Peru mass child sacrifice site confirmed as world's largest

New footage and pictures have emerged of over 100 child skeletons from a mass human sacrifice in northern Peru that is believed to date back some 1,000 years.

The excavations at the site in Trujillo have been ongoing for months but researchers on Thursday confirmed a total of 109 sets of the child remains had been uncovered — making it the largest site in the world for child sacrifice remains.

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This was a incredibly common practice in history. You can thank the Romans and Judaism for our aversion to it. The Romans fought multiple wars against Carthage who were really big into tossing their children alive into burning idols and the Romans hated the practice and generally stamped it out where ever they went. Judaism's foundational story is the binding of Issac where Judaism separated the Hebrews from the common Bronze-age religions that required people to sacrifice children to their gods like Baal. Judaism was the founding mythos for both Islam and Christianity which is why the practice has been stamped out.

The Germans tortured, killed, butchered and ate Romans after destroying three legions in Germania. I’m not sure about child sacrifice.

the romans preferred to do other things (pedastry) with the children anways

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As a Carthaginian I find this report very demeaning to my culture.
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Humans didn't really have the concept of childhood back then. A "girl" was usually married off and having her first child by age 9. People died of "old age" by 20 for most of our existence.
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Just read the Tanakh, Jews are instructed to only sacrifice animals, to not consume blood, and to not sacrifice fellow humans.–12:31–16:3

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