#TEDOGATE : TED.com Promotes Pro-Pedophilia Speaker, Then Tries To Erase Talk


The description continues saying Heine "believes that no one is responsible for their sexual orientation, for their feelings, but that everyone is responsible for acting upon this sexual orientation. She also inquires how all of us can gain if we distinguish clearly between our feelings and our actions. Since pedophiles can’t change their sexual desires, they must learn to control them to not act upon them."

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What is wrong with this statement now?

Here is TED's statement for those who don't want to skim the link:

'*An independently organized TEDx event recently posted, and subsequently removed, a talk from the TEDx YouTube channel that the event organizer titled: “Why our perception of pedophilia has to change.”'

'In the TEDx talk, a speaker described pedophilia as a condition some people are born with and suggested that if we recognize it as such, we can do more to prevent those people from acting on their instincts.'

'TEDx events are organized independently from the main annual TED conference, with some 3,500 events held every year in more than 100 countries. Our nonprofit TED organization does not control TEDx events’ content.'

'This talk and its removal from the internet was recently brought to our attention. After reviewing the talk, we believe it cites research in ways that are open to serious misinterpretation. This led some viewers to interpret the talk as an argument in favor of an illegal and harmful practice.'

'Furthermore, after contacting the organizer to understand why it had been taken down, we learned that the speaker herself requested it be removed from the internet because she had serious concerns about her own safety in its wake.'

'Our policy is and always has been to remove speakers’ talks when they request we do so. That is why we support this TEDx organizer’s decision to respect this speaker’s wishes and keep the talk offline.'

'We will continue to take down any illegal copies of the talk posted on the Internet.'

So essentially someone gave some controversial opinions and statements, so TED doubles back around and decides "We can't have this out for everyone to see because we personally don't agree with it/find it offensive (that or they have no spine and think no one will ever watch TED videos again due to a single speaker). Then they wave away any of her citations like they don't matter in terms of contributing to the subject and acting like that as such, there's not enough merit to keep the video up compared to the amount of controversy it generated.

Either way, it's TED's own fault for not vetting speakers or content they deem to be too controversial for their platform. Taking the video down now just shows a number of problems with how they handle their content. Next thing you know there could be a speaker that attacks feminism in some way and the video gets taken down because a bunch of people were offended.

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Democracy…were any opposition doesn't get a voice.

The video looks like it was directed by the same demented faggot that made the 'film' Nymphomaniac.
Weird, undefinable accent of the girl, speaking in weird rhythms and weird ways. Talking about shit, boring as fuck imaginary stories, and the audience lapping it up like brain dead retards.
"Thus reminds me of fishing, when you have to take two niggercocks At the same time".

First of all, it's TEDx, not TED.
Second of all, it seems the speaker was not pro-pedophilia, but merely spoke about pedophilia with no bias.
Third of all, they didn't "try to erase the talk", they complied with the speaker's request to take it down, allegedly because she had concerns about her safety.

So everything is fine and TED are trying to delete all evidence of the talk off the internet for no reas?


t. Pedo

Her information was flawed and incomplete, she spoke in definitives when pedophilia is not confirmed as a sexual orientation. And the fact that she met one pedophile named "Jonas" who was charming and young and blahblahblah and decides they are all good people who don't want to offend shows how fucking stupid she is thinking one person represents millions of people or she is a liar and Jonas is loosely based on herself.


This is your brain on normalfaggotry.

It's TEDx, and the stated reason is that the speaker requested that it be removed. The video is not public domain.

Okay? It's TEDx, so it's bound to be garbage. It's like TED's retarded cousin.

its a woman its probably the latter

People that hurt children need to go straight to hell.

Let's just deny facts in greentext that have been proven by science for the last two decades and add something with normalfags underneath it.

Boy, you sure showed everyone!


Did Sam Hyde do TED or TEDx?

Why is it so hard for some people to get that we really can't fully choose what turns us on?

Do they really think that the people who are saying that people can't choose what turns them on are trying to say it is ok for pedos to rape kids? Cause they aren't.

