Flying Train Could Carry Thousands

The flying train concept's creators at Dahir Insaat said, "This hybrid train and plane is good because of several factors: the first remaining attached to the current collector in a steel trestle, we will always have enough power to make any maneuver, high-torque motors would do wonders of acceleration at their full power, furthermore, aviation now expects 7 kilowatt electric motors from producers with the capacity per kilogram of the motor's own weight."

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So basically a plane but on rails.
Damn, where can I crowdfund this?

Now imagine how catastrophic the damage would be if it were to crash.
With no survivors.

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For what purpose?

All I needed to hear to know this is a fantastic idea. I wish them the best of luck in providing me future entertainment in crash compilation vids.

making air travel cheaper

oh my god why is this so cool?

lol. nice google sketchup there ideasfag designfag
nice "aerodynamic" there, pajeet

The reason planes and trains work is because they're based/robbed from ancient technologies by our or other beans.

is this fucking ksp

Sing it with meā€¦MONORAIL

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Guys, listen, guys, shut the fuck up for a second. What if, a train that not only flies in the sky, but in space.

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Pre-war Germany had a propellor-powered monorail with a plane engine. The UK in the 80's had a monorail / hovercraft hybrid

how do i crowdfund this

Man, like the galaxy express 999 and shit ? I knew you were a genius bruh

How will this thing produce enough lift to transport thousands of passengers?
How much fuel is required for that much lift over how much distance?
How will this ever be profitable in term of fuel economy if all the seats aren't filled 100% of the time?

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So we are in the Emeraldas/Harlock universe in the end?
What a let down

Just bring back the Concorde.

It won't be able to get itself off the ground, let alone take cargo. For reference of a fuckhuge cargo design that actually works, refer to Messerschmidt Me 323. The glider variant of it (Me 321) was so heavy that instead of trying to tow it with three planes at once, a duel fuselage plane (Heinkel He-111z) with a fuckton of horses what for pulling was developed. Note that none of the props on those planes point upwards, nor do their fuselages look like fucking waterpark rides.
This will be a Muslim only plane, passengers will have to Allah themselves into an oven to power the plane.
It won't be profitable. It's already difficult enough to fill seats on an Airbus A380 and no airport is willing to build support for a plane larger than that (airports already had to upgrade to use larger Boeing and Airbus planes why would they want to do it again).
Though in pooland this might be alright, since they can fill it with cows and streetshitters. Just fly it out of a barren chemical dumping ground (where else is there enough space?) and only do flights near the plane's max range so you can charge the most for tickets.

meme plane that only flies in and out of runway accident city.

Mah Deceptiniggah.

Trump made anime real, again.

too bad it's massively unwieldy and you couldn't use it for urban transport without demolishing a couple of blocks wherever it ran

So, would it fly around like a chinese dragon?

thats a weird way to spell aircra tbh op

What a retarded piece of shit.
imagine all the commies it could carry

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The future is now

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