Michelle Wolf On Netflix: ‘Ivanka Trump Is Like Vaginal Mesh, Cancerous Tumor, Herpes’ (Video)


In an ever further poisoning of the airwaves, comedian Michelle Wolf, known for insulting White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders during the Correspondent’s Dinner earlier this year, went on the attack against other Republican figures on her weekly Netflix show as she tried to teach people ‘how to better insult politicians,’ in a follow-up of the advice given by Democratic Representative Maxine Waters that Trump Administration officials should be shouted at.

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Does her real name end in some jewsish line?

wolf surname is already pretty jewish what d'ye mean?

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Wolf in German is hated by jews

wow, those two side by side. what a contrast.

Makes Wolf's jealousy just that much more apparent.

I think it's amazing Jews have kept such an obviously evil surname. Who the fuck names themselves Wolf in the olden days when wolves were the most hated, feared, and villainized animal. It was considered deceitful, cruel, and generally good for nothing. Fucking jews man

These people are relentless. One wonders if they are consciously aware of their 24/7 sedition, or if it is an unconscious act. Either way, it matters very little, since they appear to be completely unwilling to change (and gleefully prideful in their actions).

Who told this bitch she was funny and attractive? She must suck cock like a demon because she's got no obvious reason to be polluting the airwaves or Netflix

Well no shit op that's her whole act.

remember this whenever shitlibs respond to a successful MSM smear campaign to chase off sponsers for anything with "it's free market at work." naturally, they don't know how the free market works.

She's ugly, her voice is grating, and she talks like a stroke victim.

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toilet humor is such a revelation

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Well, she's the one who convinced her papa to attack Syria over mossad staged plays about non-existent chemical weapons because her hebraic husband led her by the nose like a good shiksa.

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And because the half-european mong at the front desk kept race-baiting like the larry nigger that lost his entire show doing the same "whites are bad" shit.
Stupid jews never learn.



Define olden days. For real though. Wolf probably belonged to a hunter, like 'Hart' or 'Buck'. Assuming it wasn't a family name. And wolves were hardly universally evil.

Wow, that is some maximum projection


No news here.

Wolf is the root of the Ashkenazic last names Wolfson, Wouk, and Volkovich. The wolf was the symbol of the tribe of Benjamin.

(1) Certain animals are traditionally associated with common
Hebrew first names. (In part, these associations are based
on Jacob's blessings for his sons, Bereshit 49.) The German
words for these animals were used as secular first names
(Hebrew "kinnui") and often became family names, e.g.
Judah - Loew, Loeb, etc; Spanish Leon 'lion'
Issachar - Baer, Beer, Berl, Perl, etc. 'bear'
Naphtali - Hirsch, Herz(l), etc.; Slavic Jellin(ek) 'deer'
Asher - Lamm, etc. 'lamb'
Ephraim - Fisch(el), etc. 'fish'
Joseph - Stier; Ochs 'bull; ox'
Benjamin - Wolf, Wulf, etc.; Spanish Lopez 'wolf'
Joshua - Falk, Falik, etc. 'falcon'
Jona - Taube, Teuber, etc. 'dove'

(2) In some old cities, notably Frankfurt/Main and Prague, houses
were identified by signs which often depicted animals; the
inhabitants later adopted these house names as family names
(Rothschild 'red sign, shield' being the most famous). Examples:
Adler 'eagle' Gans, Ganz 'goose'
Hahn 'cock' Hecht 'pike'
Lamm 'lamb' Rindskopf 'cow-head'
Several of the "kinnui" names in (1) are also attested as house
names, e.g. Falk, Lamm, Ochs.

There is absolutely zero chance that the jews were hunters of anything but children and wealth. They don't do any kind of productive, socially beneficially work that can benefit non-jews unless it's under pain of death.

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Nigger, do you even know what uncle Adolf's name actually means?

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