While Trump's 'zero-tolerance' immigration policy sparks controversy in the US, China is detaining

The Trump administration's "zero-tolerance" border policy, which initially led to the separation of about 2,300 children from their parents who were detained for crossing the US border illegally, has sparked widespread controversy and outrage.

But an ocean away, China has quietly been hauling off hundreds of thousands of its own citizens with little reason or access to recourse, breaking up thousands of families in the process.


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That is an antisemitic lie goy!


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abandon your own children at the border and then let's advocate for the murder of law enforcement who are there to clean up your mess.

Way to make your own people look like monsters libby.

Why do we blame Trump for this when this is all the fault of unresponsible parents? Why the fuck are you having children if you're too poor to take care of them? Why are you trying to use children as anchor babies to try to cheat a system to get into a better country? Why didn't you take the time to become a citizen when it's not even hard, but time consuming?

This system actually deters them from trying to cross. But it seems like getting seperated from your child is worth the risk to many of these people.

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You mean black privilege.


Because, turns out, these people are only thinking about their kids. It's why their population keeps growing while others dwindle.

To add on, it's not to cheat the system. I mean, in your own post you literally answered your own question. If no one tells them what to do, people typically don't. Screaming about it on the internet isn't helping when the grand majority can barely afford rent for a one or two bedroom. Some do cheat the system, but "real americans" cheat it more than illegals on average.

China is one of the shittiest countries in the world. On par with middle easterns and their wife beating mentality.

[Citation needed.]

Tough shit dickhead.

What are you talking about? that's the standard cartel nig- i mean Mexican native procedure for everything, it's a cultural thing goy.

If you want to be that retard who makes ridiculous claims without providing any evidence, you go do that. Don't expect a 0 effort shitpost to be believable, though.

A lot of people seem to be pushing this on Trump, when the actual bill that separates children was put into law by democrats.

Seriously, look that shit up.

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trips of truth.

the left would throw puppies into a wood chipper and film it if they thought there was any chance of making Trump look bad. they never gave a fuck.

this is how the legacy media always operated. out of context photo, misleading or outright false headline, and no one can combat it. now we have the internet, and they are fucking bamboozled.

MS-13 be like

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Wife beating should be legal. Also a husband raping his own wife? WTF, that shouldn't even exist.

China has 2 walls(Great Wall and Greater Firewall of China). The US has none(yet).

China is fucking disgusting

okay i did. here's what i found: There is no federal law that stipulates that children and parents be separated at the border, no matter how families entered the United States.
trump created a problem, solved the problem he made only because of outrage and expects a fucking pat on the back

bonus for trump saying there was nothing he could do not even an executive order
then does an executive order to solve it. fucking amazing

Look up Flores Settlement Agreement you moron.