Canada 'troubled' by US separation of migrant families: minister

Canada said on Tuesday it was “troubled” by the US practice of separating immigrant children from parents detained after crossing the US-Mexico border, warning that it could put the US’s safe haven status at risk.

“I think all Canadians are troubled by images coming out of the United States,” Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen told parliament. “The lives of children are very, very precious and their security and their well-being have to be foremost in our minds.”

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Nobody cares what Canada thinks. Not even Canada's government.


No. This is the line in the sand. Semantic Arguments and Blame Games cannot be allowed to get in the way of what is happening here. The largest superpower in the world, regardless of its current political composition of government, is currently operating refugee concentration camps along its southern border, separating immigrant and asylum-seeking families from their children, and initiating deportment proceedings at which point they may or may not return the family's child.

This is Fascism. This is Racism. This is Institutionalized Terrorization of a Refugee Population. And yes, there is absolutely a group of people that are primarily to blame, namely the Republican Party of the United States, currently led by President Donald J Trump.

But until those jackbooted would-be Hitlers are removed from power–by votes, by force, by fucking revolution if necessary–we are ALL party to its occurrence, whether you have a fucking job to go to in the morning or not.


Notice how the author of this article has opened his home to illegal immigrants? How he's willing to be financially responsible for them and their children? No? That's because he hasn't.


It turns out most of these kids are beaners, minister Osama. Thus, they're more than likely Christians. You don't have to pretend to care anymore, Abdul

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t. Canada faggots

hang in there guy

Especially this


You are highly emotional about an illegal immigrant detention center but speak of forceful revolution. Be honest with yourself and think what you would have to do to take down the U.S. Government. Blaming one party, name calling, and taking issue with immigration policy is off to a weak start. A successful revolution requires meticulous planning and organization to pull off. You'll have to kill and terrorize enemies and innocents that get in the way of the cause. One main problem will be dismantling and taking down the U.S. Department of Defense. Then from there you most retain that power. Good luck.

"Power is not a means, it is an end. One does not establish a dictatorship in order to safeguard a revolution; one makes the revolution in order to establish the dictatorship."

-George Orwell

These days, when I read or hear "Canada thinks/believes…", I know we're talking about the Cuban Cuckoo, Justin Castreau. I fucking swear, if those same stupid fucks vote him in again this year, I'm going to have an embolism.

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where were you for the 8 years obama did this? oh right, you had no problem with it then.

now we are trying to prevent them from even entering the country (to vote for your party) and suddenly you want to shed blood. you won't win, you are too weak.

Too weak to handle a detention center but talks about killing for a forceful revolution. Hypocrisy is lost on this wishful dreamer.

Someone should really source that tweet with an archive, because that tweet is very irresponsible.

so irresponsible i doubt it was actually tweeted tbh, although it sums up his philosophy pretty well in most of the things he's done

Somebody should seriously ask him in an interview or something whether he would press the button if Canada were being attacked. Something makes me think that he would give such a response and then everybody knows they could nuke him without retaliation.

what button lmao? canada doesnt have nuclear weapons

it used to, but it threw them away because (((reasons)))

I'm Sorry!

and its so hard to make them too. its not like canada already enriches uranium for medical reasons :^)

We basically used them for fuel in our nuclear reactors really.

I aint' troubled worth a goddamn - fuckin' get rid of those leeching shitskins, but don't send them here plox.

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