Only 100 nuclear bombs needed to cause catastrophe around the world

Nations with huge nuclear arsenals are wasting their money because just 100 missiles would be enough to destabilise the globe and kill their own citizens, scientists have said.

Britain currently possesses approximately 215 warheads of around 15,000 worldwide, the vast majority of which are American or Russian.

But researchers have determined that no nation could fire more than 100 without causing a chain of events so catastrophic the impacts are felt at home.

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thats a nice round number sounds about right right goys

i beleive the rhetoric for having a massive amount of missiles is that many will be shot down so you need many for most to get through.

I've heard fairly convincing arguments on both sides of the discussion around the strategic bomber component, as I'm sure you have. Many of which also address the notion that we could scale back to only submarines. To my mind all three still play important roles, but I couldn't pretend to be some kind of qualified military strategist.

But anyway, all of that is tangential. The part that concerns me a bit is that our commander in chief was asked for his thoughts on this subject and he had no idea what anyone was talking about.

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only retards look at nukes as weapons. you have to have a very high iq to understand nukes are a tool to terraform mars.

nukes aren't bombs.
well they are, but that's not their primary purpose.
nukes main purpose is to be a massive incendiary device. the intense heat can make dirt catch on fire, or even melt. It's designed to leave a scorched earth, being as efficient as possible in doing so.
radiation poisoning and the pressure explosion that comes with it is a secondary, even more lethal method to make land inhospitiable to human life.

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Daily reminder that nuclear bombs are a Jewish invention.

what would happen if someone invented anti-nukes? like a bomb that does the EXACT OPPOSITE of what a nuke does? maybe they could blow up anti-nukes right next to normal nukes to neutralize the effects and make nukes effectively useless? save the world!

Einstein didn't have anything to do with inventing them, and neither Fermi nor Oppenheimer were jews.

This. Nobody cares. Nukes are either fake and gay or will never be used. I'm over this whole muh nuclear holocaust fearmongering bullshit.

Shut up or fuck up.

although the main use of missiles is a political bargaining chip.

see: Gundam SEED's neutron jammer
suppresses nuclear fission reactions by blocking the movement of free neutrons
still have to deal with traditional warfare and it's only a matter of time before some asshat invents an n-jammer canceller

>100 Nuclear Bombs?
>That's it?

Oppenheimer was ethnically an Ashkenazi Jew. Non-religious though.

He was also a Communist sympathizer.


Ashkenazi is an ethnicity you fucking retard. I'm not even racist against Jews, just stating fact.

Of what yield?
Sounds scientific when you just say 100 warheads.
Garbage article

Completely bullshit, because over a thousand atmospheric tests have already been done, and global radiation levels have barely moved, there is no nuclear winter.

Two have been used in warfare and thousands in tests.

The yield of modern weapons is much higher than the tests though, they yield has increased but they stopped testing them on Earth due to agreement.

Only 100+ kiloton weapons have been tested I think, the average ICBM is in the 100 megaton range now.


The most powerful nuclear bomb ever detonated had a yield of 50 megatons, the most powerful nuclear weapon that the United States possesses today is the B53 bomb, with a yield of 9 megatons. The average ICBM is a MIRV, it has many sub-megaton munitions, because it is more efficient to destroy targets that way than with one large blast.

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And yet the world is still chugging along. Just like Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

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Let's do some fun math with nuclear weapon yield. Say I have a bomb and it does one unit of destruction; like, a megadeath. Let us just assume it destroys one square mile. For example. Now, lets say that you double the yield. It's twice as powerful. Now, it only destroys one and a quarter square mile. What happened?!? The bomb is twice as powerful! However, the energy goes in all directions. Half of it goes out into space! When you double the yield, you only get the cube root of two times more destruction, which is only about a quarter more. In order to get twice the destruction, you need a bomb that is eight times more powerful. It is more efficient to just use two bombs at the original power. The average American ICBM is only 300kt, because the average American ICBM was designed to carry three of them (and only carries one due to START treaty obligations).

Truly, fools run the world.

this is either bait or pure autism.

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