New Jersey - 12-Year-Old Who Killed Herself Was Forced To Hug Her Bullies

A lawsuit filed against a New Jersey school district by the parents of a 12-year-old girl who killed herself revealed she was forced to hug at least one of her tormentors. Mallory Grossman was bullied to the point that she took her own life last June and now her parents have filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the Rockaway Township Board of Education.

Grossman's parents allege the school officials did not do enough to protect their daughter who was relentlessly taunted in the weeks leading up to her suicide June 14, 2017. Snapchat messages from bullies said, "When are you going to kill yourself?" "You have no friends," "fat," "jiggly," and "poor Mal" to name a few. Mallory's mother, Diane Grossman, said she and her husband repeatedly asked school officials to tell them if Mallory was bullied.

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Teachers almost always side with the bullies in my experience. They have less work that way.

And then they wonder why children decide to go for the high score. Fucking idiots.

maybe dont feed your children into being obese at 12 lol. that fucks their physiology, entrains them to receive pleasure from nothing but eating which generates severe depression, fucks their mind, makes them much less active and healthy, obviating them from interacting with their peers in a normal way and playing actively with them, ultimately creating a useless. poorly socialized, and unhealthy person
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the news media didnt say she was fat, her peers did. the image given corroborates this description

Sorry but I remember a day when we just made fun of fatties rather than wishing death upon them.
Honestly, the girl doesn't look that fat in the pic. I'll bet she looks downright thin when compared to you in your walmart riding cart.

yes, she doesnt look that fat in the picture, because that picture was specifically chosen and probably edited to reduce the visibility of the issue, as i said
also i think bullying is an effective tool to reinforce social norms. obviously the reason this specific incident continued to the extent that the subject decided to an hero was caused by her inability to redress the issue for which she was being bullied–her weight–because as a child you are not in control of that but rather subject to the actions of your parents who control your diet. the parents are the cause of their child's unhappiness and ultimate death in this case, and they should be charged with child abuse, neglect, and homicide, were the legal system actually a justice system

Give me a goddamn break. If they were "starving" her then you would be calling for their heads also. There's no winning with you sjw fucktards.

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Why did she have to hug the bullies ?
Not clicking on goldwater link to find out.

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also I can't find any pictures of her fat, I wonder if she was being bullied by skeletons

Really sad. She was a beautiful young woman. I can't imagine the anger and sadness that her parents have been stricken with, alternating like pumping pistons, in tears one moment and cursing the evil rotten children who did this the next.

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I agree with you. You’re arguing with two retards. I’m friends (proximity friends) with a couple people from back when we were in high school. They now have 5-7 year old kids and feed them McDonald’s and frozen food everyday. These kids have potbellies at 5-7 years old. I tell my affection they’re gonna grow up and hate their parents for being such pieces of shit to not even go out of their way to make sure the child has a healthy diet to grow up healthy.

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its really a sad situation for children who are raised like this. they get completely fucked up psychologically by their diet and then as they become adults and develop the ability to control their lives they either continue to be fatfucks or they strive to become physically healthy adults but with the psychological issues of their ruined childhood and an enduring hatred of their parents. i cant imagine what kind of scum you would have to be to subject your children to that life

It's called grooming. Find a victim, preferably someone bullied, slowly make her do uncomfortable things. Eventually moving to blackmail. Sex, CP. BBC. Drugs. Fentanyl. Death. The sex, BBC and CP bits are the most profitable, followed by the the narco-pharma industry. For a 1% cut of the total take, these bureaucrats would be happy to ignore deaths.

This reminds me of the retarded "solving conflict by discussion" faggotry pushed on german schoolchildren during the 2000s.
It usually ended with both parties taking 50% of the blame because muh compromises, muh democracy regardless of what happened.
Teachers would also push additional crap on the victim for wanting to be left alone instead of explicitly telling the bully to stop bullying or some shit.

So did the parents do anything other than tell the school to take care of it?

They bought her mcdonalds whenever she came home crying to cheer her up.

Thanks, natural selection. That's one less fat person walking the earth

Yeah man, when people with right wing beliefs get bullied for not stepping in line with political correctness it's a wonderful thing. doxxing people and ruining their lives is justified when you're the ones in power.

Literally all you had to do was search for mallory grossman on google image search you lazy, stupid, sack of shit. You are 100% flat out wrong.

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huh, really makes me think

And you think she put on 50 lbs in a year? She wasnt fat by any stretch, it was just kids being mean. The parents should have done more than demand that someone else deal with it.

Survival of the fittest…
the weak will fall to words while the strong will prevail
nothing personell…kid

50? not quite. the op image made it look like 20, which is a substantial amount for the height of a 12 year old

She was a gymnast. They are usually very fit.

I was briefly "bullied" by a piece of human garbage in high school. Fat dyke literally singled me out for no reason, maybe she wanted to fuck me or something. People told me that the year before she had stuck someone with a needle she found on the street that she was harassing. I went straight to the principal, I wasn't going to risk getting AIDS from this bitch. He literally told her that if she even looked at me again, he was calling the police. It stopped immediately, probably because she already had a record. I don't understand this bullying shit today. Everyone pussyfoots around it and then are shocked when kids carry weapons to school, shoots the bullies or an hero's. Fucking scum, all of them.

