Kansas – Boy Breaks $132K Museum Sculpture, Should Family Pay? (Video)


It is, of course, every parent’s nightmare: you turn your back for five seconds, and your young child has damaged someone’s else’s property. Is it an accident or is it intentional? This is the question for the Goodman family after their 5-year-old toppled a sculpture which was on display at the Overland Park’s Tomahawk Ridge Community Center where they were present for a wedding reception.

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If that degenerate contemporary piece of shit is worth 132k I can substitute with this and no one will know the difference.

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Looks like it's worth little to nothing to be honest.
I'll bet OPs dubs that it only took a day to make.

If you ever wanted an example of how the Jews corrupt the world…this is it. Getting news agency's, courts and lawyers involved because a kid is being a kid. Disgusting.

That's why I have a liability insurance to cover up to a million in damages. Probably never need it (that's how they make money) but if shit happens I'm not in sodding debt for the rest of my life.

Living your whole life in fear of what might happen, while actively financing those corrupting you. You're the problem. Don't support them, live a life afraid of nothing and if you find yourself in a situation like OP take it as a hint to oppose those oppressing you.


You have no idea how fucking retarded you are, do you?

Jesus fucking Christ am I the only one who watched the goddamn video and is capable of taking Hitlers dick out of my mouth long enough to form my own opinion? Watch the fucking footage and the interview with the mother. She is fucking trash and lets her little shit run around unsupervised touching museum shit.
Typical modern whore thinks she is blameless and that the world needs to bend over backwards to support her.

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What the hell did you think would happen? Here's your $132 thousand life lesson.

No. It's a fucking statue. A work of vanity.


The art is way overpriced. If it had that much monetary value then it would be properly protect from not just children but from accidents that mindless adults do as well. This is still someone else's property and should be respected as such.

A made up number to extort people like a jew shouldn't be the price tag, but there should be a hefty fine for the blatant ignorance that these degenerate parents have for peoples possessions.

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you expect shit to get broken if its out on display

If they aren't held accountable then anyone could just run in to the place and destroy all the art they feel like. Or if it's just an exception for children you could easily get some stupid little shit to fuck up art for fun by giving them some cheap ass candy as payment or something. They need to pay every single fucking cent, if you're a parent you should fucking act like one and take care of your goddamn kids. I am beyond sick and tired of having to deal with these godawful screaming retarded shits whenever I leave the house, the parents just stand there smiling doing fuck all. Their kid is going to grow up to be a worthless disgusting fuck up and they are too goddamn stupid to realize it or too lazy to care. Either way they deserve to be miserable and crushed with debt, fuck them.

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I fail to see how a wire bust of a chicks tits is worth $132K, I mean after all "Art is priceless" or whatever the fuck these new age art owners fucking say about that shit to justify spending the sums they do on garbage. Figure out how much the material that went into it is worth and go from there.

It's not like the kid shoved over Michelangelo's David, or one of the ancient Greek or Roman statues of Venus or some shit. This is just some wire mesh shit.

I mean if that's hand made it honestly looks prettier than the statue there anyway. Even has a practical use, would fill with flower pot of Perennials and sit on porch watching mid western thunderstorms roll in with.

Lol the kid grabbed the statue to press its tiddies against his face.

Yeah good luck getting your insurance company to pay out when you need it, insurance is a scam.

the applicable value of a piece is ultimately determined by an insurance company. They did get it insured, right? Why isn't insurance paying for it?

$132k statue?!?! Why would you break a $500k statue for? Million dollar statues just don't grow on trees you know. I hope you're willing to pay the 6 million dollars worth of damages.

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Uncle Adi is proud

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>Generation Zyklon smashing post modernist (((art))) before they're even preteens.

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< instead of a medal they want 132k from you

Parents should pay. For the torture they inflicted upon him.

Look here you goddamn retards. It doesn't matter if the kid knocked over a bust of Cesar or this glass piece of trash. When you bring your little shit to a public place they do not have free reign to run around like faggots and knock shit over. This is nigger-tier apologetics on par with niggers excusing chimp rioters for knocking down confederate statues because "das racist". So no, "das degenerate" is not an excuse for acting like a nigger and wantonly destroying other peoples property.

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> (((Art)))
He should be commended for taking out the trash.

If a man can craft a good tool from hand for a week straight and only get a $100 payout then why should some self inflated egoist hipster get $132,000 for equal or probably less than the same work? You can get more out of a sturdy tool than some eyesore of a statue, why is it worth so much? It isn't. Human creativity and ingenuity is only worth what it can serve no one else, therefore fuck the statue and fuck the museum.

Someone else* dammit


No real harm was lost to society, no real dues are due.

They shouldn't.

Reminder that modern art created radical feminists.
Andy Warhol created worthless pop art and worthless hanger-ons
One of those was a schizoid named Valerie Solanas who shot Warhol when she thought Warhol was controlling her every move.
All radical feminism derives from her insane writings.

He's actually completely correct.
You are just a fucking brainwashed cunt american that needs killing as fast as possible.
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