FDA Approves First Drug Derived From Marijuana Plant

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved the first prescription drug derived from the marijuana plant, as a treatment for rare forms of epilepsy that primarily afflict children.

The FDA said Monday that it cleared GW Pharmaceuticals PLC’s Epidiolex, also known as cannabidiol, to reduce seizures associated with forms of epilepsy known as Lennox-Gastaut syndrome and Dravet syndrome, in patients 2 years of age and older.

Cannabidiol is derived from the cannabis plant, also known as marijuana. U.K.-based GW Pharmaceuticals says the solution, taken by mouth, is made from a proprietary strain of cannabis designed to maximize a therapeutic component while minimizing components that produce euphoria. GW Pharmaceuticals grows the plants in the U.K.


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heaven forbid they feel any euphoria

or happiness

Imagine how much of a scumbag you have to be to want children to "chase highs".
you're worse than a pedo tbh




Unironically, yes. The world already has enough dope addicts. Getting a kid addicted to weed is disgusting and will likely ruin his life.
t. knew many kids that smoked since age 5 up and ended up in mental institutions or dead by 4th grade.



You would rather they slowly damage their bodies until death? Don't pretend you don't use any drugs legal or otherwise.

In other words patented for maximum shekels and the reason weed is still illegal because big pharma does not want competition.

Go take your adderal.


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Just stop already you're embarrassing yourself
The oil doesnt even produce a high, this is like telling people to stop taking insulin or they'll get addicted


falling further away from god and blaspheming his plants

It may surprise you to learn this but, most medicine is produced from plants and plant extracts

Not every medicine is made synthetically.

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The drug probably has none of the shit that marijuana has

What are you trying to say?

Figure it out yourself

(((FDA approved)))*

They can't live without it.

I got high once at 16 and never came down.
I can't stand people who worship the "medicinal effects" of marijuana.
Bob Marley died of cancer but according to potheads he should be immune to cancer.

Pot like almost any plant that has a chemical that interacts with people has a medicinal purpose.
When I break my leg, the doctors give me tylenol 2 with codeine which are fun, but he gives me a limited amount.
When I suffer "anxiety" I am given a card which allows me to buy "Prescription drugs" which aren't covered by my insurance and I can buy as much as possible.

Medical marijuana is a joke and the people who smoke pot and view it as justification for their habit are pathetic.
And this is coming from someone who smokes regularly.

Ok, I understand. You're full of shit and can't even write a legible point.

That isn't what addiction is. You're purposely using it in the wrong context.

Basing your opinion on medical cannabis from drug addicts is like basing your opinion on alcohol from drunks. Some people can handle drugs some can't. Some can't handle life and kill themselves or others. Better ban it.

This doesn't get you high and stops seizures. What the fuck is the problem?

Please stop raping the English language. OP is only embarrassed if OP feels embarrassed.
Embarrassment is a subjective state.
Someone doesn't "embarrass himself" if you think he did or said something stupid.
Someone is only embarrassed if they, personally, feel embarrassment.
What you actually mean to convey is that you find OP's actions to be foolish or that you are experiencing vicarious embarrassment on his behalf.
But in no case do you get to decide how a condition or event affects someone else's emotional state. You may wish or hope that they feel a certain way, but the emotion is not certain at all, no matter how stupid or ignorant the statement or belief which you think justifies it.

Now, as for the topic. High CBD strains of weed are nothing new. Low THC extracts are nothing new. This is just the jew claiming credit for work done years ago by illicit weed growers, breeders, strain hunters, kitchen chemists and legitimate scientists working in the dead zone between what is legal and what is socially unacceptable. Google "Charlotte's web".
Oh yes, one of the major farms supplying GW is that of the husband of MP Victoria Atkins
While this nasty piece of work carries out her personal crusade against legalization of cannabis, her and her husband profit massively through sales of 42 acres of weed to GW Pharma.

Explain to me how it isn't. If they can't live without something, that is clearly an addiction. You and I can't live without Zig Forums, for example. We know that's an addiction.

Addiction is chemical reliance on a drug, habits are just as strong.
You have people who pick their nose, chew their nails, fidget with their hair, our chew their lips our shirt all their life.

Its a habitual response, and seeing as THC replaces edorphins while at the same time raising the bodies resistance to both, yes I would say THC is highly habitual to the point of addiction.

My problem is that 40 years ago doctors were saying tobacco was a healthy substance. Big corporations are moving the legalization of pot, not you potheads.

Big tobacco is pivoting to big marijuana and you naive faggots are completely oblivious.

Good thing it is ONLY cannabidiol. NO THC. No high.

Yes, that is correct. Water is an extremely addictive substance.

But it does have THC, you illiterate nigger.

That is THC.
You have three chemicals in THC. CBN, CBC and slight variations of it.
ALL give you aspects of being high.
The differences between sative and Indica are due to the differences in the CBN and CBC

No it doesn't. Feel free to prove me wrong.

THC is Tetrahydrocannabinol
CBD is Cannabidiol
CBN is Cannabinol

All have different structures and names and effects. You're very ignorant.

listen here trips faggot.

there are somethings in the world that, if a person does not have their body cannot produce on their own and as a result 100% of them will die, for instance oxygen or water or numerous vitamins. no one would say that we all have vitamin c addictions.

insulin is naturally produced by the body but if the body cant do it then you will die.

just because someone consumes something that does not mean they are addicted, for instance i know lots of people who love chilli, are we going to say they are addicts because they like to eat it? sure as hell produces a psychoactive and physical response when people consume it.

despite what you might think, most religions consider the things you consume to be sacred, which is why their are so many prayers before eating, the only reason psychoactives are considered bad is because they are not treated with reverence, if people went to a church and the thurible was cranking out plumes of hash smoke (not to mention the crackers and wine for the eurchrist) no one would say that these people are destroying their lives and the reason why is that the it is being done in a structures and safe environment.

