Kathy Griffin: ‘We Have an Administration that Is Quite Pro-Nazi’

Disgraced comedienne Kathy Griffin doubled down on her criticism of the Trump administration in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, describing it as “quite pro-Nazi.”

Asked whether she thinks Roseanne Barr, who had her hit ABC sitcom Roseanne canceled after making racially charged comments about former Obama aide Valerie Jarrett, will ever make it back on to TV, Griffin said that she did not deserve redemption because she is a “fucking Nazi.”

“No, fuck her! She’s a fucking Nazi,” Griffin said of Barr. “No, dude. No Nazis! I know that sounds crazy, but America has a new policy: no Nazis. But we have an administration that is quite pro-Nazi. They led the march. They think there are good ones and bad ones. There’s no good ones!”

“Roseanne wasn’t even a typical Trump voter, so the idea that they were trying to have her portray the rest of America was always bullshit,” Griffin continued. “I’m sorry, but they knew what they were getting into. You know she tweeted that David Hogg, the Parkland survivor, is a Nazi?”

Griffin, who was herself dropped by CNN after she was photographed holding a bloody head resembling President Donald Trump, added that she had “no sympathy” for Roseanne because she had a television network behind her.

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who is kathy griffin who cares sage

Why live?

Yeah, girl! Call them Nazis! That will show them!

Please tell me, what are the pro nazi policies and where are they?

Fuckers can't even get political parties right. Trump is far from socialist. And he said on many occasions he supports legal immigration. And nationalist would oppose that. Might as well say

there should be a UN resolution to keep this bitch at least 500 yards away from any camera

a kike staging another kike as "the bad guy"

This is just the kike-centric Milo all over again.


nazi doesn't sound so bad does it? After you tear back the kike influence, it's something people actually want. Also they want kikes to die after they found out they've been duped. They want kikes to die because grandpa died for the kike communist and the kikes lied about the holocaust.

Nazi's do not support "legal immigration", we support a complete stop and rollback. America before the kike pushed 1965 Immigration Act was for whites, by whites, and the blacks can stay even though it was the kikes bringing them here, selling them, and working them to death.

We're compassionate. Our enemies are the same black or white, it's the kike. We do need to segregate, though, we shouldn't be living together. It's not making either of us happy and both of our peoples are getting blotted out.

On socialism, Nazism is not globalist socialism, it's not Marxism. It's an idea that you should care about those who look like you, act like you, work like you, and are there for you. It's not this "Come Get Your Gibs" bullshit we have now. It's support for YOUR people, not THEIR people.

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Israel is the Fourth Reich, didn't you know?

You must be new, you don't remember Bushberg?

Reverse Marxism = Hitlerism
The left are reverse nazis tbh.

Trump is doing a wonderful job of turning leftists into homeless disheveled-looking crazy-eyed street doomsayers.

normalizing naziism. thanks, liberals.

How are they pro "Nazi" when they hate white people and love Israel and Jews

Wouldn't the EU be the 4th Reich since its a German lead empire and all

Germany was only the fall guy. WWII happened only because the Zionists wanted their Israel.

by locking children up
by using tarriffs and forcing businesses to move to mexico
by pretending america is some sort of native culture and isn't a mishmash of immigrants completely shitting all over lady liberty

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Tariffs don't make companies move to mexico you retarded spic.
Mexico tariffs goods that come into mexico.

Most countries have tariffs you moron, America for years has had no tariffs which is why shit is made in china.
They make it cheap and sell it here with no fucking tax.
Driving out american businesses.
One of the reasons you have tariffs, Canada heavily taxes U.S dairy because if they didn't U.S dairy would destroy thier own.

Which is why they were freaking out about TPP ruining their dairy economy as it stopped tariffs on U.S dairy.

You don't know shit about economics or trade I imagine your a socialist.
Don't come here illegally.
Lady liberty was a gift by the French, it was never a U.S sanctioned monument.
Also yes American culture is based off Roman Republic ideals, and our culture is the most dominent.
When people talk about Western culture they aren't talking about the shitholes above and below us.

Sometimes I think I hate NatSoc larpers more then commies.
Then I actually talk to one and I realize how out to lunch you are.

She's pathetic and transparent, and people see this.

I'm more surprised people still try communism than facism. And, maybe nazis just happen to be ok with some recent policies more than th policies are being made with facists in mind.

she is so desperate for attention.


She's literally a jew, you numb cunt.

You don't deserve those trips, Chaim.

jesus christ this bitch gets uglier every time I see. And i mean it she is literally ugly. what the fuck happened to her?

you misunderstand: a white man simply not apologizing all the time for everything is Nazism.
that's where we're at now.

Oh the irony… you talentless hack.

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boy she looks like hell these days

That and Germany went off the gold standard, which is key to jewish control. And the other countries didn't want another world player on the stage, especially one they weren't good enough to compete with.

Tippity toppity lads.

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So someone's just bitter she got skipped on the in-club.

No if that was the case then Madagascar would of never have been Germany's plan
Fuck off autkike

if only

It really makes you think that Hitler lost to a bunch of Zionist Jews, liberal lunatics, and soyboys in the 1940s. I mean think about it. The MSM suppressed information coming out of these countries that are just doing what is good for them. If the Internet existed during his time, he wouldn't have lost and the world would know how crazy these people are.

It's really sad and reminds me of a scenario an user told me. Imagine a soyboy or a faggot libshit beat your ass in front of your wife and children like an after school fight, humiliating and emasculating you, while a Jewish witch, like Kathy Griffin laughs and the lot of them kidnap your wife and kids and brainwash and drug them for Loonywood and sex trafficking.

These weaklings aren't suppose to win like this. They need to be shot so this stupid time wasting shit will stop and we can be left alone.

It’s summer time again. Here come the idiots.

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the whole government has been "pro nazi" for generations

lol you idiot, jewish culture is the most dominant

But pol said he loves Jews.

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More from this sorry assed excuse for a comedian.

JUST for women.