The whole point of it is to try and help the people before they commit a crime in the 1st place.

Our society doesn't have a system set up in place for pedos who have yet to do a crime vs those that have. So its very risky for those who haven't even done anything yet to even want to come forward, which just makes their lives more screwed up in the long run. Cause if you go and try to get help for the way you feel people will treat you like you've already done the crime even if you haven't.

It doesn't really help matters when people do stuff like ban drawing, dolls, and so on that aren't dealing with real kids as well. If society has proven anything in the last several years its that having unlimited access to the stuff that turns you on keeps you away from the real thing. As you can see from stuff like Japan having a very low birth rate at the time.

I don't like the stuff but as long as no real kids or people in general for that matter are being harmed in this I really don't give a fuck what others do. Only that I ask for them to please not try and get me into it.

I wonder who could be behind this?

She's taking a page from Sarkeesian, Wu, and Quinn's book. Fake the threats and profit from being a victim.

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How does not wanting to waste my time l, energy, and money on people who have yet do do a crime and are really only guilty of a thought crime in this case make me a Jew?

Anyone who is talking about this is a pedophile.

All of this Pedo hysteria is going to do nothing but uproot reptilian instincts

I always look away from children.
I don't know how to interact with them without feeling "ritualistic".
I took a survey yesterday and I had to google images in order to reveal the truth to myself.
I'm a fucking pedophile.
hit me like a wall of fucking bricks

I'm so happy she did this.
I can't fucking wait to walk with a little girl.

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There's nothing wrong with pedophilia. It's scientifically proven (Rind et al, 1998) that sexual acts, per se, are not traumatic to children.

TEDx. You can see it on the stage behind him.
Official TED shit is usually heavily vetted before hitting the stage. TEDx is just a way for them to collect royalty payments, and for convention spaces to make money off pretentious people.

Or you know they could have been falsely accused of it. But hey feel free to think what u want

Pedofaggots deserve a bullet

This is a chan and not one person posted a link to the video?

Someone post it and I'll burn it onto 500 DVDs and pass them out for free in Times Square next Saturday.

That the weak must be purged, "pedo" is codename for "malet" and manlets deserve to die by mass rape, that is the way Jesus would have wanted it to.

yeah its like weeaboos that cannot comprehend someone liking to draw cartoon girls instead of anime girls, this is why Animefags are alt-right nu-christians.

Kill yourself you piece of shit. There is nothing sexual about children

Yes they are you fucking pea brain data twisting pedophile kill yourself

I watched this video the other day, I thought she made some really good points. Obviously she wasn't supporting the harming of children, anybody who watched it would know that.
I've known a good amount of pedophiles, and many don't want to hurt children at all. I talked with somebody just the other day about how sick they felt and how they wanted to get better. They'd never molested a child.
Why does saying it's a choice make any sense at all? What good does it do them to just choose to be attracted to children?
This is really similar to how homosexuals were treated before. I'm not even pro-LGBT but it's pretty obvious.
The most important thing really is to stop people from thinking about this literal mental disorder as something that makes an individual automatically disgusting, when it's not their fault. Treatment needs to be available for them.

See, this guy is entirely different. We do not live in a society where sexual acts wouldn't be damaging in one way or another to the child, not to mention they are actual children incapable of giving consent. Just because you want to have sex with a child doesn't mean it's fine to have sex with them if it "isn't traumatic". Keep it in your pants.

Here's a webm of it. Links on youtube keep coming down

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Quit pouring lube on the slope moishe.

Yeah, that might've been a dumb comparison. And the last thing I'd personally want is for sexual acts with children to be considered "normal" or "healthy". I suppose the difference is that homosexuality doesn't usually hurt anybody when carried out between consenting adults.

Unless we get into the realm of bug chasing and drug abuse, and that's not including the implication that a good percentage of male faggots were molested at a young age.

Consent being the highest moral good is the key issue here, I agree with treating mental illness as such, but there needs to be a hard stance on the subject, or else you'll get people who push for encouragement, as we are seeing in the current political climate. "There's something wrong with me" turns into "there's nothing wrong with me" pretty fucking quick.

