Trump Wins By Default as Trade War with America Would Put Canada's Economy in Recession

Canadians are now suggesting that any potential trade war with the United States of America would put their economy into a complete recession; giving President Trump a heavy-handed victory over Trudeau by default.

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Wining. MAGA. That's our president.

oh don't be mad goi. We'll offer you milk at lower prices than your Canadian dairy mafia.

Trump: the cuckslayer

Well no shit, doesnt mean we're gunna keel over and beg

Did someone ask you to beg?

bend the knee or be destroyed

How is that winning "by default"? If a midget gets into a fight with Brock Lesnar, Brock doesn't win by default.

don't pick fights you can't win.

That's not winning by default, that's just winning.

all i care about now is still what is wrong with the eyebrows?

usd is on a tear against cad, eur, and gbp. probably most other currencies as well, but i dont keep up with them

ugh do I need to post them again?
No shit. Who didn't see this as the result?

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Okay. Have fun with a lower quality of life than Venezuela.

A known outcome is "by default". It's called that because barring any extraneous circumstances, it's default.

Like this;
By default you will die if you get shot in the head by a gun.
That isn't true 100% of the time. Only like 99.5% of the time.

Still not tired of winning.

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sorry we're not like trump bending his knee to kim

tariffs haven't even kicked in yet, we'll see who's laughing
nobody, everyone loses, any history book or study about tariffs can tell you this

Care to quote some instances?
Or are you just going to make some vague claims?

taking Zig Forums seriously

lol, oh no the price of maple syrup in the US may increase while the prices in america for steel and other major exports of canada will slightly increase.
meanwhile canada food prices will skyrocket, and they'll pay the tarriffs if the dont want to starve through the winter.

who needs who more?

all tarriffs hurting all involved countries is a sufficiently large and incredible claim that you should post some evidence for it

Germany would of done well out of tarrifs if Winston wasn't a retard and declared war for no reason

Dear China,
You're next.

Tariffs are a trade norm since the beginning of trade your historically illustrate nigger.
Tariffs are there to benefit off of foreign goods while ensuring domestic goods aren't replaced by foreign.

Canada has done this for years with U.S dairy as you wouldn't compete otherwise.
It's why leaf's were freaking out during TPP.
All of U.S's goods are taxed by foreign countries, none of theirs are taxed by U.S that changes now fuck boi.

You leaf's are so fucking ignorant of everything and anything.