Supreme Court Sides With California Anti-Abortion Pregnancy Centers

The U.S. Supreme Court has reversed a lower court decision upholding a California law requiring anti-abortion crisis pregnancy centers to more fully disclose what they are.

The case pitted the right to know against the right of free speech. On one side are self-identified "crisis pregnancy centers" that seek to prevent abortions and on the other side is the state of California, which enacted a 2015 law to ensure that these centers do not intentionally or unintentionally mislead the women who walk through their doors.

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not murdering a child is considered controversial enough to be reported by the MSM wow.

They have always disclosed what they are. They are PREGNANCY CENTERS, not ABORTION MILLS.

This is your mind on Christcuckery.

all men everywhere are fed up with women's sick fucking bullshit. if anything, it's the christfags that are more pro feminazi than the shitlibs.

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By any means necessary. If women responded to logic, we wouldn't be having this conversation in the first place.

You don't sacrifice ours to get a few of theirs


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I'm completely torn on the abortion issue.
On one hand I would never be a willing participant in aborting my own child. However, I believe the type of person who would consider abortion should not breed.
So I am pro-choice simply because I feel like the good people would never do it, and the bad people should be encouraged to. Is that wrong?

Sounds reasonable to me. It's voluntary eugenics.

No, they're abortion mills masquerading as a pregnancy center.

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It's also ones mind if they're familiar with any literature whatsoever in the field of biology dealing with the onto-genesis of complex organisms. Sorry but the science is settled, a fertilized egg (the zygote) is a distinct individual example of the species whose genetic code it possesses. It is no longer the mother's nor the father's to do with as they will. It is a human being scientifically. It is in its earliest stages of development but the fact is inescapable without ideological rationalization to the contrary. To eliminate it is homicide at best, murder at worst.

If you have any complaints consider taking up four years of study in biology and just maybe as a masters thesis after that you might be able to get a grant to test a hypothesis to the contrary. You will most likely fail, but that's okay we learn just as much from failed hypothesis as proven ones.

As added salt in the wound: Ireland at one point did consider the rights of the fetus equal to that of the mother. This made Ireland the most progressive state in the world on the subject of abortion, as the unborn are bar none the most under-represented class of human being there is and there inability to protest their fate has been wholly taken advantage of by an uncaring general public and the legislation it forms in the world at large. To be pro-life is undoubtedly a more moral stance than pro-choice.

If it is embedded in one's body, it is to do with as one wills.

The women who walk into crisis pregnancy centers expecting an abortion clinic, are given information about their bodies and about the new human life inside them, are given a fair comparison of options that don't result in death, are given an ultrasound so they LOOK AT the person they fully intended to kill, and then change their minds about it, are not being forced or coerced into anything. They still make a choice of their own free will. They come out more informed than before, so they are not deceived. We should not actively promote abortion as the first and best option.

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Then what the hell was this whole thing about

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If they had two brains they'd be lonely.

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Your word salad is hilarious. I hope you don't actually believe it for your sake.

Also, it's ontogenesis, genius - there's no hyphen.

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The world is badly over-populated as it is and people who do not want children shouldn't be forced to because they were irresponsible - everyone loses in that scenario.

Your argument is nothing more than you masquerading your personal fee fees as rational thought.

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Because of China and India.


Most women will do it, just cause they'll feel perpetual guilt and mess themselves up afterwards won't stop them.

women are children.

we don't let children vote though.

The government isn't forcing them to get cum in their pussies. They do that on their own.

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Oi vey! We have a huge overpopulation crisis in the Third World! I know, let's encourage developed nations to KILL THEIR BABIES!

Every single time one of you idiots says some dumb shit all I can ask is: And what if your mother decided she didn’t want you?

No chance at life. No being happy. No being sad. No vidya. No anime titties. No having a girlfriend. No having lost your virginity. No experiences. No good food. No good times. No shitposting. Nothing. Things you fucking morons enjoy without ever realizing it or feeling at all appreciative. There is a lot of bullshit in this world, but often times thats what we focus on whilst failing to realize all the good, no matter how simple. All the potential luxuries in your life stripped away from you because your irresponsible, selfish, weak, and stupid mother decided that she just doesnt want a baby right now.

Selfishness and/or Stupidity is what drives women to get abortions. If it isnt one its the other, or both. Selfish for putting yourself before the offspring put inside you, or stupid for getting pregnant in the first place.

So women can abort men during intercourse?

Would it not be ideal then to simply abort the grown adult considering the abortion in the clinic? I mean it is getting rid of a shitty human being and making sure they don't breed now or ever.

Nice ad hominem attacks, latch onto a typographical error I fully admit to. You still haven't offered anything to refute medical and biology texts on the matter. You have no argument whatsoever and you're defending homicide with nothing more than emotional conviction rather than sound reasoning.

I don't know whether you are the "mind on christcuckery" poster or not but if you are you're a failed atheist. You've abandoned the only tool in the atheist arsenal - scientific reasoning.

Then you wouldn't care either way about any of the shit you just listed

I thought we were above appeals to emotion

they never said anything about lying. they just dont have to tell people "oh btw we're an anti abortion center and full christian" because that may turn off some people.

most anti abortion centers approach the woman with facts, show them charities that would apply to them if they choose to keep the baby, etc. but they start saying theyre there to help her.

its like if an organization was sharing black crime statistics being told by a local court that they have to notify people first that theyre an anti-black racist nazi group even though theyre just sharing facts and solutions to the nigger problem.

same result as if a nigger came and cut your throat and then proceeded to kill your family. youre dead, so you dont care. right?

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abolishing abortion is the first step in creating a nigger problem visible to even normalfags since our government couldnt control it without identifying that its strictly a nigger problem. it should have never been allowed in the first place. and stopping it now will cause a major problem that i hope even the kike conditioning wont be able to cover up.

the second thing abortion would do is make ALL WHORES be single mothers. no more lies by omission to current partners, being a whore will quickly make whores be single mothers which will destroy their looks, their body, gives them a child to take care of and make them unwanted by men.

that alone will quickly destroy the pro-whore aspect of our culture. ever wonder why women act like spoiled children that dont understand the meaning of consequence? because in this timeline, thats their reality and abortion is a large part of the blame.

right now a girl can start fucking when she's 16 and smoking hot, kill any baby that starts, and continue this behavior until her 30s getting the constant attention of men. young girls look up this because she's so cool and so many guys want her. with abortion gone, shed get pregnant at 16, have a kid, no guy wants her, eventually down the line she gets some fat older guy with money.

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Abortion stops crime, creates jobs and lowers traffic.

This. Niggers get the most abortions.

Sure, let's hold back the nigger problem by validating their culture of failure and encouraging white women to act like niggers. What could go wrong?

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These centers are just like the christards that made them - hypocritical, deceptive, and hurt the people they proport to want to help

He should have aborted so he woukdnt have been so tempted. Too late.

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Ideally we'd go around aborting 99% of everyone on Zig Forums with a sledgehammer to the base of the skull, but since I think it's fucking stupid as shit to force women to have babies they don't want, so they can give them away to people and governments that don't want them, just because some stupid moron whose main expertise is in persuading idiots to drop a buck into a bucket every Sunday said so…