of young Australian women are deciding to seek out Black sperm donors and raise IVF children with female partners.
It's just natural progress and a way for moderns to prevent inbreeding, and inject some hybrid vigor into their offspring.
Example, this young lady has always liked Jamaican culture and her partner is into rap and hip-hop. What better way to pursue their interests than to use her lily white womb to give life to a Black child?

That's what I call cyberpunk

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