Netflix Under Under Fire for Suspected Child Pornography Scenes

An Argentinian movie that Netflix offers called Desire is upsetting subscribers because of what looks like illegal content. Viewers on Facebook have shared a clip of the movie and are calling it outright child porn. In the opening scene, two little girls who look to be about seven and nine are playing "horse" on pillows. The older girl begins to obviously masturbate as the younger child watches. The camera even takes this scene into a closeup of the child's face in slow motion, moving up and down and panting like a porn star. The scene is graphic and includes an orgasm. The film is directed by Diego Kaplan.

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I love child pornography, I have a lot of it
Even produce some

Dude, the FBI niggers watches this site.


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Suspicious (((K)))

You are a bad man

Lolis are made for sexual tbqh.


So is the movie still on Netflix or what?

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I predict that this person's going inside the FBI party van.

I can't help but notice Jorge Nippletwist is strangely absent from this thread. It's almost as if he only spergs on posts that go against the leftist agenda. Weird.

link now

Netflix honeypot to identify potential CP consumers

Confirmed, this (((being))) is a kike.
It and its partner Adrián Kirzner Schwartz, another kike, are prominent for movies despiting degeneracy and ridiculing Christianity and the Marriage institution.
I found more info about their depravity at a Spaniard site.
Why I am not surprised.

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t. CIAnigger

So when you're not crying for censorship for anything that offends you, you're busy pissing your pants cause the spooks could snatch you up any second…Land of the Free, Home of the Brave.

Every fucking time.

Nigga wat? He just admitted to molesting children. Free speech doesn't cover child molestation.

They posted the scene on /tv/. It's not CP, that's complete and absolute nonsense.

and now the left will lecture us on what is moral and good.

How does that work?

How does that work?

Why are people still watching electric jew in 2018?, god dammit youre stupid

Still no webm.
Clip shows nothing.

What does the inside of the party van look like?
Do they have snacks?

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Jewtube also has it. Full movie. awkward, but not as graphic as the op describes.

Sharing is caring.

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He's a retard summerfag hunting for (you)s.
Ignore him until his ban on cuckchan expires and he fucks off.

Pretty sure this is literally a crime.

Diego (((Kaplin)))

Now here comes another scenario…read offensive comment, chuckle, move on and voila freedom and happiness for everyone.
So you're saying he should ignore me, while you aren't capable to do so?

Of course they have! Also, beer and classic rock CDs.

That's nothing! Before the Depfile bust the biggest sharing forums on the clearnet had popular threads with up to 12 million views. And thanks to the Depfile scenario 20 years worth of wrongfully declared contraband is now in the hands of millions of new users who will share it for the next decades.

Child porn trigger child porn trigger

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Did you know the pope renamed the sister hood to nun in the 1930s? That's the symbol of the nun (white power!) It means snake or unlucky.

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Piss me off I dare you.

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Pretty sure you're retarded mate.

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Sea serpent fish

Know your enemy.


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Wtf this is not cp, dumb americans as always ready to outrage at the sightest stimulation

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Hahahaha infinity crisis

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Are they called comic books because the real comics are depressed and the fake ones are so ironic ?


Give me back my magic girlfriend or I'm going to fuck you in the street.

Give me back the Amazonian.

Before all is lost.

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I will shatter your universe. I've seen many.

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Guess the number of thier name.

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His point is they go "OMG CHILD PORN!!!!11!!!" and then fucking share it. It'd be like one of us going haha wanna some cp? and then posting it on a police station wall.
also this isn't even that bad compared to other movies, it's like a 10 second clip of heavy breathing and then she collapses

Anyone know how I figured this out intuitively??

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No pencil involved!

You should watch my life as a dog. Saw it when I was like 10 from some random ass video store in the foreign section.


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What's it about? imdb says it's good but I don't really see anything interesting

It's worse than OP. There's an actual nipple involved.


What a child's nipple? male or female?

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It's very dangerous don't ask.

A child's nipple is one of the most dangerous things on Earth.

I'm just interested now, at least give me a time stamp.

They're more dangerous then guns. That's why they're illegal.

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He's involved too??

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Jokes aside I'm kicking everyones ass.

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No, no, bring out the guns. It'll be like your grandmother trying to work me over with a screw driver.

I think that joke is lost on most of you.

Naked children on Netflix?! They DID read my letter!!

Fucking fuck all of you. Give me back my magic girlfriend.

But the left loves child porn, so he should be having a massive butt blitz right now.

If the right took sexual freedom from the left they'd die like dogs.

The only option the left would have is to bitch about how they like sex and allow fags running around. That going to lead to an obvious problem..

What are the sexually oppressed people going to go? The libertarian party? They're all perverts anyways.

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I remember the amalgam series. Good times.

Not for me it wasn't. Do you have any idea what happened to Mary Jane off the strip?

ow boy i am glad i don't pay for this shit.

Do you pay for anything neet?

Don't tell Americans about French cinema, they'd have an aneurysm.

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Wait what about it?

Your prudish american mind couldn't handle it, sorry.

at least it isn't the pisswater obsessing over the chilluns this time I guess

If you read anything about my life and said it out loud you'd be schizophrenic.

Your permissive attitudes and lack of privacy is going to create the generation of biggest moron circle jerks ever.

Or maybe this isn't cuckchan and you're not going to get twenty reddit upvote tier responses to something that isn't that funny so you can make some shitty screencap with reaction images obnoxiously pasted randomly around zoomed in portions of your joke.

How about I twist your face around so you kiss your own eyebrows?

I just watched this scene a minute ago. To call this "child pornography" is idiotic and doesn't even merit argument. Americans are fucking morons.

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Man of taste

(still me)
Also, what does the mother and the girl says when the other one fell on the ground. And did the scenarist justify this scene ???

56 minutes in, race traitor is sucking off a nigger on camera.
No one complains.

hollywood is full of legit pedos. there's even a documentary on it, which was banned from cannes. it shows nickelodeon producers jailed for raping kids and still being allowed to work after prison.
weinstein got all the media attention, while the actual pedo reporting got buried

I don't want to bust your bubble little one, but do you think judging a Jewish establishment with a Jewish documentary is the non-biased way to make an opinion? Just sayin'