White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders was kicked out of the Red Hen restaurant in Lexington, Virginia by the owner because of her work for President Donald Trump, she confirmed to The Daily Caller.

The reports first surfaced on social media after a waiter at the restaurant posted about the incident on social media. The incident comes as several members of the administration have been heckled while dining out because of their work.

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if the liberal faggot was smart, she would have just personally spit in Huckabee's food.
Now she's caught in the politics spiral and looks like a dipshit to everyone except pic-related.

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Good. Businesses have the right to exercise their freedom of association

It was only bad when McCarthy did it.

yeah right, show me a business that denies blacks service without massive backlash by the public and the state, then we will talk about freedom of association. Only shit-libs and shitskins have freedom of association in the USA and even then that only holds if they are higher on the progressive stack than the people they want to disassociate from.

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this is great news as it will only serve to make everyone in the Trump administration hate liberal more thus making a compromise that much less likely.

Yes but a smart business will take anyone's money, not giving two shits about politics.

I've been to Lexington several times, it doesn't strike me as the kind of area populated by virtue signalling retards.
Oh well, if the restaurant really wants to take sides in politics then fucking let them.
They're free to associate, but so is everyone else, and if they suffer business losses because their customers don't want to eat at a virtue signalling hub then it's their own fault if they go under.

Liberalism is a mental illness.

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This is almost certainly staged, well planned and rehearsed.
Do You Ladies and gents think that the speaker of the whitehouse is gong to be allowed to look bad?
This is a planned demolition of the democratic party.
I told You all that the Democratic party is going to Capitulate about 6 months ago. and here we are.

Tell that to the bakers that got put out of business for not baking fag cakes.


not human

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b..b..but blue wave in November and whatnot..

Sounds like a plan to me.

"Um this is an 'All you can eat [within reason] buffet, lady. Please leave."

Ideally, businesses should be able to refuse service to any group of their choice
But there is no arguing with what you just said

Except if the customer is a tranny or a homosexual and the owner is not a muslim.

Unless you don't want fags in your place of business.