California – ER Doctor Caught on Video Mocking and Cursing Patient

The doctor identified as Dr. Beth Keegstra, a contract doctor with El Camino Hospital, was video-recorded on June 11 questioning in a hostile manner whether the then patient, 20-year-old Samuel Bardwell was truly sick or just looking for drugs.

Bardwell’s father, Donald, shared that his son suffers anxiety attacks and takes Klonopin drugs. The college student, however, failed to pick up a prescription for two days and unfortunately suffered an attack and collapsing after basketball practice.

Bardwell was brought to the said hospital’s emergency room by an ambulance.

The son was able to instruct his dad to record the doctor on video when the abuses started and which, for a long time, appeared unrelenting. The father captured on camera Keegstra scoffing at his son when Samuel said he couldn’t inhale.

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ER docs have to deal with this shit all the time. Who the fuck goes to the ER for a panic attack when you have been diagnosed with generalized anxiety? A pill popper thats who. The only reason to go to an er over a psychiatrist is to avoid accountability of seeing the same doctor. Obviously he didn't get the xanax prescription the first time, which is why he didn't pick it up and went in for another one.

Doctors and nurses are very dismissive. All of the patients are lying for drugs or their symptoms are psychosomatic or the patient is a hypochondriac. It never ends.

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maybe you missed the part where he collapsed during a game and was taking by hospital?

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so it's private healthcare right? and you have patients that are paying.

yet you can't just go to another hospital if you don't like the service there.


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drug users are scumfucks and invariably abnegate personal responsibility in ascribing blame for their degenerate actions

Psychiatrists are not the same doctors that are in the ER.

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They intentionally lie about the efficacy of these drugs to desperate people in order to ensure they take them, and by the time they realise they're ineffective or they're causing too many side effects, the patients are hooked. There's no real way for a patient to glean whether or not an anti-depressant/ anti-anxiety drug works because the whole system is set up to inspire trust. Most people are going to want to believe doctors and journals over crack pots and random forums.

It isn't as simple as choosing to never take the drug. Obviously, if you're suffering with issues to the point where you straight up collapse, you're going to be suggestible and trust in what medical professionals have to say. That's the truly criminal element at work here.

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Ambulances charge you to use them so they will pick up anyone who calls just to make a profit. You don't need an ambulance for a panic attack. It was just showmanship that didn't pay off.

Nope, did you miss the part where you fail at even basic reading comprehension? I'm just someone who has worked in medicine and seen this shit. 'Doctor my knee hurts I need oxycontin' 'Doctor I'm so anxious give me xanax'. They always come back when you don't give them the prescription they wanted and they always have some story and theatrics to back it up and yes they will use their kids as props. Even if, and this is a big 'if', these people are just too retarded to not go to the ER over a panic attack, they are taking valuable time away from patients who actually need it which is also a sure fire way to piss off an ER dock on his 14th hour of his shift. Not to mention these people rarely pay their hospital bills so the doctors end up making less to offset the hospital's losses.

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Patients should be treated like royalty.

false tbqhwy. any responsible person would perform comprehensive research on a medication that they are recommended to take, especially a medication which is prescribed to alter one's psychology. on doing so, it's quite a stretch to assume that one could not find peer-reviewed articles indicating a low rate of successful outcome or plethora anecdotal cases where the medication either failed to benefit the patient or actually caused harm to the patient. beyond that, it takes one of especial nesience to, for example, take a prescription of percocet with the assumption that they will experience no chemical addiction to the substance that they must themselves break from.
in all i think the responsibility lies with the end-user in these cases. you are right that doctors intentionally lie about the efficacy and side-effects of these drugs to jew patients into taking them, but that only affects the blue-pilled normalfags that have already failed in a greater obligation to understand the nature of such an institution.

Risperdal can cause death and is listed as a side effect. how does one prepare for that? cipro the go to antibiotic has a rare side effect too. it makes a patients tendons explode and doctors dont let patients say no to it.

Stop making up excuses for bad doctors. its their fuckibg job to help people. not dismiss everything as mental issue

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by not taking it, as obviously was my argument
thats like saying the job of the police is to protect and serve, lmao. theyre both professions to keep the goyim in check

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