Federal judge tosses Kansas voter ID law, orders state's top prosecutor to undergo legal training

A federal judge ruled Monday that Kansas cannot require documentary proof of U.S. citizenship to register to vote, finding such laws violate the constitutional right to vote in a ruling with national implications.

In an extraordinary rebuke, U.S. District Judge Julie Robinson also ordered Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach to complete an additional six hours of legal education on top of other requirements before he can renew his law license for the upcoming year. She imposed the sanction for his numerous disclosure violations.


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Sounds like a judge behaving badly. She should be removed immediately for her bias clearly shown by attacking the Secretary of state and requiring him to jump through additional hoops while allowing illegal aliens to vote without proof of citizenship.

federal judge who supposedly represents our country violates the laws of the country to show those middle american racist bumpkins who's really in charge.

Goddamn it

voter ID laws are unconstitutional I'm not showing an ID to fucking vote. White people will disagree.


The cartels got a hold on your legal system in Texas and have corrupted quite a few number of key players regarding this, welcome to the third world i guess, now you are the same as the spics.

The Secretary of State in question is Kris Kobach, one of the people behind the "Illegal voters" canard. He wasn't able to prove in court that Kansas's over-the-top voter id laws were necessary to combat voter fraud, being unable to demonstrate that said fraud was as rampant as he claimed. Kobach was also found in contempt earlier in the hearing for skirting previous court orders over the law.

Kobach's laws are controversial, as before Kansas had only three cases of voter fraud from 2003-2013. Also, he kicked 36,000 Kansas voters off the roles, the vast majority of which were legal citizens, under 25, and living in high population centers or college towns. His office also threw out thousands of uncounted provisional ballots during the 2016 election, estimated to be over 8,000 ballots

Appelate then SCOTUS

Aren't you glad that the government has given magical political authority to this person?

Nigger judge makes up law to suit gorilla impulses. Time to bring back lynching.

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Niggress in position of power acts like an officious piece of shit nigger, and makes a ruling to help more niggers vote illegally. Color me surprised. Also, will someone please tell the state of new york about this "violating the laws of our nation"? They have required ID to vote for many years, although this is conveniently overlooked by the MSP (mainstream propagandists)

Stop Kampfposting. Yes, I just made that up.

Gotta put the tinfoil on yer ed to keep da gubberment out.

Anyway, the case wasn't about voter id laws, but about Kobach's proof of citizenship laws.

Same for guns, right?

Only if you want it to be.

And? What's the matter with requiring people to prove they're citizens and not just squatters if they want to vote?

Guys! This is great! Now we can import all the Russians we need to make America great again. They always undermine themselves because it's just an illusion of justice and truth.

Why do Americans think voter ID laws are racist? We've had them for ages here in Canada and nobody thinks they're racist or illegal.

Because anything that stands in the way of the Democratic party and globalism is racist, goy.

Voter registration already requires proof of citizenship. Kobach's "proof of citizenship" laws demands documentary evidence of citizenship, such as birth certificates, naturalization cards, or Native American tribal documents.

The devil's in the details. Passing over all the costs, travel-time, and time off from work needed to acquire some of those documents, many of which require requesting the document in person, the regulations involved make voting difficult. You could be rejected if the name on your birth certificate doesn't match with your current name, which is the case for many married women. If you became a naturalized citizen before 1975, then you can't register through mail and must present the document, in person, during business hours. You could register with your drivers license, but Kansas requires it to be a license that indicates that the person is a citizen on it's face, a type of license that Kansas doesn't even issue.

It goes on. Basically, Kobach's policies are blatant attempts to lower voter turn-out, and don't even prevent the fraud Kobach lies about.

So what's the problem with showing it a second time, Zig Forums? Does it make it a bit more difficult for your globalist pals to stuff the ballot boxes?

Yeah, getting proof of citizenship is really going to fucking bankrupt you.

If you're too lazy to acquire proof of citizenship, you shouldn't be voting. Hell, if you take more in benefits than you pay in taxes, or if you don't pay taxes at all, you shouldn't be voting.

The asshurt globalists like you show towards it indicates otherwise.

Because Republicans make the process as complicated as possible to keep niggers from voting.


I'm proud that you were able to read just the first and the last sentences, Cletus.


…which subverts democracy by robbing citizens of the right to vote.

Why do you hate America so much, user?

You forgot the second part, Zig Forums. Citizens who are niggers.

Only people who should vote are whites who pay taxes.

This shit is an easy fix.
Issue a "voting address" in the form of a 32character string to everybody that wants to vote.
People vote anonymously in person or on the internet.
Publish the votes and the associated address online and in every county office.
People confirm the vote is as they made.

The only issue is the internet is fucked so anonimity can be subverted.
And issuing has some logistic issues.

Woman judge no surprise - I await the day & hour White men snap & reclaim what is theirs.

Why do you hate America, user? Why do you spit in the face of the boys who fight for her every day and disrespect the people who died so that we can live free and enjoy the rights given to us by the Constitution?

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There isn't a constitutional right to vote. Who made up that meme?
Voting is a given privilege.

That ain't working, Zig Forums. We all know you hate America and the west, and any claim otherwise is just you doing your standard commie motte & bailey tactics.

That would be me, Zig Forums.

Show me where I wanted to have any taken away.

C+ bait post.

You don't have to prove why you're doing something legal. This judge and all judges like her are overstepping her bounds with her feelings rather than actual law and precedent.

You want to repeal the Connecticut Compromise which establishes a republican government with representatives chosen by the people through voting, the ninth amendment that makes voting an inalienable right, the fifteenth, and nineteenth amendments. You want to gut our very system of governance and the very ideals this country was based on.

You are an unpatriotic fifth columnist looking to subvert our republic in service to foreign powers.

Nigger what? Where did I say I wanted to abolish voting?

… for white male taxpayers, the only people who should vote.

Niggers don't get to vote.

Vaginas don't get to vote either.

"Our country was founded on the ideals of homosexuality and the destruction of the evil white male oppressors!" lithps the commie as he tries to convince the people that he actually gives a shit about America.

You mean….show up, with ID?

You serious?

Unlike you, who wishes to keep it in service to the Bank of London and Israeli Mossad?

Zig Forumsfags continues to be the biggest cucks of all

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Whoever said I supported him?

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