Gaming Addiction Disorder; White House Pitches Big Changes For Education Department

Gaming disorder is the newest addictive disorder listed in the World Health Organization's medical diagnostic guide. Symptoms include prioritizing video games over responsibilities and other activities, having no control over impulses to play, and increasing time spent playing video games regardless of the consequences. To be diagnosed, a person must have "significant impairment in personal, family, social, educational, occupational or other important areas of functioning" in the last year, according to the WHO.

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Okay so it's an addiction now. So does that mean all the SJW faggotry attacking people that play games mean they've been attacking the handicapped?

>(((we))) can't completely and utterly subvert the american vidya market

Hasn't stopped them from shitting on depressed incels, has it?

They never got over GamerGate so now they have to destroy the whole industry. Petty faggots.

If it affects Blizzard and Naughty Dog, then it's not a problem.



I guess the UN just hates young people or something lol

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I wonder if this will be used for anything good like dealing with the stupid micro transactions and loot boxes in gaming that are pretty much just a form of gambling these days?

I mean chances are they'll just shit the bed but I have to have hope something good could come of this.

Fuck this man.

No one is saying that.

As long as this hurts common core


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Video games and pets are the best things in life. Humans are untrustworthy, dishonest traitors. Fuck the kikes at the WHO.

yet vidya and modern pets are a product of human work in some form.

Yeah if they actually try to do shit like this they get stopped where it counts. They won't run the country into the ground because people self-preserve. Doesn't make them any less retarded.

They banned drinking in the past. Stupidity knows no bounds.

This man makes great point. (((They))) will attempt to ban one of the few things keeping people from waking up to the insanity.

I looked into it and those dubs check out.

Modern games are so much shit, I can't believe anyone can get addicted. Then again, people are addicted to TV and facebook so whatever.

Before Israel they were still warring Muslim cults, moron.

It's similar to how you became addicted to sniffing elephant farts at the zoo.

This user gets it
Fuck the shitskins

This, unfortunately

Video games are for betas to keep them indoors while us chads go out and reproduce

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It's only an addiction if you're a weak willed faggot who lets it control your life.

How is that different than before where Chads went to reproduce anyway?