Red Hen owner resigns from Virginia business group after booting Sarah Sanders from restaurant

The owner of the Virginia restaurant responsible for kicking White House press secretary Sarah Sanders and her family out on Friday evening is stepping aside from leadership of a local business group.

Stephanie Wilkinson stepped down as an executive director of Main Street Lexington, an organization tasked with promoting economic viability, Fox News has learned.

Elizabeth Outland Branner, the president of the organization, accepted Wilkinson’s resignation Tuesday morning, WSLS reported.

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good for her, delegate responsibility, collect her money and avoid the spotlight as she stays home with fam.

Its smart she chose to step to the side, she still gets the money from her business and most importantly still has the business. Now all the people who are mad will be satisfied because they interpret this as a loss for her.

Your right user, the right should just ignore the blatant hypocricy of leftists and let them do whatever they want rather than force them to conform to as many of the stupid laws and standards they themselves enforce as possible.

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Why do people make posts like this?
The guy he's responding to didn't say anything about the cake incident, and the content of his post pertains to how retarded it is to make a political spectacle of yourself when you're supposed to be in charge of promoting business in your area.
The gay cake people weren't in charge of any organization like that, these are two entirely different scenarios.

This was not a court ruling you dumb idiot.

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Fucking retard. She didnt choose to resign. The board took a vote to boot her ass. They "allowed" her to resign to save face. If she didn't they would have thrown her out regard




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Gay civil union = perfectly reasonable and should be legal anywhere. Gay adoption OTOH is putting the cart ahead of the horses because there is no fucking right to adopt, only the right to be adopted. Every situation should be evaluated depending on circumstances.

Gay marriage = contradiction in terms for a lot of religions, and for science too (sex is differentiation for procreative purposes, same sex defeats the purpose).

So, any parallelism to the gay cake is ridiculous unless the restaurant were vegan and she wanted them to cook meat.

Having said all of this, the owner should decide whom to serve and whom to boot, like "niggers outta here" signs should be legal.

I can hear your cognitive dissonance from here, but probably is the buzz of a troll.


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