David Lynch Says Trump "Could Go Down As One Of The Greatest Presidents In History"


The famous filmmaker said in a recent interview with The Guardian that the political establishment didn't know how to handle a candidate like Trump. "He could go down as one of the greatest presidents in history because he has disrupted the thing so much," Lynch said. "No one is able to counter this guy in an intelligent way."

Lynch made it clear that although his feelings about how history will remember Trump is optimistic, he doesn't necessarily agree with everything Trump has done so far. Lynch justified his reasoning by saying that Trump's rise to the presidency has exposed the flawed system that is currently in place and how politicians have been using it to their advantage.

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Twin Peaks S3 was his swansong. Lynch can say whatever he wants, the artfags mean nothing to him.

Eraserhead is classic. Love this guy.

Even if he were, there's no way he would. The (((people))) that control the media wouldn't allow such a thing to happen.

Welp giving him a one star review on netflix for the last Twin Peaks series AND deleting Blue velvet from my HDD. Fuck fascists.

Yeah maybe if he stops sucking Israeli dick, actually starts work on the wall or fuck even the fence he decided to replace the wall with and STILL made no work on, or actually send children back, or maintain the 2nd, or cut tax rates of the poor, or generally do ANYTHING he promised in 2016

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Neocons ARE NOT FASCISTS you Establishment scum
Stop chucking your guys in the same bag as us

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>The (((people))) that control the media wouldn't allow such a thing to happen.
It's not up to them.

Everyone hated Lincoln when he was alive but more than a hundred years after his death Lincoln's considered one of the greatest American Presidents who ever lived

He's right you know.
The GOP did everything they could to pretend that Trump didn't exist. Up until the very end GOP leaders were saying "well even if he wins, that doesn't guarantee he will be the Republican candidate (which was 100% bald-faced bluffing, what were they gonna do, make up a candidate?)". And he did it, the mad lad.
He fucking won.

He's a rather lousy politician, but that's another story.
Or at least,,,, most of the time he seems to be doing lousy?
Stuff like that coat make me wonder. That was just about the worst thing for Melons to be wearing. With all of the outcrying that was already going on, why in the hell did she show up wearing that?!?!?

Eh that coat is just distraction from him helping Israel

You'd hate on the Greatest story never told



What No. Listen David Lynch is a good guy, he believe's in the good of people and he only means he thinks Trump was probably a protest vote for a lot of people, it doesn't exactly mean he hates Trump, it means he's separating himself from him to just say what's important. He's presenting the government as a business which it is, now. I think you just have to protect yourself from the government. If you want a reboot you should first have to protect yourself before you become overrun by savages. Build the walls and gaurd them, remove excess people that you can't watch because they're anonymous, call back the soldiers to gaurd and Pinochet the violent indefensible criminals and cut unnatural welfare support of other people. The mentally disabled and handicapped are the only people who can't work so who deserve to live off of use not a million children under one mother or violent monsters who don't deserve to live.
schools healthcare insurance, i'm sure it could all be paid for buy decluttering our corrupt governmental bodies & politicians, they're probably getting paid to bullshit and also trillions in missing or unauthorized spending.



I disagree, I think he's a rather effective politician precisely for the reason Lynch said: he's disrupted the thing so much. Look at how he ran rampant over G-7. He was so subversive at that event that he even had Vince Cable ask in the UK House of Commons what the point of G-7 even was.

I love David Lynch. Once again, he's shown he's got a head on his shoulders under all that weird hair.

And what if they did, he released season 3 on Netflix, hollywood didn't see shit.

Hollywood is dying and although pretentious as fuck indie and sundance films are taking over.

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Their psyops game is still strong though by virtue of having media and tech giants behind them.

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