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If any of you are in a similar situation, being bullied to the point where you want to die, just off a few dozen morons in your school first. One of life's lessons.

What a waste. As a member of MK Ultra incorporated, human trafficking division, it seems an unfortunate loss, when we could have kidnapped her and used her for fun and games for months, maybe even years.

We need to stop blaming the guns and start blaming the minimum wage nigger quality teachers who lack the mental capacity to notice the powder keg they’re creating before it blows.

Often and Early. Often and Early.



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Bullies sex not identified. Is it because they're females and thus, get free media protection. Female to female bullying are the worst.

FFS, failed parents.

They won't tell you this, but the bullies were niggers. How do I know this? Let's just say the family members are very open to conversation on social media.

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This is depressing. I don't know.. If the school wasn't making anything better, as a parent wouldn't it be correct to just transfer to a different school where kids aren't as toxic as these turds? Really putting jokes aside.. I think the parents of the bullies should be fucking shamed. Kids are always going to be retarded, but it is the parents' responsibility to whip their ass for disobedience.

TL;DR I blame child protective services for preventing parents from doing their jobs properly. Indirectly… maybe PC culture hurt this girl. I was mean as a kid but this is where the adults were supposed to STEP IN.

I think I was quite the powder keg isolating myself in high school a lot- I'm not sure if it's the teachers lack of understanding or merely some school policy that might say what a teacher can and can't do y'know? Maybe they don't want them stepping out of line or something..

stop trying to sound like some edgy teenager who thinks he understands the way things work. This could have been prevented. If this was your own flesh and blood or sibling you would never dare say such a fucking retarded thing. Please remember this you stupid nigger.

12 and on snapchat so not a virgin.

Fat is the standard insult for high/middle school gossip girls.

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why should it be prevented? If she is fragile enough to kill herself over words, imagine how much of a liability she would be as she gets older. If she grew up, she would've abuse drugs and become a single mother. It's for the best if her life were cut short.

All females are weak and suicidal though

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They only ever actually punish people for fighting back.

In reality, she was being gangraped by niggers.

This wasn't a few words. Despite being only 12 I don't think she could have been butthurt if it were over 1 or 2 instances alone. This was an ongoing issue that was never resolved (who knows for how long?). Being 12 you don't always know what the best action is to take- even at 18. The main point is to have parents with standards. Since the law isn't really capable of holding children accountable to their actions, it is up to their parents, but if the parents don't do their job you can see where this leads in society- a bunch of misfit ignorant whorish niggers with no self respect.

Doesn't anyone think that parents who allow this behavior is creating the "better future of tomorrow"? I rather have ignorant religious parents all in the better hopes of assigning proper discipline to the offspring so they don't have to deal with this fucking crap.

This type of shit, and high score fuckers, will continue to rise so long as teachers don't give a shit. The problem with high score fucks is that eventually the bullies that tormented them are eventually held up on silver pedestals. Take a look at the recent-most shooting with that Hogg piece of shit. Not only was that individual not even there, he was one of the people that continued to poke fun at the individual that opened fire. But because of one reason or another he's essentially a celebrity now to normies.

Not to get offtrack here, from what I observed- he is merely a tool used the media because he benefits them by being able to say what the media generally isn't able to get away with… But it's also heavily politicized with their pathetic plea for support from hormone-driven teenagers who want to get out of school.. Maybe school is the problem as well :^) I don't think he's a celebrity… All those "fans" could be bots scripted to gain "attention/popularity"..

I don't want to say all teachers don't give a shit- because there could be many factors at play that might prevent them from either taking action or whatever.. (Maybe the class sizes have all become too large to manage with one person alone?..)
Think about that for a second! If you have an average math teacher who handles maybe 3-4 different homerooms at a public school… That's over 100 students in many cases.. Could you handle all of that AND do your job? Public schools and state "standards" need to be abolished and allow affordable private schools to be certified and grow (just an idea).
It's easy to say teachers don't give a fuck at first glance.. but that is a lot of stuff to deal with. Sorry if you had to deal with that yourself.

fuck schools

And she fucking enjoyed it
Ah, who am I kidding, they all do and they always do


Re: 181286
Teachers are the powerless line of defense for a bullied child. I reported extreme bullying but administration refused to address it. When I saw the teen giving up I suspected a possible suicide and pressed the issue by giving the principal an hour to stop it. He chose to transfer the girl but never addressed the bully because his parents were related an aggressive lawyer. So the victim was punished as was I by being given a difficult and time consuming duty. In addition to my previously assigned duty.
Hogg is truly a media hog who aspires to a career in entertainment. Let's not encourage that he is a scripted confused shill who can't make up his mind whether teens are rational and responsible as in voting or not rational and immature when it comes to gun ownership.