That's true. People don't have to love it, it needs to be treated like a mental illness that unless treated can result in the individual harming others.

This is what's wrong in the world. Instead of addressing the issue, we want to bury it like it doesn't exist

Hory sheet that's a small filesize. But it is the entire talk; thank you for delivering!

Thanks for pedosplaining

You know many pedophiles? Do you also eat foreskin? Your ppl will always be cursed for stealing my foreskin.

Sam Hyde proved how moronic these speeches are in the first place.
Every single fucking one has never produced anything.

You know the soccer ball battery?
Well its prone to break downs, and requires so much physical energy to produce electricity children basically double their caloric intake.

No, I'm not Jewish, if that's what you're implying. I was raised Christian.

It harms society, especially when they push to normalize and promote it.

There are several studies that imply that a plurality of male homosexuals were molested or otherwise abused as children. Beyond that a majority of pro-pedophelia groups have deep ties to homosexual and far-left organizations. See NAMBLA and their connection to BAMN.
This will be the next "human rights" push from the political left and their (((allies))). It'll start with trying to humanize pedophilac monsters in the public mind and then trying to argue that children can consent at any age. From there they'll try to legalize the practice outright, most likely legislating from the bench like they did with gay marriage. They're already trying to push it as a sexuality instead of a mental disorder and are exposing schoolchildren to graphic sexual acts. They did the same thing with homosexuals and transexuals, they normalized it in the public mind, passed legislation that made it more legally acceptable, legalized it on the grounds of "human rights" and "choice", and then shouted down anyone who isn't toeing the line of their political dogma.
People say the slippery slope of social decay isn't real, but right now you're seeing the beginnings of the left trying to normalize pedophelia as they did with homosexuality and transexuality. The only compassion and understanding pedophiles deserve is a swift death and an unmarked grave.

Funny because they haven't been saying that at all

They are just wanting to get help for pedos who haven't done shit yet.

Even those who haven't done anything with real children at all yet?

I'll cite a Salon article entitled "I'm a pedophile but not a monster", which is an obvious apologist piece. Beyond that the use of compassion is a common subterfuge tactic of the emotionally driven political left. They used it when justifying the passing of gay marriage by an activist Supreme Court, which is an egregious violation of the American legislative system. Furthermore, the education system across the Western world is already suffused with sexuality and teaching children about consent in a sexual context. Common Core here in the US even has requirements regarding a child's understanding of sexual activities for children from grade 1 to 8, deviant or otherwise.

I'll posit you a few questions.
Will these latent pedophiles ever act on their degenerate proclivities?
Will treatment be effective or will it only deepen their attraction to children?

I'll concede that treatment of these people may be more worthwhile that outright killing them. The issue of their continued existence within society then arises if their treatment goes nowhere and they hide behind their medical history if and when they commit sexual assault on children. By normalizing pedophilia it may embolden latent pedophiles into action.
Pedophiles by my estimation are monsters and deserve every last bit of scorn that is thrown at them. A healthy society does not tolerate them.

what are you, some kind of faggot?

Yet, can't just throw people right into the deep end of the mindset and expect them to take it.
I'm for giving pedos that haven't committed a crime help before they ruin others and their own lives, but I wouldn't want it to be people that lean left that are giving them this help.

What is more likely to cause pedos to act on their attraction, treatment or lifelong scorn?

You're welcome! Keep fighting the good fight.

Scorn and shame are excellent mechanisms for dissuading unwanted behaviors. Prior to the lifting of scorn regarding adultery and divorce for women, families were far more stable as there was a social stigma associated with being a cheater or divorcee. Now that adultery and divorce are more socially acceptable families are far less stable and more transient that permanent.

Treatment ought to be used in conjunction with scorn to cure the physiological cause of pedophelia while also dissuading the behavior. I'll still stand by my opinion that convicted pedophiles deserve execution and their names forgotten by history.

A reply from TED trying to claim that the video is not under the Creative Commons license, which is patently false. They're trying to rescind the license, which is not possible. When asked to clarify they did not respond.

