Alabama Sees 200 Illegal Aliens Rounded Up in Major ICE Raid

There's a saying in deep-south Alabama, they don't say “I'm about to,” they say “I'm fixin’ to,” and it looks like ‘Bama is “fixin’ to” send 200 Illegal aliens back to their country of origin after the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency performed a major raid through the state to cleanse the region of criminal invaders.

The United States of America's Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency swept throughout Birmingham this past week going business-to-business and door-to-door to find the illegal aliens who violate federal immigration laws when they cross into the United States of America illegally, and according to ICE, this is just part of their standard operating procedure.

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200 jobs just opened up.

'merican shekelgrabbers mad.

and I'll tell you straight up the drug addicts who show up to fill those jobs won't be worth a third of the workers just deported. Spanish speakers are 3-5 times better than the people who don't already have jobs. We are sending Spanish speakers home and scraping the bottom of the barrel to fill the holes they leave. Sure this will get lots of people off public assistance but makes a lot harder for me to get free Spanish lessons. of course now I don't need free Spanish lessons. But seriously the Spanish speakers work hard as fuck. If only we could deport the lazy back to their countries of origin.

Take your meds.

Get a job. Then you'll see what I say is true.

Think about it this way, if Hispanics really did work as hard as you are saying they would have fixed their own country by now, rather than continually trying to escape to non hispanic countries.

Illigal immigrants are employed because you can pay them under minimum wage and off the books since they have no records. They're more likely to be abused because of that and they're also likely attached to whatever cartel that snuck them in, so they're not exactly innocent either. On top of that most high paying jobs require citizenship records so they're going to perpetually be in poverty, not exactly a high quality of life.

On top of that a high Illigal population in a country is a detriment to kids looking for entry level jobs. When all those positions are filled by 3 dollar an hour workers kids can't even get experience for the next job. It's one of the many reasons why the new generation is living paycheck to paycheck instead of heading off for an office salary job.

And drug addicts are a small population who tend to be involved in crime and don't get jobs because someone entrenched in that shit doesn't hold one and gets involved in criminal activity, the actual people who are suffering are normal fucking people you mongoloid.

I don't know why you think people who aren't Mexican are drug addicts, but that might be because you surround yourself with horrible fucking people, get the fuck out of that situation and go talk to actual people you goddamned degenerate.

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200 jobs Americans are "too good" for maybe lol. Your children are too busy going to college getting the same degrees school and other sources tell them to along with the rest of the country. People think there are infinite jobs and that jobs is how you live lol. Hahaha. you guys are gonna fall harder than Germany did in World War 2.

You are wrong on soooo many levels, you loyalty and faith will lead you into the deepest pits of hell because of your country. And anyone else like you in any of these major countries.

But everyone said they did jobs Americans would not do. So you are telling me they have been doing jobs in America that Americans are not worthy of? The story of these illegals just keeps changing. Maybe they really do not belong here.

Trump is a failure

Trump is a failure and Jim can't run a website

And yet he has risen to become the leader of the free world.
What have you achieved in your life?

One mad rabid spic shitting up the board - look paco as soon as we remove taco we'll build machines to pick fruit EXACTLY what happened after slavery.

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Increase that by an order of magnitude and apply retroactive modifications to the 14th amendment.

Obviously you've never seen those dirty jobs reality shows with honkies and negros doing the work.


You nailed it!

Good but until these numbers hit staggeringly high amount nothing will change.
The illegal immigration count in the US is something like 43million.


only 200?

filling hard jobs are the same for legal and illegal workers. i can only pay 8.50 for kitchen utility work, its hard work but unskilled. if I operate legit, I dont get any “good” workers just “in the shadows” and so I only bring in former addicts or financially unstable at risk of dipping out. my quality is low but im in compliance.

millenials may apply for thr job and ask for $10 which is what a skilled cook starts out at. eventually all the new $8.50 wage earners dries up and you do OT for current staff or you change base and hopefully adjust everyone some. so the market dictates wages and hiring illegals fucks over the lesser among us. its not that they do jobs americans dont want, they do jobs at slave wages.

this, what a non story

It's sad that you still work on the same kind of jobs that they mostly just fill with illegals. Did you flunk out of school, or are you just off for the summer?

Damn that's pathetic as fuck. If an american is competing with an illegal for a non skilled bottom of the barrel job the they fucking FAILED AT LIFE. They deserve to starve and die off for the bettter of the country.

If you're and american who's been here for generations and the best you can do is work at a factory, mcdonals, non skilled construction, etc then your bloodline needs to end asap. This is retarded shit here.