Mexico – Leftwing Obrador Bound To Win Presidency

Mexico goes to the polls tomorrow in an election that, if polls are to be believed, was decided months ago. Mr Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, or AMLO, is ahead by double digits versus any of his nearest rivals as his countrymen take a hard swing left.

The US southern neighbor has seen a dramatic increase in violence and corruption in the past two years whilst the murder rate has tripled. Last year was already the most violent year in Mexico’s history and this year is expected to rise above that easily. In that kind of situation, combined with a US President Trump who’s been, in their words, ‘demonizing’ them whenever he speaks about Mexicans, one would expect voters to choose right. But after unsuccessful Mexican rightwing governments in these past few years promised much but didn’t deliver, the mood looks set for a leftwing shift.

Ms Karla Vasquez explained her upcoming choice for Amlo: "Donald Trump is garbage. There is no other way to describe him. Of course, we want our leader to stand up to him because that is why he is our president, so he can defend us, from him or anyone else."

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I wish he does something about the cartel mexicans, the right wing of spics always seem to be in bed with the criminal underworld.

You break into other peoples country, start shit and get mad when they fight back? Fucking spics should all hang.

United States should let our enemies starve. Does anyone think china or anyone else will send food aid ?

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they want their president to "stand up against" the country they have been ripping off for decades.

the backlash is going to be of epic proportions.

And the spics wonder why we don’t want people from their country.
Honestly if we just nuked every part of the country that wasn’t full of expats their net happiness would probably skyroket.

The UN probably would, they bailed out Zimbabwe after everything
Mugabe did.

He is likely pro-cartel. Considering the cartels are literally killing off any competition he has. You're naive to think the process isn't rigged when the current Federal government has been shown countless times to be in bed with the cartels himself

He offered them amnesty because "there should be no more violence"
He basically has half of the army against him (the other half is cartel themselves), and majority of mexicans are very cowardly in terms of blood, as they don't want to fight the cartels nor the government fighting with them because "muh streets littered with bodies"
Mexico as a federal, multi-cultural state was a big fat mistake

Why do Americlaps always speak when they have no clue what they're talking about?

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Mexico is truly a shithole country

Center of the world syndrome

He'll get his shit pushed in like Santa Anna.

He was a close ally of the US and returned much richer when he sold half the country, to the point of returning and living in Virginia for a while
Some say it was some masonic deal, but i think it was just money

He only sold half the country AFTER he got his shit pushed in.

He wants to give the cartels amnesty so he can work with them against the US.

The same reason every country on Earth always speaks about American politics when they have no clue what they're talking about.
Its not a syndrome, its realty, and you faggots are the reason quite frankly

well let's face it, the rest of the world just continues to swim in our wake. we are the most capitalist, and therefor most wealthy nation in history. other countries cannot comprehend how to win votes without socialism, because they are always a hundred steps behind us at least.

Better than Britannicucks speaking out when their country is being ravaged by muzzies. At least they are trying.