What We Know: Family Separation And 'Zero Tolerance' At The Border

Since early May, 2,342 children have been separated from their parents after crossing the Southern U.S. border, according to the Department of Homeland Security, as part of a new immigration strategy by the Trump administration that has prompted widespread outcry.

Here's what we know about the policy, its history and its effects:

Does the Trump administration have a policy of separating families at the border?

In April, U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions ordered prosecutors along the border to "adopt immediately a zero-tolerance policy" for illegal border crossings. That included prosecuting parents traveling with their children as well as people who subsequently attempted to request asylum.


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Reminder that mexicans kill, main, rape, practice bloodsports with literal refugees and sell people coming from guatemala and honduras and yet no one pays any heed to it.
This is senseless sensationalism, and it's only purpose is to stir the public into having an even more negative image of Trump and his policies.
The mexicans are your enemies.

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No. This is the line in the sand. Semantic Arguments and Blame Games cannot be allowed to get in the way of what is happening here. The largest superpower in the world, regardless of its current political composition of government, is currently operating refugee concentration camps along its southern border, separating immigrant and asylum-seeking families from their children, and initiating deportment proceedings at which point they may or may not return the family's child.

This is Fascism. This is Racism. This is Institutionalized Terrorization of a Refugee Population. And yes, there is absolutely a group of people that are primarily to blame, namely the Republican Party of the United States, currently led by President Donald J Trump.

But until those jackbooted would-be Hitlers are removed from power–by votes, by force, by fucking revolution if necessary–we are ALL party to its occurrence, whether you have a fucking job to go to in the morning or not.


One thing that really confused me about this attempt at a slogan was if Mexico is so great that you want to turn America into Mexico, why not just stay in Mexico?

Yes, they are called spics and they are the true foe that America must contain.


these news stories give me lewd pleasure.

they are detonating their own families and alienating their children, just because they made their home country a shambles.

lel this.

keep cryin' MSNBC

Came here to say this exactly. well said.


Before, ICE kept families together as a unit to make it easier to process and deport. By separating them, you create difference of several years between their parents getting deported and their children finally getting deported because children's cases are lower on the docket.

You're arguing for substantially more illegals in this country.

worst case scenario: slightly less illegals in this country

best case scenario: an entire generation of mexicans who resent their home country and culture.

Nice reddit spacing, fuck off

Do you see a lot of prisoners resenting nigger-culture, or do you see them resenting the authorities that put them in prison?

Really, he's using the family separation and the outrage it generates to force congress to capitulate to the construction of his "big beautiful wall". It's why he keeps saying it's a "legal issue". He wants congress it pass an immigration bill with his wall in it, or else he'll veto it and keep the kids in cages.

I'm left in awe of just that level of selfish egotism.

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So their policy for illegal immigration is the same as their policy for most other crimes?

If you murder someone you cant get away with it just because you had a child with you when you did it.

The guy knows how to get shit done. I cant lie.

for the first time in years.

If that's truly what this is about, then I support him even more now.


Whoop, looks like Trump blinked first and caved to pressure. Trump got pouty over getting yelled at and cancelled Thursday's Congressional Picnic in the same announcement.

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I fucking dare you to try using force, reddit. Your only hope is votes, hence why you're crying for more brainless third worlders to vote for your self destructive policies.


This is how Bernie Sanders can still win. Here's how. And that's a good thing. Here's why.