Britain's May 'disappointed' after colleague blocks 'upskirting' law

British Prime Minister Theresa May said on Friday she was disappointed a lawmaker from her Conservative party had blocked a bill to make “upskirting” - surreptitiously taking photographs up women’s skirts - a criminal offense.

Christopher Chope, 71, a veteran politician who was knighted this year, blocked the bill proposed by opposition Liberal Democrat parliamentarian Wera Hobhouse that was widely supported in the House of Commons.

Chope did not explain his reasoning publicly and was not immediately available for comment.

Commenting on Twitter, May said: “Upskirting is an invasion of privacy which leaves victims feeling degraded and distressed. Reuters/worldNews (Reuters World News)

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I mentioned this in the other thread, but the guy in question always blocks PMBs regardless of content. From what i gather he didn't even fully know what up-skirting was and blocked this purely on the fact it was a PMB, in order to further debate/scrutinize it. Today he also blocked a law on making it an offense to assault police dogs/horses.

I think in these cases they are no brainers and shouldn't need to be debated further, but i wanted to let people know the other side of the story.

Neither could every other MP. We however are not lawyers (I’m not, I shall assume you aren’t and I know he isn’t). He just wants to debate it to be sure. As I say, he’s either dim or a dick but the process isn’t without some validity.

Doesn't harm anyone, this is faggotry at its highest.
Used to be little boys looking up skirts at parties, no one gave a fuck, they were chastised on the spot.
See someone do it? Call them a pervert and leave the area.
If this is criminal, I want all cctv recording to be criminal, and for it to be illegal to film someone without their expressed permission.
Like it fucking used to be.

Note the wording about the proposed law.
"Taking photos of the genitals under clothing".
That surely includes airport scanner rape.
I'd like to see those scanners made completely illegal in English airports. Fucking pervert kikes.

This should turn into an upskirt thread in celebration


women wear bikinis so it shouldnt be illegal.

But why do we need two three or four laws covering the same crime?

skanks should learn to wear underwear.

So, you really think a guy taking a picture of a woman's panties without her consent should be sent to prison, with violent criminals, for two years and then placed on the sex offender's registry along with other generally dangerous sex criminals such as paedophiles and violent rapists? You think that's a no brainer

And wear skirts that aren't barely below their ass

Do naked women trigger you, Yusuf? Or are you just a closet fag like all other Muslim men?

you misread


> Reuters/worldNews (Reuters World News)
nice link, retard

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they're equal to men so long as we have tons of government intervention making them equal.