Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters made news this weekend for endorsing the harassment and intimidation of President Trump’s cabinet members in an angry rant.

This isn’t the first time Waters has spoken positively of political violence. In March, she told HuffPost that the horribly violent Los Angeles riots in 1992 were a “defining moment in the way that black people resisted.”

She also said, “These were people who had been basically forgotten”:

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those riots where koreans were forced to camp on top of their stores with rifles to keep blacks away. those riots that started because a criminal resisted arrest continuously.

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It's pretty hard to be forgotten when you're loudly scapegoating someone else for living as a criminal in the name of "your" "culture"

“defining moment in the way that black people resisted.”

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And resisting what exactly? The democratically elected president? You don't like him? Fine. You don't like what he says? Good. You don't like his policies? Great. You don't like what he actually does? Awesome. But tough fucking shit. You faggots have been losing what passes for your minds for two fucking years straight about this shit now. I don't remember the "ebil raccceeeeit nazis" rioting in the streets when they had to go for eight years under Obongo.

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There's a bit of a context to that. Not long before the riots, this happened:


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But at least OJ got off.

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Maxine Waters is swirling the swamp drain…. She won't be there much longer.

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Maxine "The Sewer" Waters

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