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Emails sent to the Creative Commons Corporation, TED representatives, and one of TED's lawyers (Charles P. Guarino at the Moser Taboada law firm) who has been filing fraudulent DMCA takedown requests.

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Not lifelong scorn, that's just a great way of having a person snap and think "I'll never be good anyway, why not just go for it!"

Emails the lawyer Charles P. Guarino has been using in the DMCA takedown requests:

[email protected]
[email protected]

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Mirjam's TEDx talk was the second pro-pedophilia talk promoted by TED this year, the first being done by a MtF tranny named Madeleine Van Der Bruggen (which is still on the TEDx channel).

Here is an edit that combines both pro-pedophilia TEDx talks back to back:


BANNED TED Talks | Pedophilia Is A Natural Sexual Orientation

They are pushing to normalize pedophilia. Mirjam Heine and others like her are pushing for pedophilia to be redefined as a "sexual orientation" so that pedophiles will be protected under the law from discrimination. This would mean that it would be illegal and "pedophobic" (a term that is already being used) to discriminate against pedophiles, including when hiring for jobs (such as at day care facilities).

Sexual orientation is a special legal term that conveys certain rights under human rights legislation that is present in most Western countries. In countries like Canada it would become hate speech to have negative attitudes towards pedophilia the same way it's hate speech to speak negatively about homosexuality (such as saying that it's a mental illness or saying it's forbidden by your religion).

Redefining pedophilia as a sexual orientation is a profoundly dangerous and insane thing to do, because it is simply not true. Pedophilia is a mental illness, a sexual paraphilia, not a sexual orientation like heterosexuality such as Mirjam claims.

What people like Mirjam are actually arguing is that thinking about and having the desire to rape children is not in itself immoral, that only the act of doing so is immoral. The problem with this is that once the moral taboo of seeing children as sexual objects is lifted the only thing that stands in the way of legalizing children having sex with adults is the answer to the question "can children consent to sex?" It may surprise you to learn that there is already a political agenda being pushed to argue that children can in fact "consent" to sex, in fact there was recently a huge political and legal debacle in France about just that:


Pedophiles and radical leftists both are adamant that children can "consent" to all manner of things, and if pedophilia is enshrined under human right legislation as a protected sexual orientation, then they will be pushing relentlessly to affirm that children can "consent" to sex with adults.

They are pushing to normalize pedophilia by reclassifying it as a normal sexual orientation. Their argument is of course "we're doing this to protect the children", but there is absolutely no reason why pedophilia must be reclassified as a sexual orientation for there to be confidential mental health resources available to pedophiles.

We cannot allow them to reclassify pedophilia as a sexual orientation. It's dangerous, it's evil, and it's simply not based in reality.

Sexual contact with a child does not harm the child until society says so.

This still has not been proven wrong. At all. And it's quite impossible really. Not until society fully switches over

I bet she likes to wear diapers and piss herself, get changed and then get fucked by daddy

Then TEDx is the good one.

Hm. Do tell more about it.
No, they just want to shove their penises on their little assholes, what's to hurt about this when you have a small penis to begin with?

What are you faggots mad about? You all Jack off to anime kids, you are pedophiles too.


You know what is scary. Being accused of a sex crime with kids is the worse things to happen to you if you are innocent.

What is worse is that 10% of the people accused of a sex crime with a kid might be innocent. The success rate on convictions being accurate is thought to be around a crazy 5-50% off as well.

The average rate of actual innocent people in jail is 2-5%. Which is several 100,000s by us jail size.

Doesn't it freak you out that if you have someone accused of a sex crime the chances of them being innocent are more than 2x the mean?

Check out what happened with a lot of daycares in the 80s if you want to see some horrible stories. Some people only got out of jail after being there just rather recently as well.

Working with kids is super risky for any guy to want to do cause of that. It's risky in general for woman as well but due to how our society fucked up its worse for guys. Even worse this fucks up society by not having men in education in the early years. It's kind of scary to think that some poor child being raised by a single mom might not even see another adult male teaching in school til the kids are out of elementary school.

