Stoneman Douglas Deputy's Attorney Says He Had No Duty To Stop Parkland Shooter

The Broward County Sheriff's deputy who was widely criticized for not entering the Marjory Stoneman Douglas high school during the Parkland shooting has filed a motion to dismiss the lawsuit against him by the father of one of the victims.

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blue line brother
fuck the civs they dont know what its like

I don't think I want to understand "what it's like."

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So if a officer is not liable for protecting those under his charge. Why should the state pay out insurance for them instead of them personally when they fuck up

He is right though. Only idiots think that cops are required to do that.

Doesn't change the fact he's a huge faggot.

Alright then all cops need personal liability insurance and the state stops picking up the tab.

Then why do we need cops?

Because nobody knows about citizen arrests. Or they're too lazy to do it without getting paid.

serve and protect is not in their motto i guess

He really didn't have to do anything for the little shitfucks that are going to join Antifa and protest for more rapefugees.

To arrest people after the deed is done. The police is not really there to stop crime in progress.

Police are not required to protect you.

yeah i wonder why people dont do that lol. maybe once the state gets told to fuck off with their monopoly on "justice" you'll start seeing samaritans helping the community and actually doing a decent job of it for once

theyre also shit at investigating past crimes. if people had options for law enforcement the public police would be the last on the list to call. they are inept to a man and only keep their jobs because the state backs them with their full power so they can keep law-abiding citizens in check

Several courts have ruled that police have no legal obligation to serve or protect, so yeah the police is nothing g more than another government scam

He'll win.
Cops are the first line that needs to be offed if shit escalates.
The (((police union))) won a lawsuit that they neither need to serve, nor protect.
What we have are not police.

Everyone knows about that.
No one does it because it's not legal in this (((timeline))). You'll end up in prison and sued to live on a street corner after.


i know right. who cares about soldiers and the VA. they put their life down and run into battle.
the blue line doesnt even have to take risks. wheres my $150k salary?
Bodycam shows what led up to deadly officer-involved shooting of Jermaine Massey :

Very sad, but true. See Warren v. District of Columbia.

Then the rabid progressives from this school try to disarm the country after such a legal precedent has been established. Insanity.

.15 alcohol, drugs in system, faced by two cops, countless commands to drop the knife, tased more times than I could count, jumping up and down, growling, then charges at the cops while still holding the knife.

Definition of a clean shoot right there.

Didn't let go of his prick once the whole time either jej

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I wish I could make 8000 a month for letting kids die

He was told not to enter goys

when is the last time a US soldier fought for the defense of the US? WWII?

when was the last time a US soldier fought for some corporations or politicians? as we speak.

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Mmm yeah thats a tasty boot


im so proud of these (You)s