Mexican federal candidate murdered after debate

Fernando Puron, Mexican congressional candidate was shot dead after he finished a debate where he addressed public security and tackling crime in Mexico.

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such is the life in a narco-state, the mexicans should do well on learning from us and clandestinely creating their own deathsquads groups with the sole objective of killing off cartel niggers and their families.

In cartel-mehico, free speech kills you.

let's import tons more of these.

The common mexican is to retarded to do anything about it.
Lynching robbers is A-ok in here, but going after cartels is just gonna get you and your family murdered.

they're a failed state on the border of the most powerful nation in human existence forever.

you would think the solution to their problems would be obvious. what's wrong with them, are they naturally lower IQ than the main demographic of the other country they border?

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Actually, yes, they are.


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Britain ruled 1/2 the globe you ignorant deplorable part nigger

Objectively America could wipe the UK off the face of the Earth and there's nothing they could do to stop it.


Yes, yekh, fight amongst yourselves goys

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Some sacrifices will inevitably happen, but if the objective of purging the cartels is achieved them it will be more than worth it, i hope some day a group of people emerges from your country with the resolve of eliminating them for good.


ah of course, these guys became quite popular for some time but as it happens to most latin self defense armed groups they began to fight amongst themselves or run thin on resources to fight their wars, there are some of them that even have splintered into new cartels.

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No, tacos aren't any dumber than your average obese burger, but it is rarer than a smart outlier appears, besides even if it does, 8/10 outliers are lazy as fuck and 1/2 of the outliers we have left move to another country, so is like one useful person per every 500 leaches.

Mexicans are far dumber than even the dumbest American but slightly smarter than the smartest eurofag.

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thats just your shitty opinion.

Is that 17 in total now?

doesn't the cartel just run shit down there?
I heard they don't even really have a government and its more of an anarcho-syndicalist commune; anytime they come in and impose a state, the people turn and regain control.
it's not that bad, but not as stable as america. i wouldnt live there.

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It's not that their people don't want an outside force to come help and crack down on the BS happening over there, it's just unwise for both party's involved. If the people of a country want things to change, I believe it's the obligation of those people to change things. Unfortunately for Mexico as a country, their fear outweighs their want of a somewhat peaceful life, there needs to be a catastrophic or appalling event for them to actually rise up, something that will make that fight/flight response kick in. These little random murders here and there aren't going to do much, the event needs to be extremely serious.

At that point the U.S. could help but not by sending ground forces. It would be best to send vehicles, weapons and ammunition to the hopefully newly reformed and well-established government.

I also heard there's certain towns that are in good terms with them as the cartels give them shit to keep the townspeople quite about the stashes they keep near there. Apparently the cartels weren't as prevalent before as they are now, the cops apparently used to hand out guns to responsible citizens and lynch cartelniggers/gangniggers when they could. If the area was rural, certain men in town would off them outside of town and let the mountain lions and other critters get rid of the evidence. Lots of mob justice before the government cracked down on citizens trying to protect themselves and their town.

Meteor when?