Kurdish women protest after being told by Turkish-backed militias to wear the hijab

​Turkish-backed jihadi militiamen, who seized the Kurdish enclave of Afrin in northern Syria earlier this year, have put up posters carrying instructions about obedience to sharia law beside the outline of a woman wearing a full niqab – a black garment shrouding the body and face.

The posters sparked angry street protests by Kurds, who are mostly Muslim but have a secular tradition and have remained in Afrin since the invasion by the Turkish army and Syrian militiamen, often members of jihadi groups, of which Isis and al-Qaeda are more extreme examples.


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Erdogan is caught on tape saying they need to rig the election, especially to win it in Istanbul.

The population in the city i live in used to go there every summer on holiday. But in the last decade things have changed so much the airlines have started advertising for trips to other countries, and people have bad stories coming home about how they were harassed by Islamic fundamentalists while visiting T

That's why there will be a bigger population keeping track of the votes. This is the 4th election I think in the last 3 years and with each election people try to minimize the stolen votes. But I think it was 2 years ago when Erdogan got around 40% but opposition parties could not get together to form a unified government. I think we have a chance this month and if he gets around 45% he will be gone.
Idk which city is that but it depends on the people. Every city has it's bad parts. I get harassed every day and am living in Baltimore. I'm not gonna say that things are not getting worse but it's not at a point where you can't even visit. Tourists were worried because of ISIS bombings in Turkey that's probably why airlines changed their ads.

Erdogan would happily (not)genocide the Kurds if he thought he could get away with it.

western feminists seen protesting a man who sat down on a bus "incorrectly."

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Women are not equal to men. If they refuse to do what men tell them then they should be disciplined in public for other women to witness.


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It's the official opinion of islam. There are verses in the q'ran about the right, and nearly duty, for husbands to beat their wives

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so what you're saying is, the koran is the only religious text even close to the truth.

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friendly reminder Anatolia is Indo-European and Christian land that has been illegally occupied by roaches and muslims.

Mohammad was an evil and despicable guru who committed war crimes to spread his bullshit. Islam must be cleared of his claims of conquest by force and muslim could be made free of forsaking this religion without fearing retaliation

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Great if you're a paedo too. You have also the option of having female slaves, I think they can be underage.

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“These descriptions are very ugly, it is offensive and an insult to our religion. There is no moderate or immoderate Islam. Islam is Islam and that’s it.”

Oh yes, turkroac- uh I mean fellow muslims. Go and rile up the people who have regularly beat the fuck out of the saudi-backed Islamic State and the US-backed Al-Qaeda.

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