Women like to sexually(verbally and physically too) abuse kids. I bet this one's plan is to become a teacher and abuse students but first she has to normalize pedophilia.

kys please

Biden sometimes forget he's not on private pedo island.

I spend a good amount of my time online, and I'd be in both communities on 4chan where I met pedophiles, and I'd meet pedophiles in Tor chat rooms. I'm personally not a pedophile.

fuck off TEDx PR


Only a TED astroturf shill would be more concerned about making this distinction than about the talk's contents.

Wanting to reclassify pedophilia as a natural sexual orientation is pro-pedophilia.

Issuing illegal DMCA takedown requests to have the videos scrubbed from the Internet is in fact trying to erase the talk you pedo fuck. It can't even be uploaded to YouTube any longer, it's automatically blocked.

It doesn't have to be, it's licensed under the Creative Commons.

DMCA takedown requests of CC licensed content is illegal.

her speech was mosty shit with bad info
but the amount of men who get boners from naked girls is pretty high
i think about 10 to 30%
not saying we should encourage child molesting

her speech was something that I would have been able to shit out in high school
but I would not dare do it because the anti child attraction people are crazy passionate. they are Muslims.

Muslims are pro-pedophilia. Their prophet fucked 9 year olds.

According to (((research))), right (((user)))?

How do you explain victims of child abuse who have repressed memories, struggle their whole lives with mental disorders and the like, wakes up one day at 40 and remembers it all?

They had no idea, yet still suffered from it. No one told them to suffer.

How can you possibly know or believe that? Every child born in the last 100+ years has been traumatized by puritans since earliest memory BY SEX BAD IF YOU EVER DO ANYTHING SEXUAL ETERNAL GUILT SHAME
I'm sure that's not why they are suffering, nope.

Fuck off pedo. You get the rope.

You understand why it's traumatic to get molested, right? Children, regardless of age before puberty, aren't developed enough to engage in proper sexual intercourse.
If a grown ass man tries to enter a little 7 year old girl, she will get torn open, regardless of his size.
Now imagine, but you probably don't have to, that some above-average sized dude tried to enter a little girl. That is gonna fucking ruin her.
It's traumatic to children to get molested, because it fucking hurts.
Hurt = No want.
No want, yet still do it = Traumatic.

Is that easy enough to understand?

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Of course he does, he's a pedophile who gets off on the idea of raping children.

I'm sorry it took you until you were 25 to learn how to masturbate, but that's not typical.

That was debunked over half a century ago. Get your head out of your ass and never take anything Zig Forums says seriously.

How often do you go out of your way to be around children so that you can try to coerce them into having sex with you, pedo?

But you're wrong, faggot.


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Youngest girl delivered child was 6 according to wiki and maybe lower in some places they don't know about. Teenagers fucking is ok and not abnormal. A young heterosexual adult like young girl? Kill him fast. Laws put for women supermacy against males natural attraction and only cucked males and women defend this since they can't compete with young girls. Male traitors should be killed.

Kill yourself you stupid beta faggot. Just because you need AOC removed to get laid because nobody who has grown up past the age of thinking "when I grow up I want to be a unicorn" will go near you doesn't mean the laws aren't justified.

So you just figured the best way to go is to blatantly lie then? You Ashkenazi by any chance, pedo filth?

This ham-fisted shit where you cunts try and conflate teenagers having sex versus prepubescent children being abused as the same thing isn't going to work with anyone possessing an above-nigger tier IQ. I want to see pedos like you get nailed to crosses and tortured to death with red hot pokers and if you keep pushing your dogshit I'm confident that will become reality so please keep talking shit in pubic.

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religious and medical dick and clit cutters and bloodsuckers plus abortionists and sperm banks, fuckem

This user has naughty thoughts abut kids

No kidding. We need to promote this speaker and then have this talk played at every pro-gay gathering.


Only for fanatics and they're already insensitive to the stigma.

Most pedos don't molest children now. Remove the stigma and they will. That's the point the dude was making.