Trump's Supreme Court Picks are Down to These Four Conservative Diehards

From what our sources within halls of the White House are telling us, the selection process has required what President Trump calls extreme vetting, where he's taken the opinions of some of the nation's most brilliant legal minds and discussed topics of interest to the Conservative base, and how limited his choices down to four candidates to become the next Justice on the Supreme Court Of The United States (SCOTUS).

Every Trump supporter across the nation is thrilled by the thought of an additional Pro-Trump, “America First,” hardline supporter of traditional values Judge sitting among the nation's top court, and there's good reason for such, since Democrats appear to be losing their mind over the prospect of a new member of SCOTUS appointed by President Trump.

Many liberal fear-mongers are alleging that “Roe versus Wade” is now “dead,” and somehow abortions will come to a screeching halt, which is very unlikely to be the case as much as we may wish to see such a change.

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I can't wait. Trump is gonna show those shitheads once and for all. First we'll get rid of term limits for him so he can be President for life and pass it along to his kids so no more election bullshit ever, then we can arrest all of these unpatriotic leftist assholes and ship them off to reeducation camps to learn what a fucking democracy is all about.

He should pick the wymyn. I'd like to see the liberal salt

as a certain failed community organizer once said, punch back twice as hard.

So this is the power of fascism…


Oh, my sweet summer child…it hasn't even BEGUN yet.

Democrats are seething aren't they?

I hope the woman gets it. Good luck going against her, liberal faggots

Nah this is the power of neo conservatism

Seething and doubling down on the "yell at people who I think think things that I don't like."
There is no thought to conversion or making a case. they are just going to scream and whine.
They don't care about winning, they just care about not having to admit they were wrong or that the other side might have valid points.
2018 is going to be a republican landslide and maybe 2020.
They complain about repub control but that is the extent of the discussion. not talk of how to fix it.
I think this is all a ploy gy the DNC and the media to get more donations and hence more media spending. pretty cynical. the media loves trump as they are getting some rating and stop thier slow slide into complete irrelevancy.

Woman is always the wrong answer voting with feels rather than law and logic.

you're obviously one of those trump supporters who voted for him and tries so hard to justify it by fooling himself into thinking he's been doing a good job, rather than filling up the swamp at a record pace. if you were smart like the rest of us, you'd either realize he's not the messiah and doesn't deserve another term, or off yourself. pick one of those. now.
and stop reading goldwater, which just panders to the most idiot of trump supporters for click bucks.

I don't see what is so smart about being a democrat.

>rest of (((us)))
Speak for yourself, moshe.

Even more interesting, Kavanaugh also led the investigation into the suicide of Clinton aide Vincent Foster. 10:44
If it were me, I'd choose Thapar or Kavanaugh, based solely on their histories to tackle tough and controversial subject matter such as “PedoGate” and the “Clinton Cartel,” but the decision lay with the 45th President of the United States of America, Donald J. Trump.

Faggot OP missed this one:
>cla /2017/09/19/senate-violated-constitutions-ban-on-religious-tests/

tfa pic related bc url won't archive

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Woman now for major salt & when the old hag dies insert the alpha White ultra conservative Man to btfo gays & wimen

I'm still not sick of winning I want to win moar!

Women vote on feefees. All governmental positions should be male-exclusive.

From left to right
Let's go with cuck, it's probably the least bad.

You want some almond sauce with your dominoes?

read that as 'dickheads'

Except judge Judy. She gives no fucks.

the fuck is wrong with the second guy's eyes

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Is it real the woman is considered conservative with two nigger children?

you have a strange definition of "winning" assuming you're not being sarcastic. no winky face, so I'm guessing you're serious about actually liking the fact that trump has done a 180 on just about every swamp-draining, elite-busting, america first promise he made in his campaign (and you're an (economic) idiot if you think putting tariffs on shit is putting america first)

wew dat self awareness.

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take your own advice

this is what people who received a public education growing up believe

one does wonder if liberals are too stupid to know that they are the fascist ones, or if they are just that power hungry and mendacious.

I do not know what special school you went to but clearly reading comprehension was not part of the curriculum.

wow, how can you believe the opposite of what the definition is? Oh I know, you're probably one of those last dumb hick trump supporters.

you're an idiot.

put a point in the "too stupid" column.

yea i wouldn't really call obama a fascist when trump has done more executive orders in 1 year than obama did in 8

ignore shill posts

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Judge Judy isn't a judge, legally she's a arbitrator which is a cheaper way of settling disputes while also being legally binding.

does anyone know where I can get an anonymous email to use without using fakenamegenerator

So what are the rest of the picks like?


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This is so great. Freedom doesnt mean freedom to do what you want, its freedom to follow the word of Jesus you fucking atheists. So happy we will see core social issues finally resolved. As a libertarian/republican I cant wait for things like abortion to be banned and voting to be resticted to only those who qualify according to the government. This is happening!