But it literally does. And you've got to prove me wrong, first, then I'll prove you wrong.

Look who flunked chemistry class here.

They have the base molecule structure, and all have euphoric effects.
I don't need to talk to a high schooler who doesn't understand shit he is talking about.

I have a medical license you moron. I grow my own. You know what a bong looks like after to much smoking? That's your lungs. You're lungs are filled with resin which is a form of organic plastic which differs from tar as its slightly easier to cough up.

You may start by reading damned article where it literally says no THC no high. Only CBD is in it. They are all different chemically. Changing the structure even minutely could change a chemicals effects.

Changing anything on a chemical can have drastic changes on how the body metabolize it and the effects. Growing a plant huh? Wow you sure displayed your knowledge of the plant. I mean just wow do you water it everyday with some dank nutes?

>hurr durr why don't you go to (((WSJ))) and read their shitty, scientifically illiterate articles???!!
No thank you. And besides, inferiors do not command superiors. And you have shown yourself many times to be inferior in your own way.

What is Dronabinol

Growing high wield weed is very difficult you simply don't have the mental to understand it.
You're like the rick and morty fan who gets into quantum physics because you saw a few episodes and thing your now qualified.

i cant believe it was illegal to begin with

Cannabis ought to be illegal. All plants found should be burned on sight.

is moshe a fucking kahjiit name

typical of you drug niggers.

toxic in doses over a few Ugrams

Apparently you did, you just named 3 different chemicals.

Quit being so butthurt, flunky. They're all the same thing.

You guys are unbearable nerds. I'm off to normie land, good riddance.


Yeah they just have different names, structure, composition and effects. 100% the same. Makes complete sense. How can something that's a different composition of elements, a different chemical structure, and are fucking named different because they're different: be the same?

I'm sure you're great but I doubt it because you're here.

I'm sure you just grow the dankest making you an expert on the plant. Rick and Morty? What the fuck does that bullshit have to do with anything? Try to grow some sense.

What a faggot.

Yeah, that much was obvious, but you still need to leave
Don't let the door knock you down on your face on your way out


Nobody with half a brain says that weed cures all cancer.For example cannabis seems to confer a slight degree of protection from lung cancer in folks who do not use tobacco but if you smoke tobacco long term it cancells out that effect.
But for aggressive brain cancers like blastioglioma cannabis is literally the only complete cure ever found. Irony Alert: Joe Biden has fought medical weed harder than anyone of either party.His son Bo died of blastioglioma ,a cancer which has been completely wiped out by cannabis in numerous documented cases.But old creepy Joe let his own son die rather than try the only chance he had.

oh boy time to take a natural substance and add a shitload of unnecessary crap so we can medicate the side effects in that too

til, unironically thank you for your quality post

egg-cellent b8

fuck off Joey Skidmark

Checked, for autism. And it was found in high doses.

That's not the problem chum. It's that these kids don't have role models that promote clean living, etc.

Things that happened

It's just an oil extract that's been around for years now. There's nothing harmful or new about it. Except finally being FDA approved.

aww yeah burn them weed plants… i don't think i mean the same thing you do tho… lol.

What is this faggot shit? God I hate my job.

Lol, the FDA approves a lot of shit that we find out later on it wasn't good for you. You know how they find it out those confounding variables they didn't catch in their initial testings? On their live patients. Have fun trusting the people failing the world.

You don't get high by eating unless it's bound to fat. Most CBD medication does not get you high by any means any way.

They approve stuff that isnt good for you and dont approve stuff that is.

Its almost as if they dont have a clue what they are doing and are just sitting in a big office getting paid to either do nothing or make things worse.

You are a pedo, using pedo lingo.


Seriously haha, something was off about that post

Turn off the f'n idiot magnetometer! You're attracting the really stupid ones now. I would go through this little turd post point by point, but since the thing is wrong… The dumbass is strong with this one!

When English majors attack! KEK
Otherwise, very good..
Was almost having flashbax to a past gf..English teacher…kinda miss that one…digression halted

Anything that was medicine for 6,000 years is medicine. Patent 'medicines' are the most profitable business model ever invented. Elites know this well…so, suffer bitches! Moneyfags gotta have you pay for them to make you sick, so you can pay for them to sell you chemicals, that make you sicker…until you die. Miserable, useless eaters, they call us.

The ones who made us, gave us real medicine. Safe medicine…brain expander and brain cleaner. Pray for the deceived. There's no end to the harm done by the well-meaning, but ill informed.

Looking in the wrong place, Chief. If you want a near statistically perfect correlation with autism diagnoses in 6 year olds…look at 1,000's of tons of glyphosate (RoundUp) applied to crops in the preceding 4 years. Ironically, it also is a dead nuts correlation with senile dementia diagnoses.

Don't try to conflate pot, which is safe and has been around for thousands of years, with the rapid increases in a laundry list of health problems that match the rate of increase in glyphosate application to food and livestock feed. Once again, the elites are killing us off, don't help them by attacking a threat to their system. Even if you disagree with weed, remember the enemy of my enemy is my friend. If the elites hate it…love it…if only in secret. Peace.

That name doesn't inspire confidence

B-b-but th-that's


How did they get a hold of weed at 5 years old?

The Jew gives the goyim a circumcision. Then he gives him gangbang porn and marijuana to remedy the resultant lack of pleasure.

what? there is a drug that treats glaucoma derived from marijuana plants that been out for a decade, without any side effect. But of course it unpopular because you do not get high…