Japan – Researchers Found a Technique to Turn Wood into Booze

Can alcoholic drinks fall from trees?

Wood as it already has so many uses but researchers in Japan have discovered yet another new use for it that could bring some good news to drink lovers all over the world: wood can now be turned into booze.

The researchers have developed a technique for making alcohol by fermenting wood leading to the creation of the first wood liquor.

Bioethanol is also, of course, an alcohol made from wood and has long been a source of fuel. However, it is made using heat and sulphuric acid which makes it unsuitable for drinking.

The technique developed for making liquor does not need such a harmful substance or heating, which also takes away the unique scent of the wood used. The alcohol is instead made by adding water to the wood chips, grinding them with the use of a food-processing machine until the content turns into liquid. Enzymes and yeast are also added to ferment it before it is distilled.


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People have been fermenting bark for moonshine for hundred of years.

what color does it burn?

Actually feeling pretty good this morning. Popped open a bottle of homemade wine at 6:30 am from two years ago. Dandelion wine fermented with apple wood chips to cut the bitter and assist the fermentation process. Also, aging always smooths out the taste of most wines. I've got some Raisin Jack (fermented with dried willow bark) that is over 40% alcohol without any distilling. Look up how to make a Jack. It can literally turn almost any wine into hard liquor just by freezing it and pouring out the alcohol. Not having any Jack this morning. Still have stuff to do today!

I'm already well aware.
6:30 am drinking is a solid clue.

You woodn't have to beat me over the head with a stick to get me to try your wood liquor.

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It's a light blue. Your point? :^)


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I wood try it.

Yeah no shit, really. The second I saw this I was very much thinking about whiskey/bourbon and the barreling portion of its production, or moonshine as has also been said. They just found a new way to do an old thing.

Yeah but if you start now you can suppress the hangover from yesterday so you can get shit done today. A functional alcoholic person is just a functional person but more fun.

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That's why I don't get hangovers.
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if you made hooch from old ground up bourbon barrels would it be the liquor equivalent of dividing by zero?

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wood alcohol is nothing new and is extreamly toxic. u drink u die.

This is not methanol.
It's actually ethanol.
I know it's summer, but go back to school.