Kentucky Woman’s Photos with “Dream Hunt” Giraffe in Africa Sparks Outrage

The hunter has been identified as Tess Thompson Talley and the contentious photos were first published by Africa Digest. The African media outlet tweeted the photo with the message: “White American savage who is partly a neanderthal comes to Africa and shoot down a very rare black giraffe courtesy of South Africa stupidity. Her name is Tess Thompson Talley. Please share.”

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Yes. Tell me more of your sour grapes that you couldn't be the one to sell her the hunting trip.

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Your comment raises another question: if they are projecting, and they (the "shitskins") know not to needlessly kill wildlife for amusement, what does that make you?

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Aren't giraffe already on the threatened species list?
I'm fine with hunting but because I like hunting, conservation is a huge priority.

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She's just hunting for sport which is a victimless crime at worst. Stay salty PETAfags

Don't niggers in Africa already destroy the land and kill the fauna just to satisfy their appetites to destroy anything beautiful? Pretty sure this was common knowledge

The smarter countries who have to deal with rampant poaching by resident kangz to satiate China's appetite for rhino horn and lion dicks sell a hunting safari to some idiot with too much money and a rifle for $100k. They let them shoot their one trophy lion (or giraffe? Who the fuck hunts giraffe??) or whatever animal they want their dumb selfie with and then apply that $100k to protected conservation areas and put wardens on the payroll to track and catch poachers who mass kill without regard for conservation, only personal enrichment and/or the enrichment of regional warlords. The money has to come from somewhere. It's pragmatic. Basically, one critter dies so that others can live.

Hunting for sport is for failures. Stay exactly that.


Thats naive to think it really happens that way.

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You have no idea how conservation or nature works while you cry about how much you care about animals.

Darwins law of conservation states that animal populations that grow out of control will reach an epidemic viral catastrophe or one of starvation.

This applies to animal hunting, Deer, Antelope. Giraffe, Rhinos all suffer from lack of predation.
Also to you fucktards who don't understand a single thing about animals.
Hunting Rhinos is a smart move, as the older the get the worst their vision gets.
The worst recorded attack by an elderly Black Rhino was him goring to death a female Rhino he recently mated with.
I can't stand to nature worshipers.
Humans are the only animals who try to make weapons for hunting that give minimal pain.
Tigers, lions etc. eat shit alive while it screams in pain as its life is spilled amongst the ground to form a sticky red swamp.

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It actually does work that way. My grandma worked with some Kenyan's (no she wasn't raped, she carried a piece 24/7) who helped with conservation. Basically, these animals are fucking retarded. And super fucking difficult to maintain. So, the countries cut a deal and make back a lot of the money they need to protect the rest of the animal population.

IIRC, there was a dude who got a license from Cuba, or something, back in the 20s to breed rare turtles and use them in commercial products. It took him less than two decades to take a marginal population and bring it up a fully realized species with a large wild and captive (for commercial purposes) population. I think WW2 fucked it up or something though.

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